in the quiet

Sometimes I don’t blog all of my thoughts – I keep a journal.  Like a real BOOK, something you can tangibly hold in your hands.  Lists, memories, prayers, thoughts, struggles – the book holds them all.  I write when I remember the book (which isn’t often) and I have a special pen that I use for this particular journal (of course she does). 

Anyway, I scribbled down these words the other morning and then thought they might be pretty enough to share.  Right now, after 3 days away, I’m heading back the little house and the little people described below and I cannot WAIT!!  Trips are nice, but my “normal” is way better.

Happy Friday, loves!


I awoke on my own.  No mechanical buzzing.  Simply woke.  What was that dream?

It’s quiet.

My babes, active in their dreams, lay still under the quilts loved ones have pieced together.  If they only knew how much they are loved.

Before I place my feet on the ground, I vow to give this day to God.  To rejoice and be glad.

I tiptoe into the kitchen.  It takes a mere moment.  This house is tiny.

It holds every single thing I love.

Peeking out the kitchen window, Spring greets me.  The once frosty grass, now green with life.  Vibrant, buzzing.

Those tiny brown and black birds.  What are they called?

Stretch.  Moan.  I am cat.

Savoring this silence, coffee must be made.  Black.  Yes.

When did I grow up to like this taste?  Last year?  The year before?

Before breakfast, before washing the pile of dishes in the sink, before wondering about my age – I sit on the sofa, gently tucking my legs under my body.

I love this mug.  A gift from a friend.  If she only knew how much she is missed.

It’s easy to schedule and plan the day.  I don’t let myself.

This moment, right now, it is made for silence.

Not questions or thoughts.  Not for my children or my husband.  Not even for me.

It is for Him.

To be silent with Him.  In Him.

To simply be.

His daughter.  His loved one.  The heir to His throne.

Suddenly, my daughter coos.  The silent moment flees.

And the race begins.

I am ready for it.

The silence has made me stronger.

Will time allow for more quiet in this day?  Will I seek it out?

Will you?

QUESTION:  Do you ever relish in these moments of silence?  How will you take hold of today?


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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing :) I also keep a diary. I actually hesitated to start a blog because I feared it’d take away from my personal journal-writing. It has a bit, but when I journal now, it feels so much more meaningful and personal.

    I definitely relish the silent moments – mostly in the early morning and on the weekend. I find them so full of hope and opportunity.

  2. I love this! Absolutely beautiful, m’dear! All too often we let ourselves get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to take notice (and appreciate) those quiet moments to just “be”. I’ve had a lot of those moments lately since I’ve been spending so much time to myself…I’ve learned a lot…but still, there is more… :)

  3. Beautiful! Totally makes me think of “Ten Thousand Gifts”. I cherish quiet moments, although they are few and far between. Each one gives me strength until the next.

  4. I always have dreams of keeping a notebook for my thoughts. I wish I was better about it. I loved keeping journals when I was younger, but I have somehow lost that throughout the years. Quiet time is hard for me. I find it hard to relax in the stillness. My mind seems to constantly float from one subject to the other without any real resolution. I need to get better about this. Thank you for the reminder Lindsay!