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Allow me to introduce you to a little someone/something special today.  LORNA JANE!


Lorna Jane, named so after it’s founder, Lorna Jane Clarkson, is a hi-tech athletic apparel company that makes everything from sportsbras to headbands to running tights.

From the LJ website:

We are Australia’s award-winning activewear label for women and more than two decades after opening our first Lorna Jane store our core identity remains the same.  Lorna Jane is first in fitness and fashion and we are designed for women by women.  At Lorna Jane our aim is to inspire women to live their best life through active living.  We believe in a three pillared philosophy of MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE and it is this mantra together with our clothing that encourages and motivates women globally to be the best they can be.  Lorna Jane is not simply a clothing label, it is a way of life.

A best life through active living?  MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE?  (although I would put BELIEVE first in this sequenceThis is essentially my fitness philosophy – almost my LIFE philosophy! 


For this campaign, I was able to select a few of my favorite things from the LJ website (a Mall Madness shopping spree?!?!).  Here’s what I selected:

The Pammy Sportsbra


What I Loved:

Designed for high impact activities, the Pammy fits perfectly!  If you’re like me and God gave you a big heart but teeny boobs, this bra has removable pads that stay put during activity.  No more uniboob no boob!  Best of all, the Pammy is made from LJ Excel fabric which is shrink and fad resistant, wicks moisture and is quick drying (meaning you can wear it a full week without washing, right?  Right.).  Love it!

The Jacqueline 7/8 Tight


What I Loved:

How adorable is that waistband!?!?  Made from that LJ Excel fabric, these crops are perfect for a yoga class, or in my case, for training clients, teaching Powerhouse or for rehearsal.  They move with your body, but I wouldn’t necessarily wear them for a bootcamp or Crossfit-style workout.

The Love To Run Excel Tank


What I Loved:

You know those shirts that look cute on the model and then you buy it and it is either super tight and gives you those muffin tops (because you don’t have them when you’re not wearing the shirt Winking smile) or it’s way too big and makes you look 5 months pregnant?  This shirt doesn’t do either.  It’s a perfect fit – slimming but not too tight!

The Mode Sleeve Jacket


What I Loved:

My favorite piece!  This jacket has everything you need – high fashion, a warm fabric, THUMBHOLES!, and a flattering shape.  I don’t wear cute with functional – it’s usually one or the other.


I feel “in style” when I wear this jacket.  (The fact that I put “in style” in quotations is probably an indicator of how NOT “in style” I am.)


Thank you, Lorna Jane for the new clothes!  I love every single piece! 

Intrigued?  Find a Lorna Jane store near you.  Follow LJ on Twitter and Facebook!  Or browse their online shop!

Be sure to participate in the upcoming Twitter chat between Lorna Jane and Fitfluential on June 6th, 9pm PST!  Prizes involved!


QUESTION:  Ever tried Lorna Jane clothing?  What is your fitness philosophy?


**I received these products free of charge from Lorna Jane and Fitfluential in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Yay for Lorna Jane, I have loved her clothes for years.
    But I am a bit disappointed that she has branched out to America whilst my little state at the bottom of Australia still doesn’t have it’s own store.

  2. Totally wished I was selected for this campaign, but it’s nice to see positive feedback on the product from fellow FitFluential peeps! Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions. You ROCK that shirt well and I love the bright colors. My fitness motto: Strong Is Beautiful…be strong on the inside and out. Have a beautiful day! XOXO