on blogging….when priorities shift

Oh man.

Lately, I just haven’t wanted to blog.  The time that I set aside to write is during Clara’s naptime (Henry no longer naps).  All other times of my day are filled with training clients, working out, schooling, Travis and rehearsal.  Oh and lest I forget spending time in the Word (which gives me the peace and patience to do all of the other stuff).  Because Henry is now wide awake and deserving of my attention during my “blogging time”, I’m finding it harder and harder to sit down and get anything done.  I don’t see this as a problem, just a little life shift.  One which I’m totally on board for.  One which I knew would come.

So where does that leave blogging?

First, I love blogging.  I love writing out my thoughts and my rambles.  I love having this outlet that is just for me.  More than all of those things, I love the blogging community.  I can safely say that some of my BEST friends have been made through blogging.


I get to see these two ladies NEXT weekend!!

Like people that have been to my house, and I to theirs.  Real friends.  I didn’t know that I needed that until I got into blogging and now that I’m in the thick of it, I can’t imagine what my life would look like without these people.


The problem I’m having is the time commitment.  It takes time to write a post (not too much – I can usually write something in 30 minutes or less).  It takes time to promote your blog, to promote your friends’ blogs.  It takes time to create workouts and fresh content.  It just takes TIME.

I have ideas.  I have passion.  I have creativity.  What I don’t have is TIME.

I don’t have a solution for this problem quite yet.  I don’t want to stop blogging.  I don’t want to go on a schedule where I promise a post on certain days per week.  I guess all I really know right now is that you might be seeing a little less of me.  Or the same.  Who knows.  It’ll all depend on if I find the time.  Because, right now, I’m not willing to take the time from something else.

I think we call this a shift in priority. 

QUESTION:  If you blog, do you feel pressure to post often?  If you’re a reader, do you stop following when a blogger becomes “sporadic”?


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  1. I often feel pressure to post a certain number of times a week on my blog. I think I feel a bigger obligation to comment/read/post other people’s blogs and I worry that I am not doing that enough often, which as you said, takes so much time. I can honestly say I do not stop reading blogs with sporadic posting, actually, I am more likely to spend more time reading those posts than people who post daily – those are the ones I find I skim through pretty quick just to get the “update” and move on. I actually just re-visited a blog after the author took about a 4 month hiatus and I read the recent updates like it was the next best novel. But, maybe that’s just me? I can relate to your post, most definitely so thank you for writing it!

  2. As a reader, I look forward to my daily blog readings. I have about 15 blogs that I look forward to reading for the day. It’s my way of decompressing, learning new things, workouts and possibly getting a good laugh. There have been a few bloggers who wrote a couple times a day and now they are down to once a week if that. I understand the time factor completely and that there are priorities and more important things to focus on! That’s why I have multiple blogs I like to read :)

  3. I have seriously let go of blogging so much lately! At first, when my schedule got so crazy and I wasn’t able to blog much, I felt stressed about not reading or writing posts like I used to. Then I realized that in order for me to be a sane person (or let’s be honest, semi-sane), I had to step back and just enjoy life the best way I know how. I actually prefer writing less, but with more content when I have the time. I feel the same way about reading posts. I am not a fan of when writers write multiple posts on the same day either. I feel like there is not as much content. I have so much more respect for you taking the time to live your life and share moments than you feeling tired or forced to write. Enjoy your family and your life Lindsay! We will be here when you have time to share!

  4. I literally just finished a three week blog fast. I didn’t blog nor did I read any blogs. It was tough, but I had reached a point where school and sorority activities basically consumed my life. Any spare time I had was used for homework or sleep. So don’t feel bad about your priorities shifting! You will find time, yet it may not be as consistent as you would like. Life happens!


    Cutting back my blogging lately has made me enjoy it so much more! I actually get excited to post something rather than feeling like I have to, and subsequently pumping out some crud.

    (Also, I can’t imagine my life without YOU and I am so, so, so grateful that God brought us together through our little internet lives. Much love to you, sweet thing ;-))

  6. Hey lindz! I follow in reader so I wonder if people who actually directly go to sites every day are more likely to quit reading if the blogger becomes sporadic.

    my question for you is: why are you blogging? Is it to have readers? or for yourself?

    My answer is: for myself.

    Last year I struggled with the same thing you’re going through right now. Then I answered that question and realized that although I like engaging with readers, my close friends (and blends) are still going to pop by to say “hi” and read (or bomb me with comments like Heather and Sarah do). And really, it’s those people I care about the most. I do enjoy when a post sometimes helps people (like my “wash your quinoa” post that continually gets hits), but ultimately, I have to view blogging not as a popularity contest to get readers, cool giveaways, sponsors for events, etc., and as a fun outlet for me to be more creative and keep writing. :)

    Hope you’re able to work through this! I agree — my life would not be the same without my blends.

