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I have so many praise reports and life updates to give – I don’t know where to start.  Some of you might have read that sentence and thought I was bragging about myself.  I was not.  To the contrary, a praise report isn’t really about your skill or your awesomeness.  All credit or praise is given to God.  I couldn’t do anything without that grace.

Anyway, I thought I’d catch you up on some things around here – in list order of course.  And in no particular (coolness factor) order:

1)  I was cast as DOLLY in Annie Get Your Gun!! 

First, I was blessed when Travis decided that I could audition!!  He’s a good guy.  There are really only two female parts in this show: Annie and Dolly.  So I’m just thrilled and ecstatic that I got one.  Annie will be played by my good friend, Nikki.  She played Annie when the company first ran the show 6 years ago.


We’ll be sharing a dressing room again (Nikki played the Queen of Hearts in Alice), so I’m looking forward to growing that friendship as well.  There really is no business like show business.  Rehearsals start next week.

2)  I am now NCCPT certified!

I haven’t talked about this at all on the blog, but I took my personal trainer test for NCCPT yesterday and passed.  I am already NASM-certified and have been for about 4 years now, but my boss wanted all of the trainers at our gym to be certified in something uniform across the board so he asked us all to take the NCCPT test.

Confession:  I’ve known about this test for over 4 months.  I cracked the book for the first time last Monday night and crammed all last week.  (That’s NOT how my Type A personality does things, but I’ve just been too busy.).  Luckily, studying for NASM and working as a trainer helped prepare me for this certification so the test wasn’t too bad.

The best part?  I’ve met all of my CPU’s for NASM by taking this test – AND I can take CPU courses and have them apply to maintaining both the NASM and NCCPT certifications. 


As with any test, I was super glad when it was over.  And as with any test, a celebratory beer was needed.  At 12:35pm.  Hoo-rah!

3)  I’m going to VEGAS!!

I’ve been meaning to tell you guys this!!!  Perhaps the most exciting news in this post.  I was just hired as a personal trainer by Technogym to help demonstrate their equipment at the 2013 IHRSA Convention!!!   (For more info on what IHRSA is, go here – basically a HUGE health and fitness convention in Vegas.  All the latest products/innovations are showcased.)


My friend, Jillian, who works for Technogym, asked if I’d be interested in flying out and helping with the company’s demo area for two days.  Of course I jumped at the chance and after a phone interview, I was chosen!  IHRSA is March 20-22nd, so I need to go ahead and book everything – put that on my To Do list.

I’ve never been to Vegas.  I’ve always wanted to go.  I get to fly and I love flying.  I love fitness.  AND I get PAID!!  I can’t think of anything more exciting!!!  (or a better use of exclamation points.) 

4)  Clara is allergic to dust mites and dogs.

Ok.  Not really a praise report.  But….we are happy to finally have an answer.  For the longest time, Clara has been breaking out in rashes and we’ve never known the true cause.  Could it be diet?  An allergy?  Something in the air or the detergent I use?  I finally made an appointment and took her to an allergist (who was fabulous btw – for any locals, we saw Dr. Cypcar at Allergy Partners of WNC).  The doctor tested Clara for 11 different things (eggs, soy, wheat, dairy, peanuts, dogs, cats, dust mites, trees, and some others I can’t recall), via a skin prick test.


Oh man, it was the saddest thing ever.  The results showed that she is allergic to dog dander and dust mites but NO foods.  The cause of her rashes is severe eczema which can be treated with certain creams and a light antihistamine given at night.  In a way, this is good news because it means we can finally treat this problem and not be guessing as to the cause.  Glad those tests are behind us though!

5.  Blend 2013 is shaping up nicely!


We’re selling tickets, signing new sponsors (Laughing Cow and Core Power to name a few) and refining the schedule to make this event one of the BEST around!  Right now, the mood is LUXURY for a SMALL PRICE!  If you’re at all interested in coming (blogger or not!), please sign up before Sunday, when ticket prices will increase!  It’s going to be so much fun!


That’s all I got.  Lots of praise.

QUESTION:  Any praise reports or good news from you??  Tell me everything!  What do I HAVE to see/do in Vegas??


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  1. I am a little late to the party by posting this way after the fact. However, I live in Las Vegas so if you would like someone to show you around please let me know! I’m a born and raised sort of girl from Vegas :) If not, I will see you at the Blend Retreat! Plus I may have to check out that convention..

  2. Congrats on getting that part in the play AND passing your test AND getting to go to vegas!

    Poor Clara. It’s no fun getting stuck with needles but I’m sure it’s such a relief to find an answer. I’m allergic to all things furry and cute as well as those dang dust mites, but I think I’ve figured out the right medication. And the outdoor allergies dissapear in the winter..woohoo!

