the longest day ever


Can one step on a crack, walk under a ladder and break a mirror without knowing it??  Because I don’t remember any of that, but our luck lately shows a different story.

I spent all day yesterday, cooped up in the house, with a very sick Henry and a very rambunctious Clara.  I’d love to tell you that I looked on the bright side of life and found those beautiful moments in the day that make life go round.  I’d love to do that.  The truth?  We watched so many movies our brains are rotten, I stepped on vomit (twice) and I was crying and ready for bed by 4:30pm (any other moms know about that witching hour between naptime ending and daddy coming home??  It’s the pits.)

After what seemed like a 54 hour day, we had a bedtime of 8:30pm (yes!  everyone!).

New mercies in the morning, right??


QUESTION:  Let me live vicariously through you.  What are you doing this weekend??


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  1. Haha I’m beholding my future. ;) I’m due any day now with my first child (actually, she was due on Monday and hasn’t come yet!), and I’m going to be a stay-at-home mommy. So I’m sure I’ll be having some of those days in my future. Hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. Oh Lindsay, that hours stinks! That is the midnight vomit duty that I had to deal with for the first 7 years of my youngest’s life before we found out how rotten his tonsils and adenoids were. Fun times there my friend. I hope the little man feels better soon and that the rest of you don’t get it!

  3. Again?? Oh my goodness, you poor mama. I can honestly trace all of my hardest moments of motherhood (so far) to times when my kids were sick. I am so sorry. Prayers and more prayers for you, Lindsay, and for Henry. And hugs! You can make it, friend…God’s got this. xoxo

  4. I would love to go to bed at 8:30!! Nothing glamours here – spring cleaning and hopefully a walk in the sunshine.