“the best decisions i ever made” series

March 8, 2013 in Best Decisions, Blog, Blogging, Guest Post by lindsaymwright

Friday.  Friday.  Gotta get down on Friday.  Something something for the weekend.  (I should probably learn those lines.)

But seriously.

You need to get down low on Fridays.  It’s really the only day of the week when it’s acceptable.


It’s also acceptable to dress like this….



Anyway, I’m so very thrilled that it’s nearly the weekend.  Travis had a hellacious schedule this week (1pm-10pm), which left us crossing paths…well…never, so I’m happy to have the next two days to spend with that guy.  We’ve got some work to do at the new house – painting, cleaning, etc.  If you haven’t noticed, I’ve all but given up on trying to update you on the progress.  Real quick – we hope to move in by the end of this month – we have one room to paint then the floor guys will come in and refinish all the hardwoods (should take 1 week), then new flooring in the kitchen (should take 1 day).  I pinky promise that after it’s finished, I’ll go in and take some “After” pictures!  Exciting!

Today, I have a request for you guys.  I need guest posts!  Over the next three months, I’ll be traveling quite a bit so I want to give this platform for anyone who wants it.  I’m creating a new series called, “The FIVE Best Decisions I Ever Made,” where the guest poster tells us all about his/her life through decisions they’ve made.  (You don’t necessarily have to provide 5 – just pick as many as you want.)


For instance, one of my best decisions would be going to UNC-Chapel Hill.  It’s where I met Travis, got a killer degree (that I don’t use – ha!), and where I overcame my eating disorder.  Like any posts, they should have pictures and be at least a little funny.

If you’d like to help me out and write a post, please email me at lindsayslist AT gmail DOT com.  You don’t have to be a blogger to submit a post!  There really is no deadline – I’ll post them when I get them (and as I need them).  Can’t wait to learn more about you through these posts!

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!  On Monday, I’ll have a “Back To Basics” post for you.

QUESTION:  What are your plans for the weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?