When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Stop letting people who do so little for you, control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.

You can’t win ‘em all.

Hater’s Gonna Hate!

Don’t throw your pearls to pigs.

Forget and forgive.

I’ve heard these little sayings all week long.  I won’t go into details, but I will say that arrows have been flying at me from left and right.  NOT FUN.  When affliction takes place, it’s easy to let the words or actions of others get you down.  To let their definition of you start to take over the definition that you know to be true about yourself.  Make you forget who you are.

….But only for a second.

Because letting those thoughts and feelings take root is a risk you can’t take.  Light doesn’t shine in that place.  And, I know that light should shine in every place.  I also know that I’m to think POSITIVELY on things that are true, noble, right, pure and lovely (Phil. 4-8).  Mean words don’t fall into that category.

So maybe you’ve had a rough week like me and you need to be reminded of you WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  Now I haven’t spoken these life giving words over you – your Creator has.  So know that they must hold true.  Know that they are light and life and …..beautiful.

Just like you are.

Here’s a reminder of WHO YOU REALLY ARE:

You are LOVED.  -John 17:23

You are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE.  -Psalm 139:14

You are a JOINT HEIR to the throne.  -Romans 8:17

You are in the PALM OF THE LORD’S HAND.  -Isaiah 49:16

You are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  -Matthew 5:14

You are a TREASURED POSSESSION.  -Deut. 7:6

You are FORGIVEN.  -Galatians 3:13

You have been SET FREE!  -Galatians 5:1

Knowing all this, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me.  It doesn’t really even matter what I think of MYSELF.  What’s most important here is knowing that I’ve already pleased the one person that I need to please.  That I am lovely and beautiful to Him.  That any words spoken over me that come from the WORLD are just that….words.  Easily forgotten.  The words spoken over me from GOD are sharper than a two edged sword, living and active.  Those words define who I am.

And that’s all I need to know about myself.

Hi.  I’m Lindsay.  Fearfully and wonderfully made.


QUESTION:  No question today.  Just know that you are loved.  And have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


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  1. I know what you’re referring to and had planned to email you earlier but dang this week has been so busy. Know that I thought of you and prayed for you because I know what those mental attacks are like. You are a beautiful soul and don’t need to second guess that for another second. Big hugs!

  2. ahhh the old sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me is just blatantly untrue…words suck and I think sometimes last longer than a physical scar. But when you can find the right mindset then the cliches aren’t necessary because those people don’t matter

  3. Thank you for this! Thank you for the reminder that we are here for HIS glory and to show God’s love to others! I love reminding my son (and myself!!) that even people different than us were made in the image of God. He loves them so we should too!

  4. So sorry that other people’s words have tried to bring you down. I know that you are strong and fierce and will rise above it all! You are so very loved, by so very many! xo

  5. Thanks for this Lindsay! I read your posts every day, but don’t comment much. This week doesn’t seem like it was as rough for me as it was for you, but it’s so encouraging to hear affirmation of who we are as Christians in the best of times and worst of times. Hope your weekend makes up for your rough week!

  6. I can’t fathom anyone flinging arrows at you. You are wonderful and your posts are daily an uplift for me, especially this one. This is what I needed to hear this morning.

  7. Well said, Lindsay. It’s hard to take the negativity but you have such a good attitude. It’s important to step back and remember who you are and who loves you. You are a great role model to me and many other readers, on how to treat others, on how to love, and in your faith.

  8. Thank you for sharing this… you are helping speak life into so many who are hurt. You are reminding them that they are beautiful because HE is.

  9. “To let their definition of you start to take over the definition that you know to be true about yourself. Make you forget who you are.”

    This is happening to me right now in one area of my life. I was really letting it get me down. I’ve had to learn to just keep on truckin’. At the end of the day, if you go to bed proud of yourself, who cares what the others are saying?!

    Thanks for this. :)

  10. I’m sorry this has been such a rough week. The month of January was really rough for us here. I like to think that these moments in life are there to really give you a true appreciation for what you have. I’m not gonna lie, I was totally depressed for a month. It was not pretty and I really did not feel like I was learning anything. I am lucky enough to have an amazing husband and two amazing boys that really do show me everyday that I am loved and that life is good. I’m thinking about you! I hope you have a great weekend with your beautiful family!

  11. I’m sorry you’re having a bad week. You have an inspiring attitude toward life. (and also, I bought the probiotic that you said made you poop!)

  12. Oh man, sounds like our weeks have been so similar – and I have been returning to the same truths!!!! SO GRATEFUL we have a place to turn to when our identity starts to feel shaky – when we start to forget who we are and WHOSE we are. :) prayers for you friend. All of those truths are TRUE!!!