I’m sick.

I’m calling in sick today.

Who exactly do you call when you’re a stay-at-home mama?  I’ve yet to get that person’s number.**

All I know is that I’ve got a sore throat, some major snot issues and a head that feels like it’s been stuffed with a bazillion angry midgets.

(That wasn’t a midget joke.  My head really IS that big.  It was a “I have a big sick head joke.”)

Anyway, I literally can NOT be sick right now.  There just isn’t time.  Alice starts THIS coming Wednesday (eek!) which means I’ll practically be living at the theater until then.  Alice has to smile a lot and be beautiful and nice and not speak like a frog.  I am not Alice right now.  No.  Right now, I slightly resemble a cracked out on Alka Seltzer version of Lindsay Lohan.

(That WAS a Lindsay Lohan joke.  She’s a hot mess.  And so am I.)


But you know what?!  I feel so amazingly blessed, even when I’m sick.  Maybe especially when I’m sick.  Sickness has a way of slowing me down to the point where I’m able to actually LOOK AROUND.  Look at this blessed life that I did absolutely nothing to deserve!  These kids that pull and yank on me and make me yearn so badly for 6 more just like them.  A husband who works hard every day to put his family first and who treats me like I’m something precious.  This teeny house that holds way too much clutter and crap but also holds everything I love.  A faith that stands firm when the world wants to test it and belittle everything I stand for.


And, finally (but not “finally” because I could speak about these gifts until I’m blue in the face), I’m blessed to have a body that is fit and well and extremely healthy 99% of the timeThis other 1% will be gone before I know it.  What an amazing gift!!

Yep, I’m calling in sick today.

And feeling super duper blessed about it.

Happy weekend, my friends!

QUESTION:  Tell me one thing that makes you feel BLESSED!


**Edited to add:  “You call your mama, of course.  She’s taking the kids for the rest of the day so I can sleep!  Blessed, I tell you!!”

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  1. Blessed to have a Mom who is so supportive of my career and happiness. When I talked to her today on the phone from Austin, TX she flat out asked enough about the city, tell me are you meeting any good looking men? Got to love her! Feel better! XOXO

  2. FEEL BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Kay has been sick for a long while, so I feel like its getting ready to hit me. I feel blessed to have an incredible daughter, husband & family

  3. :) Thanks for making me smile today (even when you’re sick! You’re amazing)…lots of love to you and thanks for the reminder to look at the things we have to be thankful for, Lindsay!

  4. You, my friend, just gave me one great reason to never ever move too far from family. ;)

    Feel better! You can be sick. Let your body do its worst and you’ll be better before the start of Alice.

    Also, you DO deserve everything you have in this life. Why? Because you are a GOOD (no, GREAT) person, and great people deserve to live blessed lives.

  5. Anybody else would whine about why they have to be the one getting sick. Your positivity is encouraging and proves that the tougher times make us stronger! Thanks, fellow Lindsay :)

  6. Look at you finding the good in a rather unattractively cruddy situation. :) Feel better soon! [Perhaps Alice can just be a reformed smoker or something?]

    Things that make me feel blessed? Right now, the fact that so many people seem to believe in me, even when I’m not quite sure I know much of anything at all, or that what I’m working towards makes sense. That’s a pretty big blessing.

    Also that the plumber came and fixed our toilets. Now about the washing machine…

  7. You have a really good attitude about things. Seriously, I need to learn how to adopt the “appreciate the good things and don’t dwell on the bad” attitude.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Feel better soon!!! I feel blessed that all the women in my life are still here with me. Both grandmothers, my mother, and my sister. I know it won’t last much longer (one isn’t fighting her cancer anymore), but we are ballin’ out of control right now. Love my fam. :)