wiaw…all the dang thangs

May 8, 2013 in Blog, Body, Breakfast, Coffee, Dessert, Dinner, Food, WIAW by lindsaymwright

Oh Lordy….today we talk FOOD. And how amazingly delicious it is!!  (how on Earth did I go all of those years restricting myself?!!?  Food is so stinkin’ good!)

I’m on fire about food right now because for the past month, I haven’t really liked it.  Like. At. All.  Extreme nausea and some vomiting will do that to you.  I wanted so badly to share what I was going through with you guys, but I didn’t want to pull you into the pregnancy until I knew I wouldn’t miscarry (and well, we know how that ended).  As with my previous pregnancies, the morning sickness makes me lose about 10 pounds.  I lose my sweet tooth.  I can barely stomach water.  No veggies.  Salty carbs are my friend.  Lots of saltines – I’d be happy if I never saw a saltine again.

But NOW….now that I’m no longer dealing with those pregnancy hormones, I feel back to normal (and yes, I’d much rather be pregnant and sick).  I want eat ALL THE FOODS.  Sweet.  Vegetables.  Lots of water.  My daily green drink.  My protein pancakes.  I love it all.  You don’t understand how much JOY and HAPPINESS food brings you until you can’t stand it anymore.

The joy is back.  And here’s what I’ve been eating:


Egg McMuffin, courtesy of a 6am McDonald’s run.


Swanson’s Super Green Max powder with Bragg’s ACV


Chocolate Chip Clif Bar


Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter, courtesy of my best pal.  No spoon required – a finger will do.


Banana…don’t mind the chipped nail polish.


KIWI!!  My favorite fruit! 

(Makes me want to buy the ingredients for a Fruit Pizza – do you guys like those?)


THE best cookies ever!  And almost gone.


Butter Lettuce (yum), Cucumbers, Carrots, Feta, & Hummus Dressing (mix hummus with water)


Hillbilly Roasted Marshmallows


A bacon quiche, courtesy of Susanna.  Thank you, friend!


Plant Fusion Protein Pancake + COOOFFFEEEEE!!


A “blessing meal”, courtesy of Heather.  Thank you, friend!


Eggs + Quinoa + Mushrooms + Black Beans


Had to save the BEST for last.  Ghirardelli brownies + Reese’s PB chips (+ fuzzy slippers)


What a wonderful thing.  FOOD.  I dare say I’m in love.

QUESTION:  What’s the BEST THING you’ve eaten lately?  (and do you like fruit pizza? if not, leave and never come back.)