    1. *I follow in reader so I don’t typically quit following a blog if the blog becomes sporadic. I’m more likely to unfollow if somebody posts the same ol’ stuff every day to just get a post up.

  7. I’m fairly new to blogging and I had a routine of blogging twice daily and I felt pressured to keep it up sometimes, even when I don’t have interesting content to share. Now I try my best and I’ve told my readers that I’ll do what I can. Most days it’s twice daily and sometimes it’s once. I think you’re at a time in your life when you have to shift. I also think by sharing this post and taking the pressure of you;ll find you’re able to keep up the posting.

  8. We will be here to read, of course! :)

    I can’t wait to actually ‘meet’ you at BLEND in just a few weeks!! yay!

    And I typically blog Mon-Sat, but I’ve recently only been blogging Mon-Fri…I like it a lot better. So much less stressful! And I feel like my content is more fresh. But lately, I’ve been in a funk too. I think it’s due to not feeling totally 100% myself for certain reasons… ;) xo

  9. I definitely put pressure on myself when it comes to blogging…hence the reason I’ve been “broccoli bombing” everyone recently while I try my damndest to catch up after SOMEHOW getting over two weeks behind! I swear, I just have days (usually clumped together) where I don’t want to read…I don’t want to type…I don’t want to THINK…I just want to sit and do nothing, piddle around the house, watch old movies, OR lately, enjoy a bit of the nice summer-like weather we’ve been having. Unfortunately, every time I come back to my computer after a little hiatus, I feel completely lost/overwhelmed. Like you, there are lots of things I WANT to say, but it takes me SO long to get my words together…I’d KILL to be able to type a post in 30 minutes or less! I don’t want to quit blogging, but I don’t know, I’m just…stuck right now. I’m really just looking forward to actually SEEING everyone (or most everyone) in May…too bad Blend can’t last a whole week!

    1. I actually stepped away from writing and reading to focus on things in life. there are a few things i really really really want to share and i eventually will, but they’re going to be old news by the time i share them. i love “broccoli bombing” and I’ve taken to reading blogs once a week to catch up on my blends. I still scroll through my design / craft / food blogs on reader a few times a week, but those I am usually just glancing at to see if there are things i want to pin for later.

  10. I never unfollow someone because they are sporadic with their blogs. Life happens, we have writers block, and sometimes we just don’t feel like blogging. When I see a post from them after they’ve taken a break, I find their posts to be refreshing and it sounds like they feel better too. Sometimes blogging stresses me out, sometimes I LOVE it, and sometimes I find it a nuisance, but when I take a few steps back and take a nice break, I always feel better. :)

  11. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GET THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I was writing 7 days then went to 6 then went to 5 & now 3 & all is fine.. but like you, I am having issues with the time – me, takes me hours to write a post & well.. I don’t know, my mind is off right now & needing clarity. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU & that is most important!!! :)

  12. I’ve been feeling the same way this week, but I mostly haven’t blogged the past few days because I really just don’t feel like it. I know that when I feel that way anything I try to write will be forced (and not good) so I took a break…it’s a good reminder that even though this healthy living blogging community is amazing (I don’t want to just leave it either), it is important to place our priorities in the *real* life that’s constantly going on around us.

  13. Oh goodness, yes. I have tried to be a regular blogger, but I ended up blogging from the office…which I probably shouldn’t do. And now I don’t even have time for that anymore. I never get to sit down when I’m home, much less blog. Sigh. I love to write, love to blog…but I love my family more and any time I get to spend with them is so precious! It can be very frustrating! When God puts words on your heart, He’ll give you the time to write them out. I trust that! And He has gifted you with beautiful words :) xoxo

  14. You probably remember when I made a change to blog less late last year. It was so freeing and got rid of the stress that had become a (bad) part of the experience. When I have more time, I blog a little more, when less time, I blog a little less. I honestly didn’t see much of a shift in readership, so don’t you worry about that. Do what is right for you & your family!!

    And I get to see you in a month!!

    1. Love Heather’s perspective- I dropped a set schedule as well, and have been blogging more when I can and less when I can’t. We all have lives outside of blogging- we get that. :) The day when L stops napping will change that for me, too… plus, with rehearsals, and work, I don’t know how you do it all.

      Excited to meet up with you again next month!!!

    2. ditto and ditto!

      weirdly, since i started blogging less often, i have seen more hits daily. could have to do with my pinterest following though?

  15. I have a self-imposed schedule of writing Monday-Friday, but I try not to stress myself out when I can’t quite make it.

    I know what you mean, though. I have so many things that I want to share, and not enough time to write all of them! I’m constantly looking for more efficient ways to get my posts out the door. It’s a tough balance!

  16. I’m totally with you on this one — I’ve been very sporadic with my posts the past handful of months and at first, it sorta stressed me out. Wondering if people would stop reading, get annoyed at my lack of posts, or suddenly find me boring. But then I remembered something: hey, this is my blog, I will blog when I want to and about what I want to write about. If you love what I have to say, that’s awesome. And if not? Well — that’s ok too. And so far, it’s worked out just fine, I blog on my own terms as always. And I’m glad you’re taking this time you need to sort of reset as a blogger. It’s important to do.

