why i won’t be dieting for blend

I wrote this last year before Blend 2012.  Naturally, I was thinking about this topic again this week – DIETING BEFORE AN EVENT (vacation, a reunion, a wedding, a blogger retreat).  It makes me smile to know that I haven’t changed one bit on the dieting front over the past year.  If anything, I’ve gotten even more relaxed. 

Maybe you need to hear these words….that being perfectly imperfect in front of others is perfectly acceptable. 

And I believe…preferable.  Enjoy!


A few years ago, I battled self-esteem issues and was overly focused on trying to be something I’ll never be… perfect.  I’ve made no secret of my eating disordered past and my distorted relationship with food.  I was basically a hot mess.

Still am, in some regards.

In just one week, I’ll be meeting many of you in real life at BLEND Retreat.  You’ll hear my voice, see my body and judge (yes, judge) me based on appearances.  Now, I’m not making a statement about you, but rather, about myself.

Years prior, I would have had a PLAN!  I would have gone on a detox diet for weeks leading up to an event like this.  Banned sugar, no eating after a certain time, lots of water…maybe even thrown some diet pills and laxatives into the mix.

Hold that thought while I grab some chocolate….

I would have cared SO much about what others thought, that I would change (and harm) my body to make them think more of me.  Try to appear to be something that is impossible to keep up – no one lives on a detox diet forever.  And if you do, I feel so so sorry for you.  I would have tried to appear perfect.

I’ll be honest – I want to look smoking HOT for BLEND.  Especially, for the boot camp I’m leading (I just laid down $150 at Lululemon yesterday – I obviously care somewhat!).  <edited to add – I bought another Lulu outfit.  I can’t stay away from that place.

BUT I’m not going to extremes to look like someone I’m not.

I won’t be dieting.

I won’t be restricting.

I won’t be counting or making a plan.

I’m just going to keep keeping on.  Eating my 80/20.  Exercising DAILY.  Drinking my water.  Focusing on high protein, high fiber – a combo that has never let me down.

Friends – the Lindsay you meet at BLEND is the real me.  I have an accent.  I wear my hair in a messy bun.  I burp [a lot].  I make inappropriate sex jokes.


And I look like a smoking hot mom.

Without the smoke and mirrors.

QUESTION:  Ever extreme diet before a big event?  Care about what others think? <yes, I think we all do to some degree.


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  1. So excited for BLEND!!

    I would say that I used to do the whole ‘watch what I ate’ before an event thing, but that’s long in the past. I didn’t even think once about ‘watching what I ate’ before this. Hah. Besides, I’m def bigger than I’ve ever been–thanks to my tiny baby girl inside me! :)

  2. loved this post then, and i love it now. having gone through blend once, i realize it’s totally not about that at all. it’s a little intimidating to be around some super fit / super skinny chicks, but it’s not top of mind for me this year (last year it was!). weirdly, i’m supremely out of shape this year and not worried. i’m more worried about being embarrassed when boot camp and hiking kicks my ass.

    also what the heck, weather? :/ I don’t have room in my suitcase for all the sweatshirts i need to pack!

  3. What a great post and great perspective. I admit that when I met you in the mountains I was blown away by how you were a smoking hot mama (for reals). But I was also blown away by your strength, kindness, love, and friendship. I mean you climbed a mountain with your child on your back and had the patience to meet a new friend. You are great!

    I wish you all the best with Blend. I so wish I was able to come this year and instead I am sending my love from Malaysia. Have fun!!


  4. I struggle with my weight, but I have never been one to crash diet before an event. I’ve seen other people do it, they are miserable and cranky and end up gaining more weight than they lost, totally not worth it, thank you for sharing this.

    ps – I would rather impress with the lulu gear than the crash diet too!

  5. SO wish I could be there to meet ANOTHER smokin’ hot mama! (Ahem..!) Love your honesty, love this post, love your refusal to give in to the crap of the world. And, p.s., Lululemon is like crack…you get it once and you can’t stay away. ;)

  6. HAHA! You are one smoking hot momma! Hair up in a messy bun…gosh darn it I wear mine like that 95% of the time! I am so bummed that I won’t be making it this year…I’m going to be having a “wine o’clock weekend” with some girlfriends. I need to get away, disconnect, and gossip, and eat awesome food. Have a beautiful trip and high-fives to the smoking YOU! XOXO

  7. I loved this post. Thank you for sharing it! I still struggle so much with a distorted relationship with food and a seriously distorted view of myself. It is so inspriring and encouraging to read posts like these that show the light at the end of the tunnel!

