i could never

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Happy Thursday!  We’ve (almost) MADE it to the weekend!!!  I’m going to celebrate by taking the day off of blogging and letting my good friend (and future Blend bandit!), Amanda, tell you a little about a super fun fitness challenge that she’s starting NEXT week!!  Be sure to sign up!


As a marathon runner, the only phrase I hear more frequently than “you’re insane” is “I could NEVER run a marathon”.  Having said this myself years ago, I understand the mindset that places limitations on our capabilities before we even try.

I’m not bringing this up to convince everyone to run a marathon. I really think no sane person does and only crazy people do more than one (I’ve done 6 now). Instead, I recognize this as a pattern that many of us repeat in different areas of our lives AND “I could never” may actually mean “I don’t want to” or “I’m afraid to fail” or “that change is too scary for me right now”.

When Lindsay recently posted about giving up a number of foods to heal her gut the response was frequently ”I COULD NEVER give up______”. These are the very words, I have uttered to people that give up chocolate for lent! But the truth is when I found out I was allergic to dairy and eggs, I was able to stop my morning egg habit overnight.

There was a time where you probably believed you could never ride a bike without training wheels, but when you remain focused on the goal and not the obstacles many things in life suddenly become possible. Because in that mind frame you are able to clearly see what you want and decide that it is a priority.
Nothing is impossible
I would love to have six pack abs, but I could never….
I would love to own my own business, but I could never…
I would love to set up a foundation to help people, but I could never…

What are you telling yourself that you could NEVER do as a excuse not to try?

I’m not going to say you can do ANYTHING. Most of us will never win an Olympic Gold Medal or suddenly make ourselves taller or have a private jet landing outside our Oprah sized mansion…instead I’ll say if there is something that you want then get out of your own way and start taking action to make it a possibility.

Now I’m challenging you to break your own walls down.
 achieve great things

Are you ready to break the I could never cycle? Here are a few quick tips

  • Affirmations – You have to start telling yourself a different story and affirmations are one way to replace the negative self talk.
  • Accept imperfection – One of the worlds most recognized models, Cindy Crawford, has a mole that could either be seen as an imperfection or a beauty mark. Perfect is overrated.
  • Embrace failure – Be your own Michael Jordan and get cut from the team, then learn from it, grow and come back stronger.

Do you want some added support and encouragement as you create new habit and make changes to reach your goals? Check out the Spring Challenge hosted by Amanda, but move fast it starts on March 4th!

 photo Spring-Challenge-Small.jpg

Amanda is a 6 time marathon finisher, certified personal trainer and passionate runner who shares stories, travels, workouts and recipes to help you enjoy the healthy living journey at RunToTheFinish.com.


QUESTION:  Name some of your Spring goals (fitness, health, whatever) that you’re hoping to attain!


what i (would) eat wednesday

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I remember seeing Janetha do a post like this a LONG time ago and I thought it was just the coolest idea ever.  A “What I Ate Wednesday” post that didn’t showcase all of our healthy eats, but rather, what we WOULD eat if calories and our waistlines and our vanity wasn’t an issue.  I think about this a lot actually, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.  What would your typical diet look like if you KNEW NOTHING about nutrition or health?  What would you eat if calories and fat grams weren’t relevant?

The answer?  You would eat like a child, if the child had no parents forcing them to eat their vegetables.  No limits.  No restrictions.  No vegetables and a whole lot of grease and sugar.  Simply put, you would eat solely for pleasure.  Basically, it would look like Peter Pan’s diet on Neverland island.  That’s what I’m thinking.

Side note: how cool would it be to FLY!?! (which is THE ultimate superpower and if I’m ever on a game show and that’s a question you’re asked about me – “What is Lindsay’s favorite super power?” – the answer is flying.  And eating lots of junk food with zero consequences.)

