Supplements.  Vitamins.  Probiotics.  Do you take them?

You probably should.

In a perfect world, we would all get the vitamins and minerals we need from the foods that we eat.  In a perfect world, we would all eat a very plant-based, whole foods diet and this diet would help with optimal cell renewal, proper digestion, fuel us for daily workouts and ward off disease.  Unfortunately, we don’t live (or eat) as perfectly as we should.  In fact, we tend to eat a very CALORIE dense, NUTRITIONALLY void diet.  Think about that last statement for a second.  The foods that provide the most antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are actually those that tend to have fewer calories.  Foods that our bodies were MADE to eat.  But instead, the American diet is chockfull of high calorie, low nutrition items and sadly, a lot of us rely on processed cereals and prepackaged foods that have been fortified with vitamins to hit our minimal daily requirement.

It doesn’t really make sense.

I think there is a better way.

And so does Klean Athlete.  Enter high quality nutritional supplements that we can use to fill in the gaps where our diets are lacking.


I was recently provided with the opportunity to review my choice of two Klean Athlete products.  After perusing their website, I learned a little bit more about what sets Klean Athlete apart from other supplement companies.  From Klean Athlete’s website:

The entire line is NSF Certified for Sport® and certified to be clean of banned substances.  Bottom line is that Klean Athlete gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.  No yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sugar, or starch.  No artificial coloring, preservatives or flavoring.  Just safe nutritional supplements that support your healthy lifestyle and peak performance.

Sports nutrition for athletes.  Devoid of anything you don’t need.  I like the sound of that (and of someone calling this old mama an “athlete”!)

Douglas Laboratories, the engineers behind the Klean Athlete line are KNOWN for their quality and testing (read more about the development and research here), so I felt very comfortable taking these supplements.   For my two products, I chose Klean’s Multivitamin and their Probiotic.


I’ve been taking both products every day for the last two weeks – two multivitamins per day and one probiotic at night.  Let me start off by being honest.  Reviewing a multivitamin is a bit hard.  Honestly, the benefits and physical changes aren’t THAT dramatic or obvious in a two week time period.  I do know this:  I feel great!  As you know, I’ve been making other changes to my diet and I honestly feel like adding in this multivitamin was just another thing I needed to be doing in the first place.


Klean’s Multivitamin contains a fruit and vegetable blend and has the optimum balance of all the vitamins and minerals that an athlete would need.  Not too much of one thing and too little of another!



While I couldn’t tell a huge difference in taking the multivitamin, I DID see remarkable changes while taking Klean’s Probiotic! 



As I shared earlier, I’ve been trying to heal my gut through a series of diet changes, namely taking out DAIRY and PROCESSED FOODS.  Along with other remedies that my acupuncturist prescribed, finding a good PROBIOTIC was on the list.  I had been taking one but it wasn’t making any noticeable difference.  She told me to look for the following strains when buying a new probiotic:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium lactis
  • Lactobacillus reuteri
  • S. thermophilus
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus casei

If you’ll notice in the picture above, Klean’s Probiotic contains almost ALL of these important strains – something I was thrilled to see!

After two weeks of taking Klean’s Probiotic at least once a day (sometimes twice), I can tell a huge difference in my digestion.  Let’s just say, I’m VERY regular now.  This hasn’t happened in over 10 years!!  I haven’t told you guys this, but I haven’t seen my acupuncturist for almost four weeks.  Between a vacation on her part and Alice on my end, there just hasn’t been time.  So even without the needles, I’ve been going regularly to the potty.  I have to attribute this in part to the regular use of this probiotic!!


Overall, I have really enjoyed reviewing this line.  After reading more and more about the science backing these products, I feel like the Klean Athlete line is something I’ll be ordering on my own and hope to get Travis started on too!


 Fitfluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign. All opinions are my own.

QUESTION:  Do you take any nutritional supplements?  Any tips on remembering to take them?


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  1. I was off and on with the vitamins for awhile. I decide that although I do eat a good,diet full of real food – it doesn’t hurt to supplement. Esp with the health issues I had last year. My multi is a women’s one a day with digestive enzymes and I take probiotics. I really want to take pre-biotics as well. I just haven’t had the extra money. I have a horrible digestive system so I probably should just invest in it. It would prob. make me more comfortable in the end.

  2. Ah, I forgot to take my vitamins this morning! I’ve been doing really well lately, the only supplement I take is a multivitamin in gummie form. Probably not the best vitamin out there, but it’s delicious and an easy way to make sure I take them (usually haha)

  3. I take a probiotic, fish oil and a gummy multi vitamin! Haha I keep trying to take regular multi-vitamins but after a week I get serious stomach pains an hour or so after taking it, which go away when I stop! So far the gummies haven’t bothered me but it’s only been a week. We’ll see!

    1. I had stomach pains and nausea after taking regular multi-vitamins as well. I found that a liquid capsules were the way to get around this without spending the extra $ on gummies. I have not heard about klean athlete until this blog, but I think I’ll have to give it a go and see, maybe taking the probiotic at the same time like Lindsay will help withy these issues…..

  4. I take calcium and JUST purchased a B-complex (which I should have been taking since I went vegan, but, well, oops). I might have to look into a probiotic, though, because even though things are pretty good right now, I’d love to have something that works, as opposed to dealing with ‘it’ only when things get a little plugged up…

  5. I’ve been taking Arbonne’s power packs for women for two weeks and have definitely noticed a difference (especially in my sleep!). They’re designed to break down quickly so your body actually absorbs them rather than just passing them. I have the Digestion Plus to try (probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzymes all in powder form that you add to a drink), but I haven’t really started that yet. After reading about how much you love your probiotic though, I’m going to have to try it.

  6. I just recently started taking a probiotic, and like you, have had amazing results! I can’t believe the difference. Digestion and regularity are so much better than they used to be. It’s the first supplement I’ve taken where I can honestly say it made a huge difference.

  7. I’ve heard so many great things about these Klean products! I workout in the morning, so after I eat my breakfast I head to my room to shower. My vitamins sit on my dresser so I take them right before I shower!

  8. I take my vitamins like I eat breakfast…it’s schedule at the same time. Otherwise, I forget them! I’ve been taking pro and prebiotics for years now and I can tell a HUGE difference in my digestion and overall health. I’m so glad these are working for you! It really makes a difference when you start to feel better!