life lately…

One of the most favorite blogs is Love Taza.  This is a recent (within the last 3 months) development.  I’ll go ahead and warn you – not only will you spend a GREAT deal of time on this site, but after closing your laptop and looking around at your dumpy house and scragamuffin kids, wondering why your husband doesn’t wear a bowtie during the week (or ever), you’ll feel a slight twinge of jealousy.  But that’s ok….we learned how to deal with that yesterday.

Anyway, Love Taza has a weekly feature called, “Life Lately, According to My iPhone Pictures.”  Basically a “Wordless Wednesday”-type post.  But since it’s Thursday, I had to steal her title.  What I could not steal was her New York City background.  Oh well.  I kinda like my little life.

Life Lately….
























I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday, friends!  We’re SO close to the weekend!

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  1. And what a BEAUTIFUL life it is!!! I want you to know that this brought the biggest smile to my face just now…and I REALLY needed that after the day I’ve had. Thanks sweetie!

    PS, the first pic melted my heart! <3

    PPS, Henry looks JUST LIKE TRAVIS in that Easter pic!

  2. Although Taza’s website is incredibly beautiful and reminds meof the pages out of a beautiful coffee table book, I love the “realness” of you and your blog! Your relatability and vulnerability are what drew me into being a daily reader in the first place!

  3. Ahahha Clara’s little dress tucked into her undies. Best thing ever. And as much as I adore Taza (I do, ooooh I do!) – I like your little life, too. Maybe more.

  4. Hey Lindsay,
    Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog, whether I agree with all your viewpoints, I do love discussions you bring up and you truly have a unique voice.. or maybe it’s just an honest one! Either way, I’m a fan.
    The real reason I Had to comment today was to tell you how stunningly beautiful your little girl is! I’m sure you hear that daily, and I see cute kids on many blogs (inlcuding Love Taza, which I also adore) but holy dear, your little chicka is gorgeous! Boys will be breaking down the doors soon enough :)

  5. I LOVE Love Taza. I mean, I don’t have kids. Or a husband. Or a glamourous NYC life full of travels to Europe and whatnot. But her pictures are inspiring, and she seems like one of the most down to earth bloggers, ever. Like you! :)

  6. Haha! Love that pic of Clara, saw that on instagram and cracked up! Too cute!

    LOVE that blog too! I love Taza and her sweet little family, simply adorable!!

  7. “but that’s okay, I kind of like my little life” — as you should. :) Love this documentation of your beautiful family, simple pleasures, and… especially Clara’s dress tucked up like that.. love it. Have a wonderful Thursday!