Anyway, here is what I would eat if I were Peter Pan, in no particular order (and I had to limit myself to only 8 because I ran out of time):

1.  Breyer’s Oreo ice cream



2.  Ghirardelli Brownies with Reese Chips mixed in



3.  Cracklin’ Oat Bran with whole milk



4.  California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza

California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken Pizza


5.  Mamaw Dot’s Coconut Cake with Google Gaggle

No picture.  Just close your eyes and imagine a freshly baked slice of coconut cake slathered in a vanilla boiled custard.  My mamaw makes it every year for our Christmas Eve dinner and it is HIGHLY coveted by anyone who tastes it.  Mouth watering right now!

6.  Sour Patch Watermelon candies



7.  Anything from Outback Steakhouse



8.  Reese’s Eggs



Honorable Mentions: 

  • Chicken Sandwich and Onion Rings from Burger King
  • Wendy’s French Fries dipped in a Frosty
  • Dunkaroos with Chocolate Frosting
  • Banquet Chicken Pot Pie


I’d love to be able to tell you that I’d be ok eating all of these foods all day long. That I’m secure enough with my body to gorge on junk food. But that’d be wrong on multiple levels. First, and most importantly, I really actually like the way I FEEL when I eat healthy foods. My energy levels, my digestion, my skin, the way that healthy foods fuel my workouts. All of those reasons are enough for me to continue eating a 80/20 diet plan.

But…. I don’t think any food should be off limits.  I eat all of those foods I listed out and will continue to do so when I’m old and gray.  I think there’s a (small) place for these types of foods in a healthy lifestyle – file these under “Foods That Nourish My Inner Fat Kid.”

QUESTION:  Let your inner fat kid out.  What would you eat if calories and nutrition didn’t matter??


life lately….praise reports

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I have so many praise reports and life updates to give – I don’t know where to start.  Some of you might have read that sentence and thought I was bragging about myself.  I was not.  To the contrary, a praise report isn’t really about your skill or your awesomeness.  All credit or praise is given to God.  I couldn’t do anything without that grace.

Anyway, I thought I’d catch you up on some things around here – in list order of course.  And in no particular (coolness factor) order:

1)  I was cast as DOLLY in Annie Get Your Gun!! 

First, I was blessed when Travis decided that I could audition!!  He’s a good guy.  There are really only two female parts in this show: Annie and Dolly.  So I’m just thrilled and ecstatic that I got one.  Annie will be played by my good friend, Nikki.  She played Annie when the company first ran the show 6 years ago.


We’ll be sharing a dressing room again (Nikki played the Queen of Hearts in Alice), so I’m looking forward to growing that friendship as well.  There really is no business like show business.  Rehearsals start next week.

2)  I am now NCCPT certified!

I haven’t talked about this at all on the blog, but I took my personal trainer test for NCCPT yesterday and passed.  I am already NASM-certified and have been for about 4 years now, but my boss wanted all of the trainers at our gym to be certified in something uniform across the board so he asked us all to take the NCCPT test.

Confession:  I’ve known about this test for over 4 months.  I cracked the book for the first time last Monday night and crammed all last week.  (That’s NOT how my Type A personality does things, but I’ve just been too busy.).  Luckily, studying for NASM and working as a trainer helped prepare me for this certification so the test wasn’t too bad.

The best part?  I’ve met all of my CPU’s for NASM by taking this test – AND I can take CPU courses and have them apply to maintaining both the NASM and NCCPT certifications. 


As with any test, I was super glad when it was over.  And as with any test, a celebratory beer was needed.  At 12:35pm.  Hoo-rah!

3)  I’m going to VEGAS!!

I’ve been meaning to tell you guys this!!!  Perhaps the most exciting news in this post.  I was just hired as a personal trainer by Technogym to help demonstrate their equipment at the 2013 IHRSA Convention!!!   (For more info on what IHRSA is, go here – basically a HUGE health and fitness convention in Vegas.  All the latest products/innovations are showcased.)