  8. Hot mess, yeah, that pretty much defines me. I don’t know everyone that’s going to BLEND, but I really do feel comfortable in being myself. This has been a hard road for me to get to, but really, I can’t hide me anymore. I feel better just being me and I hope others accept that. I can’t wait to see that smile of yours in real life! So, no dieting, just real!

  9. While I’m a bit nervous to meet so many people that I’ve been interacting with online (will they like me? will I be included? will I say something stupid?), I’m also really, really excited. Can’t wait to meet you and so many others!!

  10. I wish I were going! I’d give you a giant, rib-crushing Lindsay-style hug right back! And no, I wouldn’t be dieting either. If somebody wants to judge me because of how I look, I probably don’t really want to be their friend… Have a great time!

  11. I definitely care what other people think, especially with regards to Blend this weekend (wahoo)! In fact, I’m a little nervous to be surrounded by all of you smoking hot moms when I’m a little bit (a lotta bit) off my game lately on the body image front. I’ve def gained some weight over the past year and I’m in the process of taking it off, but the in between stage is no fun at all! But, there’s no way that I’m letting that get in the way of an incredible weekend.

    P.S. Save me a seat at the sex joke table. When I tell sex jokes, I go hard and I just can’t stop. (<<That's what she said…)

  12. When I read your title to this post I thought, “wow, dieting for Blend never even crossed my mind!” Now full disclosure- I have been thinking over and over about which outfits will go in my suitcase, but who doesn’t think that?! :)

    So excited to spend the weekend with like-minded healthy chicks! See you all Friday!!

  13. Giiiirl…you always look good. :) I don’t think I’ve ever ‘crash dieted’ but insecurities? Heck yes. People don’t usually think that about me because I storm into events like Blend with the “take-no-prisoners, this is who I am, let’s talk about my GI issues” approach to extreme openness and honesty. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel a bit out of place when my workout clothes AREN’T fancy, or I can’t do very many burpees (or I’m not even sure that I’ve got the accurate picture of what a burpee is…) but most of my insecurities when meeting new people DON’T come from my body image perception (thank God). [Of course, I have a post planned for tomorrow about body confidence and image, so of course, I’m not immune to thinking about it in general.]

    That was a ramble that I don’t know even made sense.

  14. can’t wait to hang with you. I feel like we only got a small snippet at Fitbloggin and definitely have much respect and love for you.

    I can’t remember the last event where I was will to do anything terribly extreme to look a certain way. For me I think it’s really just been a change as I have gotten older and decided I want to feel good every day and I want to love me more than I need anyone else to love me.

  15. Oh gosh…I really hope no one is dieting for Blend! But I’m glad that you’re not! Seems to me (and I didn’t go last year – just from the vibe I get) that it’s a laid back, judge-free, just have FUN and love er’body zone :)
    I do know that I can’t wait to meet ya, Lindsay!

  16. Thank you for posting this!! I admit, I have been a bit of a wreck leading up to Blend. So many of you are far more fit than I am and I felt I needed to ramp up my workouts so that I can keep up. Well, that’s just not possible, and you’re right, it’s not me! I want to be true to who I am, anything less only hurts me. So, I’m coming just as I am, and I am EXCITED!! Can’t wait to meet you!

    1. Christa, you are not alone in this, and it feels so good to know others have the same common fears! Can’t wait to meet you and have an AWESOME weekend of fellowship & sharing our love of working out & FOOD :)

  17. I saw this and thought I’d missed some expectation. Lol! Dieting for Blend?! I am so glad you’re not doing that. You are just perfect the way you are and you know all of the fabulous Blends would never, ever want you to feel pressure! I love you and I can’t wait to see you in 2 days!!!

  18. I am SO very excited to meet you! Not dieting here either, and in fact, I am carb loading for my race in the days leading up to Blend :)

  19. I SO SO SO WISH I COULD GO as Id be with you there having NOT DIETED and just know Im ok as I am—and if people dont like me? :) thats ok too.

  20. I LOVE your honesty- and I have to admit, once I learned I was going I really wanted to impress everyone. As a newbie-ish health blogger I immediately thought- man, I should drop a few to look my best before going- maybe do a crash diet of some kind. But in trying to overcome my disordered thoughts I know that’s not the right way to go! Instead, like you, I have been sticking to my 80/20 rule and just enjoying life. And especially at Blend I plan to enjoy every minute of it! Can’t wait to meet you!!