the story of redemption

I read this quote the other day and it spoke to me.  Maybe to you.

“Take a dam, a hundred thousand miles high and a hundred thousand miles wide and have it break in-front of you and as the torrent of water rolls down towards you, to engulf you and destroy you and all of the sudden the ground before you opens up and drinks it down and not one drop of it splashes to your feet.  And so Christ raised His hand up to heaven and took the wrath of God, that great cup, and drank it down.  When He cried out “It is finished!” He turned it over and not one drop came out.  He drank the wrath of God and satisfied justice and appeased wrath and therefore God can now be just, and justify the sinner.  This is what He’s done, this is what He has done…”  — Paul Washer

And then another that my dear husband shared, by C.S. Lewis…

Christ died for men precisely because men are not worth dying for; to make them worth it.”

Whoa.  Love that.

I’m currently working on a post titled, “Living In The New Covenant,” that I want to share soon, but it’s not ready yet!  For today, I just really hope you feel a sense of LOVE and REDEMPTION all around you and your families.




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  1. C.S. Lewis was the most profound man…it seems like every other sentence of his nonfiction books makes me sit back and think. Which is why it takes me forever to read his books! And I love that illustration! It’s so tough to grasp the burden of what Christ did for us sometimes, and so good to have (frequent) reminders! Blessings to the Wright family!