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You know what?!  I flippin’ LOVED last week’s WIAW – I loved putting it together (and getting super hungry).  I loved thinking about WHY I don’t eat those types of foods on a normal basis (hello digestion problems).  But what I really loved was the response that I got from you guys: some people played along and wrote out these amazing junk foods (that again, made me hungry) and others talked about WHY they don’t eat those those types of foods.  I think that the general consensus was this:  YES, it’s fun to play the, “If I could eat anything game,” but at the end of the day, it’s more important to honor our bodies with whole, nutrient/vitamin rich foods.  We feel better, we perform better, and our bodies appreciate being nourished.  That’s a food movement I can get behind!  That’s what I want to pattern for my kids!

Today I thought I’d show you a REAL day of eats, along with some fun new products I’ve been reviewing from Schwan’s.  Let’s get to the food first!


Two eggs, scrambled with spinach and a side of beet juice.

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Snack #1 – Post Workout

Schwan’s Tropical Smoothie =

Schwan’s Golden Fruit Blend (1 cup) + Vanilla Plant Fusion (1 scoop) + Almond Coconut milk (8 oz.)






Avocado + Broccoli + Brussel Sprouts + Spinach + Turkey Sausage + Hummus + Nutritional Yeast


Snack #2

Good N’ Natural bar (new to me and on sale!  Pretty good too.)



Schwan’s Wild Alaskan Salmon (with a Honey Dijon marinade) + Baked Sweet Potato + Steamed Vegetables







Snack #3 – Post-Reheasal/Pre-Bed

Gala Apple + Natural Peanut Butter


A pretty great day of food, I think!

Now let’s talk for a minute about Schwan’s.  Through my partnership with Fitfluential, I was offered the chance to review a couple of items of my choice from Schwan’s.  This company has SO MUCH food to pick from, ranging from meats, seafood, meals (think pasta, enchiladas, stir fry), ice cream, dessert, fruit and vegetables.  I have vague memories of my parents buying Schwan’s when I was growing up – mostly their pizzas and the occasional ice cream.  You might have seen Schwan’s vans before – they deliver right to your door for free.

I selected two items from their “LiveSmart” line: the Wild Alaskan Salmon and the Golden Fruit Blend.  All of the LiveSmart items contain no trans fats, minimal preservatives and additives and are also low in sodium.  I was really pleased with the quality of this food!  I’ve been making daily smoothies for myself and the kids using the Golden Fruit Blend, which contains strawberries, peaches, mango and pineapple.  All the fruit tastes SO fresh – it’s flash frozen while in season.  The same for the Wild Alaskan Salmon – it’s caught and then immediately frozen so that it comes practically fresh to your door.  Plus, it was really easy to thaw in the sink (or the fridge if you have time, but who has time?!) and then just bake for 20 minutes.  Easy peasy!  Thanks, Schwan’s!!

Learn more about Schwan’s by visiting them online and see if you’re in their service area!   You can order online or via catalog – and shipping is free!  It’s like grocery shopping in your pjs – but I kinda already do that anyway.  THIS involves not leaving the house.  Again – easy peasy.


QUESTION:  Have you ever tried Schwan’s home delivery??  Tell me one thing you ate yesterday that I need to know about!


**Schwan’s & Fitfluential sent me this food to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Schwan’s, to be honest. Is that weird? I do love that combination of fruit, however, and of course, I love that you used Plant Fusion in your smoothie. ;)

    What I HAVE heard of is that Gulden’s mustard. Hello, deliciousness. And with honey–something I have been putting on EVERYTHING lately? Amazing.

  2. My parents have gotten schwan’s home services for 20some years now, we always get the pizza’s, ice cream cones and toffee/chocolate covered ice cream bars!! I will have to try the fruit blends, I am going to college in the same town as the Schwan’s headquarters, half of this town is employed there, I believe there are about 15 differnt “Schwan’s” buildings all over Marshall (Marshall, MN)!!! They are a great company and I think that their willingness to still do the home services is great!!

  3. My dinner was fabulous! Whole Wheat Quesadilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, refried beans, mushrooms, snap peas, and topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and hot sauce of course. It was DELISH! XO

  4. The guy across the street from us gets a ginormous Schwan’s delivery once a month, I swear that whole van is full of his order LOL!! I’m just not a big fan of things like that, so I’ve never tried anything they have.

  5. omg we used to get Schwan’s delivery when I was little! Haha definitely no healthy food back then though (like late 90’s), we got orange sherbet and frozen chicken tenders from what I remember. It looks like it’s seriously improved!

  6. We used to get a ton of junk food from Schwan’s back in our college apartment! Ahh, the memories… cheesy casseroles and ice cream. It’s funny that you’ve posted these 2 questions together ’cause yesterday I made a Mexican Lasagna that reminded me of those days. It was far, far healthier than the cheese filled casseroles of yore but it was still a casserole, something I hardly ever make anymore.

  7. The world’s sweetest Schwans guy always comes to my parents’ front door. He’s too nice to NOT buy from. As a kid, I always used to love the Xmas Peppermint Ice Cream with little peppermint chunks in it!

  8. My parents used to get deliveries from Schawns when we were kids – we LOVED whenever the delivery guy came. Being that I was a child I remember loving the waffles, pizza, and cookie dough to make cookies but I know my parents purchased a lot more. I’ve seen a truck in my neighborhood every now and then but haven’t thought about getting my own deliveries – I’m sure its changed a lot since I was a child.

  9. There is absolutely nothing entree than the incredible edible egg. I’m going to go make some now.

    Best thing I ate: the Balsamic Strawberries and White Chocolate Cream on my blog today. I don’t like to brag… But it was a thing of beauty.