things i’m really bad at

I’ll be the first to admit when I’m bad at something.

Actually, you know what, that isn’t always true.  I’m stubborn. And I like to think that I’m always right. (add that to the list below)

I do know that everything on the list below is something that I’m working on, but that they’re also shortfalls that don’t necessarily make me a bad person.  Just little quirks in my personality that keep me from being my “best”, I suppose.  If I fix these things, fine.  If not, that’s ok too.  Deep down, I know that I’m trying every day to be a better version of yesterday’s self.

Trying (VERB!).  I believe that’s the important part.


So in the spirit of being vulnerable….


1.  Changing Plans/Expectations

Quite possibly my worst feature.  I don’t like change.  I’d rather NOT make plans and be able to do something at the last minute, than make plans and have them change.  If I write something down on my list(s) and it’s in my head as “going to happen,” then it needs to happen.  Unfortunately, I’ve somehow passed this trait down to Henry.  We tend to freak out when things don’t go as expected.  Travis and Clara stand by and smile.

2.  Folding Clothes

True story:  Travis asked me 2 years ago if there was anything he could do that would get him more sex.  Without a thought, I said, “Fold all the clothes.”  In the past 2 years, I have folded maybe 4 loads of laundry.  Worst chore ever!  And it’s not just that I don’t like doing it – I’m actually not good at the folding part.  Might as well just throw it haphazardly in the drawer.

(Sex for laundry?  Heck, I’d have sex for free with that guy.  (but please don’t tell him that.))

3.  Sitting Around

This one I get from my father.  We weren’t a TV family growing up – we PLAYED, outside and all day.  (I’m so thankful for that now as an adult!  And side note – I was THE grubbiest, dirtiest child.)   Now, I find it really hard to just sit and watch TV or read.  I like to be moving. If I’ve had a FULL day and feel like I’ve “earned” the right to sit, then I’m ok with it (<-that sounds so messed up, but I’m just being honest.)

4.  Filtering My Sex Talk

See #2.

5.  Saying NO.

Wait.  This is my worst feature.  I’m a people pleaser.  So if you ask me to do something (bring a meal, sub a class, watch your kid), I’m going to say yes.  To all the things.  Then I find myself so overbooked and stressed that it puts a lot of strain on myself and my family.  Last year was supposed to be the, “Year of NO!” (mandated by Travis).  That didn’t turn out so well.  So then 2013 was to take on this name.  And, well, I have about a 30 minutes everyday that isn’t “booked.”  I just don’t like “letting people down.”

6.  Finishing My Sentences

I start a ….  Then I don’t finish the…..  This could be attributed to #7.  I’m working on it.  ….If I can remember to.

7.  Remembering Things

This only applies to my SHORT-TERM memory.  I can tell you what I wore the day we flew to Colorado when I was 12 years old.  I can tell you what I ate for lunch on my 3rd grade class’ field trip to the Knoxville Zoo (honey and peanut butter, carrot sticks).  But my short-term memory STINKS!  I try to remember things (which is probably why I write so many lists – I also use the Voice Memo feature on my phone all.the.time), but I could do better.


In summary, I’m crazy.

But aren’t we all?!  Me thinks, YES!

QUESTION:  Your turn:  What are you really bad at??


*A list of things I’m GOOD at coming soon.  Because just as it’s important to be vulnerable and open about our shortcomings, it’s more important to give thanks for the talents you have.  Agreed?  Agreed.

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  1. I know this is a totally old entry, but I have been going back and reading your blog now that we met at Blend, and I felt compelled to comment. I am so glad you are bad at #4! I suppose that might sound skeevy, but as I have read the last few months worth of entries I was really refreshed by the fact that you bring up your sex life in a way that is tasteful but matter of fact. It’s something I struggle with sometimes and while I’m pretty open about most things in my life, I still hesitant to acknowledge that aspect of my marriage. I think I have a few ideas why that is, but that’s a novel I guess. :)

    Anyway, thank you so much for a great weekend and something for me to think on!

  2. I used to be able to sit around. Now I have to be doing three things while also simultaneously sitting. The only time I can get through a whole movie–or even a TV show–is if I take breaks.

    I also used to be able to spend a whole day reading. No more. Now I feel weird reading if I’m not in bed. And it isn’t dark outside. Daytime reading seems weird.

  3. It’s refreshing to hear a healthy lifestyle blogger list their faults instead of rambling on about how they don’t eat sugar, fried foods, etc. You come across as real and genuine, which is a something you can add to your GOOD traits list! :) Thank you for your realistic approach to healthy living.

  4. Can I just tell you how great this made my day? I love how honest you are and I can totally see trying #2… an idea maybe? Ha! So thank you for the smile today I needed it!

  5. I’m awful with change too – when my plans/expectations aren’t met or are changed, I tend to have a very difficult time adjusting accordingly. Or at least, I need some time to mentally bring myself up to speed with the new set of plans/expectations. It’s a work in progress, for sure!

