I’m going to be straight up honest here (when am I not?!).  One of the highlights of my entire day is SLEEP.  That sounds so sad, but let me argue my case here.  The rest of the day is amazing – we have highs and lows, shouts of joy and shouts of pure exhaustion, but overall, my days are filled with awesome stuff (and thank you btw for your support yesterday!).  But.  Sleep is just as cool.  Not only could I not function without it, but it’s something I look FORWARD to.

Many people suffer at night trying to sleep with their insomnia and anxiety. Nowadays, you can easily acquire medical smokable hemp products that can help you feel better without any side effects like pills.

Let me tell you a few things about me and sleep:

  • We’re buddies.
  • One of the BEST things (and this will sound weird but maybe not) is waking up at like 4am, looking at the clock and thinking, “YES – I still have 3 hours to sleep!!!”  That’s like the best feeling.
  • I sleep on my side and I have to have a body pillow between my knees.
  • I sleep in my skivvies.
  • The room MUST be completely dark – I actually need to find some of those cool curtains that block out everything.
  • I sleep with a fan running – there HAS to be sound.
  • I don’t snore, but Travis does.  Most nights I sleep with a earplug (like the ones hunters use) in whatever ear is facing up.

In a nutshell, I’m what you might call a “high maintenance sleeper” and I’m ok with it.  So when I was asked to review the Technogel Anatomic Pillow, I couldn’t say no.  You want me to add one more thing to “Sleeping Is So Cool” list??  Ok.  I’ll totally do that.


I chose Technogel’s Anatomic pillow (pictured above), because it was recommended for “those who sleep primarily on their sides or on their back” and who might,”suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain.”  Yep.  That’s me.  Instead of typing out my review, I thought I’d just vlog about it.

I won’t think you’re weird at all if you replay Henry’s commercial over and over.  I know I have would.

Like I said, I’ve already bought this pillow for Travis!  I absolutely LOVE it.  I thought I was sleeping pretty soundly before I received this pillow, but now, I don’t move at all during the night.  My sleep has vastly improved.  Thank you, Technogel!  Do you make pillows for toddlers??


Want your own pillow?

Visit the Technogel website, view their products, and find them in a store near you

You can also find Technogel on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

QUESTION:  How important is SLEEP to you??  How many hours do you get in a typical night?


I received this pillow from Technogel and FitFluential to review. All opinions expressed are my own and revolutional is SO a word!

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  1. Totally agree on blackout to sleep! Going from no window bedroom to dorm room hasn’t been easy. And totally agree with the best feeling being when you wake up early and still have 4 more hours of sleep!

  2. Wow I’m not alone! I thought I was the only high maintenance sleeper! I sleep with an eye mask and ear plugs due to partner snoring. And I must get a decent amount of sleep too! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Definitely feeling you!! Must haves – fans (1 for me and 1 for him), COMPLETE darkness ( you have to get those curtains. Try JC Penny’s on line for CHEAP!), pillow kinda like yours, and have to have a leg pillow…

    The pillow with the cool gel inserts is by far and away the best of the foam/gel pillows I’ve ever had. Whenever you turn over, the cool hits you in the face. It’s awesome…I’d never go back. The only addition I have is the the pillow case that I put on top is satin or silk, to keep my hair and skin in better shape. Try it. It’s great!!

  4. Three Things:

    1. I sleep with a fan on too. In the dead of winter. My husband freezes.

    2. Henry’s commercial. Oh my goodness.

    3. Your footie pajamas. I die.

  5. Love Henry’s commercial!! Too cute.

    Thanks for the review. I SO need a better pillow than what I have. I’m a back sleeper, so I’m really picky about how my head lays into a pillow. Glad to know this might be an option for me! :)

  6. Having had to wake up at 3am to make sure I had time to (potentially but not actually) shovel before work this morning, made me tear up to think of 3 more hours of sleep… ;) But I too am a high-maintenance sleeper and am currently sleeping on old throw pillows because they don’t make me wake up with headaches!