**Just wanted to say, I loved hearing about your diet vs. exercise thoughts yesterday! So much so, that I’ve got a few ideas for future posts! Thank you for that! I’m sorry I didn’t have time to reply to ANY of the comments – see below as to why.**

Today is the day.

I become Alice.


In public.

At 10:30am today, for an audience of little people and their school teachers. Then again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

I say, “in public,” because I’ve already “become” Alice in rehearsals. That happened a couple of weeks ago. Something clicked and somehow I knew all of my lines, all my queues, all my facial expressions (annoyed, confused, frustrated – not too far of a stretch). More so than any other show I’ve done, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of “becoming” the role I was given.

This time it just happened to be the lead. How on earth did that happen?!?!

I’m off to the theater – more updates to come – but for now, please enjoy Clara’s audition to be the next Alice**.

I get to be her mom.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite Disney movie?? <-Beauty and the Beast, hands down. It came out at exactly the perfect time in my childhood – I asked for EVERYTHING to be B & B – tents, comforters, birthday cakes, posters, everything!


**I already shared this on my Facebook page (hint – I’ll be hosting a giveaway just for FB fans next week, so make sure you’re following!!).

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  1. She is TOO CUTE!
    I love Beauty & The Beast too, but Lion King might be my fave. (Although I did watch Cinderella literally every single day – more than once – back in the 80s when I got the VHS tape for Christmas one year)
    BREAK A LEG!! You’ll be great! Wish I could be there!

  2. Break a leg! I wish I could see it. :)

    Little Mermaid has always been number one, since it is the first movie I ever remember seeing. EVER. Plus she had red hair and I still like singing Part of Your World whenever the mood strikes.

    Follow that up very closely with Aladdin…and then The Lion King. [Again, I will burst into those songs at any point. Watch out!]

  3. Holy cow, what a cutie! I definitely love her rendition. Break a leg today!

    My favorite Disney movie might be a tie between Aladdin and Mulan. And Sleeping Beauty. And Beauty and the Beast. Ahh, don’t make me choose!

  4. Gosh darn, that girl is ADORABLE.

    And I already said this on instagram or something, but I SO wish I could watch you be Alice! Have so much fun with it!