    I laughed out loud when you mentioned your bad habit of not finishing sentences. I’m not bad at this, but my mom is awful at it. It used to irritate the pee out of me, but now that I’m older,I find it so amusing :)

  6. I am pretty sure you must be my twin sister because I could have written this list myself! I swear they all apply to me!…especially since I can remember phone numbers from my friends in 2nd grade, but I can’t remember to grab my lunch out of the fridge on my way to work!

  7. I’m really bad at not worrying. I fret about everything – in my control or out of it. I have to consciously lay in bed and clear my mind so that it will stop going over all of the crazy “to do” lists in my brain. I am also really bad about not screwing lids on very tightly… that 3rd jar of jam that just ended up on the floor… oops!

  8. High-Fives to being bad at #1! I am right there with you and get really frustrated when my schedule changes. I have gotten “slightly” better with this because owning your own business and change happens whether you like it or not, so I’m practicing patience and learning slowly but surely to accept change. As always, thank you for your honesty. Instant smile on this Monday afternoon. XOXO

  9. I am bad at sitting and tv annoys me. I can’t grocery shop to save my soul. I can’t read directions. And just don’t change plans with me! It sets off my OCD in so many ways

  10. I’m pretty bad about sitting still too. And changing plan is the worst for me. I like things to go as planned. you crack me up with the laundry thing. My chore i HATE to do is mopping. peter and I have a similar “arrangement” ;)

  11. Ha, this is awesome! I like to think of it as “Things that Make ME Unique” :) I’m unique in that I rarely stop to rest, ever, I ALWAYS have to be doing something. I’m unique in that I have to triple & quadruple check everything, plans, locked doors, proposals, workouts, you name it! I’m unique in that I love even numbers, odd ones stress me out. Ok, I need to stop, this list could go on & on! Happy Monday!

  12. We all have things we’re really bad at, no one’s perfect! I’m also terrible at remembering things, I’d be lost without the Notes app in my phone and my planner. And I’m a bit uneasy with plans changing too…when things fall out of control. Yea, not a fan haha.

  13. Um, a lot. I’m bad at staying awake past 9:00. I’m always awake past that time in body, but I’m tidying, making lunches, setting out the next day’s clothes, etc. in autopilot mode. If my husband could figure out a way to give me more energy, he would get laid more ;). I’m bad at resting. There’s always something that needs to be done! And I’m bad at asking for help. Those are my top 3.

  14. This is fantastics & fun! And YES to also being able to celebrate our talents :)

    I am not so great at being spontaneous/switching my plans. Like at all.

    I also can NOT sit still. Especially in cars. So yes, I am horrible in car trips!!! Drives my man nutso.

  15. I am SO BAD at cleaning! Seriously. It’s gotten worse since I know I’m moving out of my apartment at the end of the summer. Whenever I have a house in the future I absolutely must have a cleaning lady. No questions asked. I will find the money.

  16. It’s sex for clean toilets in my house. I once told my husband that watching him clean the toilets was foreplay to me. Haven’t had to clean them in years ;)

  17. AMEN to number one – I am the worst when plans change or things do not go as planned. It stresses me out and makes me such a pain to be around. I also hate laundry folding but it looks like you put yourself in quite the win-win situation for that one!

  18. Let’s see, I’m with you for sure on numbers 1, 3, and 5! Type A all the way…

    I’m also really bad at walking in a straight line (my boyfriend tells me I am always swerving in front of him or switching sides, I say I just get easily distracted), letting anyone else have control of the computer when looking up something, and I’m also bad at being decisive!

  19. haha too funny! love ya girl!
    things we are bad at – staying focused on one project and finishing it before starting – thinking of another.
    and we are not the best at remembering things.

  20. lol!!!!!!!! you crack me up!! particularly referencing #s 2 & 4. i cannot sit around for the life of me. if jonny and i are watching a show, i HAVE to be doing something else… i feel like tv is a waste of time otherwise lol

  21. I have an awful memory any more – I used to be able to go to the store without a list and get everything – now even with a list I forget stuff. Half the time I start a sentence or story and can’t even remember it to finish it – annoying!!

    1. don’t you hate it when you forget ONE thing and you’re standing there in the store, trying to remember. It never comes to me – so frustrating. Then when I get home and look at the list (I forgot to bring), I think, “DUH!”

  22. I LOVE THIS.
    I was saying to a client the other day I ROCK AT XYZ and they seemed horrified at my confidence.
    I went on to say –and mean—I CAN GIVE YOU A LIST OF WHAT I SUCK AT TOO :-)

    Im too too aware of em both.

  23. I really appreciate this post. It’s a way to acknowledge and accept that we all aren’t perfect but we’re still working to better ourselves. I’m working on my composure when i’m upset (i’m a crier – whether i’m sad, frustrated, angry, etc). I too have a hard time sitting still and when I do I find myself bored, instead of embracing a few quiet minutes to RELAX.

  24. I’m really bad at . . . . slowing down. Similar to your sitting down. I have a really hard time slowing down and doing things at a regular pace. I always feel the need to finish quickly, walk fast, be as productive as possible. My mom used to say, “It’s not a race! Slow down!” whenever I was buzzing around. I need to work on this!