My friend, Jillian, who works for Technogym, asked if I’d be interested in flying out and helping with the company’s demo area for two days.  Of course I jumped at the chance and after a phone interview, I was chosen!  IHRSA is March 20-22nd, so I need to go ahead and book everything – put that on my To Do list.

I’ve never been to Vegas.  I’ve always wanted to go.  I get to fly and I love flying.  I love fitness.  AND I get PAID!!  I can’t think of anything more exciting!!!  (or a better use of exclamation points.) 

4)  Clara is allergic to dust mites and dogs.

Ok.  Not really a praise report.  But….we are happy to finally have an answer.  For the longest time, Clara has been breaking out in rashes and we’ve never known the true cause.  Could it be diet?  An allergy?  Something in the air or the detergent I use?  I finally made an appointment and took her to an allergist (who was fabulous btw – for any locals, we saw Dr. Cypcar at Allergy Partners of WNC).  The doctor tested Clara for 11 different things (eggs, soy, wheat, dairy, peanuts, dogs, cats, dust mites, trees, and some others I can’t recall), via a skin prick test.


Oh man, it was the saddest thing ever.  The results showed that she is allergic to dog dander and dust mites but NO foods.  The cause of her rashes is severe eczema which can be treated with certain creams and a light antihistamine given at night.  In a way, this is good news because it means we can finally treat this problem and not be guessing as to the cause.  Glad those tests are behind us though!

5.  Blend 2013 is shaping up nicely!


We’re selling tickets, signing new sponsors (Laughing Cow and Core Power to name a few) and refining the schedule to make this event one of the BEST around!  Right now, the mood is LUXURY for a SMALL PRICE!  If you’re at all interested in coming (blogger or not!), please sign up before Sunday, when ticket prices will increase!  It’s going to be so much fun!


That’s all I got.  Lots of praise.

QUESTION:  Any praise reports or good news from you??  Tell me everything!  What do I HAVE to see/do in Vegas??


Why you should gain 5 pounds, like now.

February 25, 2013 in Blog, Body, Diet, Guest Post by travisvwright

Interesting title, eh??  I’ve spent the last 4 days cramming for a continuing ed class (I take it today!), so I asked Travis if he would write one of his famous (fabulous) guest posts for me.  He agreed so here you go.  Thanks babe!

Hey all, Travis here again.

Recently I was having an online discussion about the benefits of creatine.  The conversation itself was a typical, “Should I take creatine given these stats and these goals” and while I’m generally a fan of creatine and have used it very effectively in the past, in this case the answer was no.  But then the conversation took an interesting turn.  You’ve no doubt heard some version of, “Don’t DIET – Make a LIFESTYLE change.”  And in defending short term changes, I had the opportunity to share a well known common sense fact that while obvious, is counter intuitive.  Basically you already know this but it’s not something you would naturally think about or realize:

The best thing you can do for your health, weight wise, is gain 5 pounds.

You know from science class that muscle is much denser than fat.  In fact you probably know two people who weigh roughly the same but one is much fitter than the other.  You’ve all seen pictures of Lindsay’s abs, but I expect you would be quite surprised to know how much she actually weighs (I don’t think she’s typed out the number before).  So it’s obvious that if you straight swap 5 pounds of muscle for 5 pounds of fat you will “look” thinner, and be healthier (not always connected BTW).

Ok but swapping 5 pounds of muscle for fat is really hard.  In fact, it’s kind of the dream.  It’s the goal of nearly everyone working on human body composition.  So I’m going to put forth that the next best thing is just gaining five lean pounds.  So here’s the example:

Let’s take 2, 20 year olds.  One fat, and the other fit.  Put them both on an identical diet, and exercise program (doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad). Let’s say they are both 200 pounds – the hypothetical fit person at 10% bodyfat and the other at 30%.  Don’t get me started on BMI.  Depending on the BMR calculation (Basal Metabolic Rate) you use, we are talking a difference of 300-400 calories per day and when you factor in even the lowest Activity factor of 1.2-1.3, there is a 500 calorie difference.

