On this particular Wednesday, I have another case of the “WHAT IF’S”.  I happen to love the what ifs.  They’re what make me tick.  Think.  And focus.


What if life is about…

doing less of the busy and more of the worthy.


taking more rest days.

giving it your all on days you do work out, leaving it all on the gym floor.


geeking out to Princess Bride and Star Wars.

going on dates with your husband.

going on dates with your children.

eating intuitively and not on some regimented diet plan.


listening to your parents.

finding something worth fighting for.

singing really loud to songs you don’t know the words to.


making time for God. 

talking to yourself with a British accent.

talking to others in a British accent.


coming to terms with the fact that you can’t sew.  Or bake.  Or stop talking to yourself.

smiling because you’ve grown up enough to realize that you actually have NO desire to learn how to sew.

great sex. 


listening before speaking.  Then speaking with kindness.

being thankful for every.single.thing that you’ve been given.

eating most meals with your “special spoon.”



enjoying the artistry of a well composed blog post.



QUESTION:  Your turn.  Life is about….?  WHAT IF…..??


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  1. What if life is just about…LOVE. Loving your spouse, loving your family, loving and giving back to humankind, loving OURSELVES…what if that is ALL its about at the end of the day? :) Nothing else matters but being good to ourselves and each other and having faith.

  2. Love that you through in simplicity. Life does not have to be so complicated and busy, we stress over making everything just right. I can easily fill my day with stuff that doesn’t really matter, thanks for the reminder to trim that extra out!

  3. I’m pretty sure no one was able to focus after you dropped great sex in there. But then I was all, “What if there was such a thing? What if I had some? What does she MEAN?!?!” ;)

    Also, the whole sewing thing…what if I actually finished the curtain making project I got so excited about TWO WEEKS ago?

    And I eat from the same bowl every night. I give death stares to my roommate if her hand even goes near it. Same with my special mug. And the special spoon I use for oatmeal. And the one for my yogurt bowls. And the one for reaching into the peanut butter jar. [If you think that’s all the ‘special’ items in my kitchen…well, you missed the eruption over the oatmeal pan. And the granola pan. And the… :)]

  4. hehe love the sex part ;-)

    And ALL of this post, really.

    What if…we all stopped thinking so much and started DOING more. Leaping without looking. Life might be very different, hmm?

  5. I have a special glass from my parents…they live in Japan as missionaries, and I only see them once per year. It’s a great reminder of my parents and to pray for them.

    Thank you for this post…you always seem to have a way of stirring up reflections and emotions and spiritual truths. Blessings,


  6. My mom has had a “special fork” my entire life. If someone else accidentally gets it she takes it away and washes it. Kind of awkward when we have company.

  7. “Listening to your parents.” Yes. You hit a point in life where you suddenly realize that just about every single thing they’ve ever said is right. Even worse, you hit a point where you start saying things that sound exactly like your mother. I scare myself sometimes. In the best way possible though, ’cause my mom rocks.

  8. Life is definitely about enjoying the right here and right now for me. I have to stop thinking (worrying) about the distance and really focus on what’s happening right now. Time is precious and there is no way to really plan far in advance. There are too many outside factors, but if I take the time to focus on now (with me and my boys) then I will be better for it in the future.