wednesday wambles

I swear I’ve used that title before but I can’t find it.  I’d actually love to see how many repeat titles I’ve used over the last two years.  Hmm…

Anyway, today is Wednesday and I thought a list of crazy rambles would be a good fit.  Sit back and enjoy (without any judgment of my craziness).

1.  I need to pack.  But know I’ll just throw things into a bag late Thursday night and call it good.

I’m headed to Park City this weekend to have a pre-Blend celebration with this girl and this girl.  We’ve got SO much stuff to do/finalize.  There will be many lists made (which makes me a little giddy).  The highlight will be the fellowship, followed by a workout at GPP on Friday and fancy food up at the Hyatt!  I’m hoping Janetha and Katie know how to sleep in, because I’m still trying to catch up on sleep lost from last week’s show.

2.  Speaking of the show, I don’t think I’ll do a recap like I normally do.


I honestly didn’t take ANY pictures this time around (I stole that one above).  A recap post without pictures is boring.  I will say that I had a blast again and I really LOVE the theater, but I’m ready for a small break.  Travis and I had planned on doing Cinderella together (the next show) but we decided that we need to focus on other things, like catching lightening bugs and moving into our house.

3.  Speaking of the new house, I owe you guys an update.

If you’ve been following along, it has been EIGHT MONTHS since we bought and started remodeling our house!!  The improvements haven’t been costly – they’ve just taken so much TIME.  ALL that remains left is installing baseboards!  After that and a good cleaning, we’ll move!  I’m hoping we can do this NEXT WEEKEND!  Ah, feels good to type that out.

4.  Here’s a fun video of my time with Technogym at IHRSA.  I’m in there a couple of times.

5.  Let’s see, what else is going on with me?

  • I signed two new clients at the gym and also had two of my older clients re-sign for another package.  Woot woot!
  • I have a HUGE unspoken prayer request.
  • I’m guest posting over at PurelyTwins today!  Happy Birthday to those two beautiful girls!
  • I have the longest list ever for people that we want to have over for dinner when we move.  Do you want me to put you on it?
  • I’ve lost interest in posting on Instagram.  This will pass, I’m sure.
  • I’m loving this Spring weather that NC has had.
  • A year ago today, we were in Colorado.  Probably hiking and doing awesome stuff.  Man, I miss that month of vacation (p.s. we’re planning to do it again next year!)  <-side note: I asked Travis to look back in his planner and tell me exactly what we were doing a year ago today.  Here’s what his entry said:

When we awoke we went to ARC thrift store on 120th. Lindsay got some clothes for the Blend hike.
We ate a picnic lunch at the park on Sheridan and 117th where Lindsay and I used to play tennis.
Clara fell asleep while Lindsay ran into Kohls.
After naps we drove down to downtown Denver to meet Heather Blackmon for sushi.  She had a job interview in Denver and currently lives on Atlanta.

Heather, if you’re reading – do you remember that night?  I do!  Great memories!


That’s all the wambling I have in me today!  Happy Wednesday, my sweet friends!

QUESTION:  Give me an update or praise report on YOU!


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  1. I’m late catching up on posts, but I DO remember that night. And Clara throwing marbles (or something) on the floor of the restaurant and it was so funny! :) And not knowing if I was going to get the job that I have right now. Great night!!

  2. Ooooooooh Colorado! Most awesome and gorgeous place I’ve ever been! (Except for maybe Yellowstone). Congrats on the new house! I’m jealous…

  3. haha you have def used the title before. pretty sure it’s a regular feature! eeee i get to see you TOMORROW! so, so glad about this. I plan on living in workout clothes all weekend (as I do every weekend) so don’t pack anything extravagant. this isn’t prom. LOVE YOU!

  4. Hahaha, I hateee packing too. I went away this past weekend, and waited till the absolute last minute to pack. I literally grabbed a bag way bigger than I needed, and just threw almost everything into it so I wouldn’t have to actually think about what I needed. Since I was just driving, it worked! Not so much though if I were flying…

  5. Safe travels this weekend and praying for you and hope you will pray for me too! Lots going on this upcoming summer and need some prayers, guidance, and lots of confidence. XOXO PS: Guaranteed that Instagram phase will pass too. LOL

  6. LOVE to you and your family, and safe travels this weekend! And breaks for lightning bugs sound worthy to me. :)

    There is a lot new with me, but most of it is still secret. I will say I would like to be added to your list of people to have over for dinner, because I’ll be headed south at some point in the next few months…

    1. ha! so true! that girl can sleep. ;) love that.

      i read this post in the morning and then came back to re-read it and had missed the huge unspoken prayer request. curious and hope you’re okay! praying for you as i head to bed.