Hi friends!!  Happy Friday!  Dude, raise your hand if you’re READY for the weekend!  I was ready like Monday.

Today I need your help.  I want you guys to take this survey for me.  The results will help me to help you have a more pleasurable experience here on Lindsay’s List.  I actually got the idea from Ericka (what a smartie!) and thought it was …..well….a really Type A thing to do.  :)  I blog for me, but there is always this question of “what will THEY think/what do THEY like,” in the back of my mind when I sit down every afternoon.  I don’t make a lot of money from this site – it’ll never be a JOB for me.  But like with everything else in my life, I want to “win” at this blog.

I started with a few readers (hi, mom!) and now, I have several thousand people coming every day to read.  Blessed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel.  I’m just so thankful that you read – that you share in my life.  Thank you.


Help me help you….take this survey!  Then have a GREAT weekend!!

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