  17. I started to feel pressure to blog often and be super involved, and realized how much it was stressing me out! I recently took a step back – I read less, I wrote less…and it’s so much easier. More relaxed. More calm.

    You’re doing the 100% right thing…whatever blog “schedule” that ends up being! <3

  18. I don’t blog everyday, and I probably should develop more of a schedule, but it can be hard to balance everything. It’s a work in progress, right! I don’t stop reading when posts are more sporadic. Actually, I hate coming back from a weekend of not blogging and find that my favorite bloggers posted a billion times over the weekend. It’s nice to not have to play catchup sometimes.

  19. 100% understand! I usually tell myself “If I feel pressure to put a post up, then don’t put one up”…it should not be a negative or stressful thing, it should be fun. We all go through the ebb and flow of life & sometimes blogging has to take a back seat :) Good luck figuring out the balance, you will!

  20. Girl, I totally get where you’re at with this. Life happens and things change, and I love that you’re addressing it rather than just trying to force it all. I would say that if someone posts less often I’m actually more likely to read when they DO post. Like it becomes more special? I too am working on this; I think a lot of times there’s a pressure to post every day because (for me) there’s a fear of losing readership. But I would never want to sacrifice the quality of the content I put out there or more importantly sacrifice time with family and friends to do something sub-par.

    1. DITTO. Sorry for all the extra comments, Lindz, but I was curious what everybody else was thinking.

      Seriously … life with kids frightens (and excites) me. I can barely handle everything as is, and I have no clue how I would do it with two delightful cherubs waiting in the wings (potentially a 3rd sometime soon??). Mark and I have talked about the “when it’s time” situation and we’ve both agreed that I’m staying home / working from home (or if my job pays more, he can stay home) if at all possible.

  21. I think some people don’t realize how much time it really takes! I know with my finals and then studying for the Bar exam all summer I’m going to have no choice but to shift my priorities. I’m really not sure how I’m going to handle it…

  22. we go through that period of stressing over getting new blog posts up, sometimes life takes over and we are okay with that too. when we first starting blogging we would stress so much over our blog and blog posts, now we just have fun with it and don’t have that stress with it anymore. we still read blogs that are sporadic, as we love the person behind the blog so we keep reading :)
    love ya, can’t wait for blend!!

  23. I took myself off of a schedule and it was the best decision I made. I find now, I’m often MORE inspired to write when I know I don’t ‘have’ to. It doesn’t feel like a job, and it feels like more fun. I’m really bad about promoting my blog, but I try to remember that if I’m really doing it for ME and for maintaining my position in the community as a whole, promotion shouldn’t be involved anyway. I should just BE in the community and let whoever wants to come along on MY rambles and journeys do so if they like to. That can be hard when you see others around you getting tons of free stuff or crazy opportunities. I try not to get stuck comparing…

    The thing is, the blog isn’t life. LIFE is life. And you have to live if you are ever going to have something to blog about. My favorite bloggers don’t just post recipes, they infuse their spirit and life into their posts, no matter how subtly. So, I will follow them no matter how often they post…and for someone like me who tends to ‘get behind’ in my blog READING, less is DEFINITELY more. :)


  24. I still read when blogs become more sporadic. As long as it’s in my reader (which I guess I should switch to something else before it dies, but anyway), I’ll watch out for it to light up that there’s a new post.

    1. Try Feedly. They even switched it from clumping all posts by one blog together to organizing them by time posted like Reader does. Otherwise there is “the old reader” which works about the same as reader. You can import your feeds to both options.

  25. I don’t “really” have a schedule, but I find that I seem to post mostly in the mornings, every day, skipping a day or two each week. If I don’t have anything really important to blog about, I simply don’t blog. Quality over quantity! (and don’t worry about your readers! We’re not going anywhere, promise!)

  26. i never have a schedule either friend, and i don’t have kids! but i am in kitchen all day for thee biz. You are one amazing woman who will find a good routine. i truly believe that God opens up windows and words when timing is right. You will see and you will keep blogging. Just not every day. Praying for extra time for you today, for HIS glory.

    p.s. I want to go with you next week to see those amazing women! oh wait, i’ll be there soon! EEK!

  27. You’re just keepin it real! Though I can’t speak for all of your readers, the way that you openly and honestly express your own humanity and faults is a big reason that I keep coming back to read your blog. Schedule Schmedule. Just do what’s right for you, because that’s where God has you right now.

  28. I’m having the same issue right now, and wrote a very similar post earlier this week. I think blogging should stay a fun, stress-free outlet. Just do what feels good to you! Your regular readers will be excited to see something pop up from you, and you’ll continue to enjoy yourself in all aspects of your life.

    Good luck finding that balance!