So at 40 years old, the “fit” hypothetical person will have burned over 1,000 extra pounds off compared to “the fat”.  And all the benefits that go along with that: better blood work, better cardiovascular health, lung function, joint health, and on and on (even better looking).  And this is all in vitro.  In real life, “the fit” is more likely to get up and dance while “the fat” just sits at the bar.  Because of the 1,000 pounds less “the fit” has put on, he’s also less likely to go on very unhealthy crash diets.  And then we have the whole other dimension of social approval, self-esteem, enjoyment of life, etc.

Given this, I again claim there is permanent benefit to temporal improvement.  By the way, 30% body fat is considered healthy so don’t think I’m using some extreme example for “the fat”.  In fact I probably need to apologize for calling 30% body fat “Fat” – that’s actually incorrect.  30% just gave me nice round numbers.  So consider for a second what an actual fat person’s stats would do to even further my argument.


Now I’m going to get crazy by adding in compounding.  See if you could just zap someone with 5 pounds of muscle, (change nothing about them expect in this instant you weigh 5 pounds more, distributed evenly over your skeletal frame, so for most people no visible change), you would give them a better, longer, healthier, more enjoyable life. That 5 pounds burning an extra 75 calories a day (using the common 15 calories per pound), which works out to just over 3 pounds of weight loss per year FOR CHANGING NOTHING.  Three years from now, they will have lost 10 pounds, along with all those health benefits. Being that healthier person they would naturally be more active further improving their health, so that over the next 10 years they would benefit even more.

 So, have I convinced you to gain weight yet?

QUESTION: Who much do you think Lindsay weighs?   Should I write a follow-up post telling you HOW to gain muscle?

i am….

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Stop letting people who do so little for you, control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions.

You can’t win ‘em all.

Hater’s Gonna Hate!

Don’t throw your pearls to pigs.

Forget and forgive.

I’ve heard these little sayings all week long.  I won’t go into details, but I will say that arrows have been flying at me from left and right.  NOT FUN.  When affliction takes place, it’s easy to let the words or actions of others get you down.  To let their definition of you start to take over the definition that you know to be true about yourself.  Make you forget who you are.

….But only for a second.

Because letting those thoughts and feelings take root is a risk you can’t take.  Light doesn’t shine in that place.  And, I know that light should shine in every place.  I also know that I’m to think POSITIVELY on things that are true, noble, right, pure and lovely (Phil. 4-8).  Mean words don’t fall into that category.

So maybe you’ve had a rough week like me and you need to be reminded of you WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  Now I haven’t spoken these life giving words over you – your Creator has.  So know that they must hold true.  Know that they are light and life and …..beautiful.

Just like you are.

Here’s a reminder of WHO YOU REALLY ARE:

You are LOVED.  -John 17:23

You are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE.  -Psalm 139:14

You are a JOINT HEIR to the throne.  -Romans 8:17

You are in the PALM OF THE LORD’S HAND.  -Isaiah 49:16

You are the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  -Matthew 5:14

You are a TREASURED POSSESSION.  -Deut. 7:6

You are FORGIVEN.  -Galatians 3:13

You have been SET FREE!  -Galatians 5:1

Knowing all this, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me.  It doesn’t really even matter what I think of MYSELF.  What’s most important here is knowing that I’ve already pleased the one person that I need to please.  That I am lovely and beautiful to Him.  That any words spoken over me that come from the WORLD are just that….words.  Easily forgotten.  The words spoken over me from GOD are sharper than a two edged sword, living and active.  Those words define who I am.

And that’s all I need to know about myself.

Hi.  I’m Lindsay.  Fearfully and wonderfully made.


QUESTION:  No question today.  Just know that you are loved.  And have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


wordless wednesday

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QUESTION:  What’s your favorite TV show right now??  <-Parenthood – I just love it, ya’ll!  Walking Dead comes in a close second.