    Excited for Blend! :)

  3. Congrats on your part in the show! If I’m not mistaken, Dolly is much funnier anyway. [There is something to be said about playing the ‘second’ leading lady. They always have the better lines.]

    Yee haw! VEGAS!!! I actually have never had a desire to go there, but what you will be doing sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to hear about it. :)

  4. congrats on the test and vegas!!!! we have only been to vegas once, it was fun!! you will have a blast! and happy that you have found answers to Clara! we know how frustrating skin rashes can be! glad that is behind you guys now :) HUGS

  5. First of all, praise God! I love praise reports. They are such an awesome testimony to God’s continual work in our lives. And hooray for your listening heart :)

    Second, if any of those Blend sponsors needs a rep, I’m available. Just sayin’. ;) We’ve been praying about a way to get me up there (my husband definitely realizes that I need a break!), but can’t justify the expenditure right now. Stupid money! Maybe I could hitch-hike to Utah from Houston???

    But for real, I would work for free. Or actually, for the price of a plane ticket ;)
    Love ya!!

  6. Wow! So many rad things in your world, CONGRATS! The NCCPT Certification is super-exciting, I just got my NASM CPT YESTERDAY! Vegas will be entertaining, that’s for sure. I usually go for work and am constantly in awe of what happens there!

  7. Oh Clara Bear, I too have SERVERE eczema and I feel your pain! I switch off between neosporin, aveeno hydrocortisone, and extra strength desatin diaper cream (it works!). Glad you know the cause, now! That makes it easier to manage, sista.

    And yay Lindsay! I am so proud of you and all of these huge blessings! Love to you friend.

    1. I 100% AGREE!! Absinthe is the best show in town and so wildly inappropriate! I loved it and might have to see it again :)

  8. wooo! so much excitement going on! Sorry about little Clara and her allergies. My sister was always an allergic kid – would break out in rashes all the time – but my parents could never figure it out. When she was 16, she went to get allergy tested because her rashes were getting severe. Turned out, she was allergic to horses, cats, and dogs – we had all 3. Wooops. Like Clara, her reaction was just a rash that was easily treated with creams. But what a crazy thing to find out so much later in life!

  9. So much good stuff going on!! Congrats! Congrats! On your new role and production, on passing your certification exam and on Vegas! That will be so much fun. And I’m glad that you have some answers regarding Clara’s allergies and eczema. So glad that no foods turned up because it is so hard sometimes. Both of my boys are highly allergic to about a gazilliion things. Can’t wait to see you at Blend!

  10. You have some great stuff going on! I’m so happy for you! Congratulations on the certification, play and the job! How exciting!!! I need to get more continuing education credits this year. I actually look forward to it. I need to figure out which one I want to do! There are so many options…I want to take them all!

    I’m glad you figured out C’s allergies. That is such a sad test to do, but it really is helpful.

    I’m so looking forward to BLEND! It’s going to be so much fun!

  11. WOW! So many praises! Thanks for sharing. :D Guess what?! I’m going to IHRSA with my gym too! I don’t know if you have a set itinerary for evenings and such, but let’s meet up! I was looking for people to hang out with and not just party with… :) Maybe a bit of that too. ;) WAHOO!

  12. I was 7 months pregnant when I went to Vegas, so I was tired and swollen, but the hotels are amazing. I loved just looking at the architecture and interior design. It’s so cool to see what people come up with when money isn’t an issue :). My favorite things were the penguins at the Flamingo (we stayed there so I would go watch their feedings. Adorable) The lions at the MGM lobby were pretty crazy too…
    My praise report: I have a healthy little 10 week old growing and getting ready for his/her appearance in September :)

  13. Congrats on the new cert! I am so happy for you :) IHRSA is going to be really fun. Like half of my company (Anytime Fitness HQ) goes to that conference! Maybe you will meet some of them!

  14. oh this is awesome! but poor little clara. Hug her for me, then dust her off!

    I was a technogym trainer at our gym for years! that thing is HARD! Take me to vegas! we’ll have a blast! or maybe take travis for a little nookie. ;-)

  15. Congrats on all of your exciting news! One thing about college that I do not miss is studying [cramming] for exams – congrats on the new certification and the opportunity to go to Vegas :D I switched jobs last summer and now work for an association and help coordinate a top-100 trade show – being on the show floor is such a rush, you’ll be great!

  16. Such exciting news! You are going to have an absolute blast in Vegas. And congratulations on passing your test! Always good news. I wish I could go to blend retreat, but an just don’t have the money to afford it:( Hopefully next year!

  17. Yay! I cannot wait to hear more details about Blend!!

    Congrats on being cast for another great role, and on your certification! I took my last test at IIN on Saturday, and am now a Certified Health Coach! We both have big things to celebrate!