There haven’t been many times in my life when I’ve been in shock.  Like literally blown away.

I think finding out that we were pregnant (all three times) was a surprise, but never a real shock.  I suppose that could be attributed to all the unprotected sex.  ;)

Meeting Travis and discovering that he had NINE brothers and sisters (now SIXTEEN!) was a fun surprise.  It just meant holidays would be extra loud and there would be birthday celebrations nearly every month.  More cake for me.

Hearing that the sellers accepted our $150,000 offer on a $199,000 house.  That was a wonderful surprise – now if only we could finish the renovations and move in!

I would definitely consider my life pretty even keeled.  The highs and lows have never been REALLY high or REALLY low.  More like hills and dips instead of mountains and valleys.  And I know that I’m blessed to be able to say that.  So very blessed.

All that being said, this past Friday, for the first time in a very long time, I was FLABBERGASTED!


I wasn’t even sure if I would audition.

I have a continuing education test coming up at the end of February that I desperately need to study for.  New classes at the Fitness Center.  And two kids that are by my side all but two hours a day.  The blog.  Freelance writing.  A husband to tend to.  Busy.  I’m busy.  (and yes, I know.  I do this to myself.)  The day of auditions, I asked Travis if I was taking on too much, maybe I should just skip this show.

He said I could handle it.

So I went to auditions.  I even dressed up and wore my hair down.  For any of the Overlook Theater’s productions, you don’t audition for a PART.  You just audition.  You sing with a group and then by yourself.  And you read lines for multiple parts.  So I sang.  And I read.  And I went home.  Knowing that I’d be in the show, but surely not have a significant role.

In your body, the muscle responsible for causing a desired motion is called the prime mover, or AGONIST.  The muscles assist the Agonist to perform the desired motion are called SYNERGISTS.

Off stage, I’m an AGONIST, through and through. I get things going. I like being in charge, first-in-command. I THRIVE off of control (often much to my demise).

However, on stage, I am a SYNERGIST.  A supporting role.  A backup dancer/singer/performer.  Few lines.  Less responsibility.


Tiger Lily.  Not Wendy.

Well….not this time.

I was cast as Alice in our upcoming production of Alice In Wonderland.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To say that I’m SHOCKED would be an understatement.  I don’t get these roles.  I don’t even know if I can memorize all these lines!  I’ve never acted before – not REALLY.  I never took drama growing up – this is my adult hobby.  And speaking of adults, Alice is supposed to be a young girl.  Which I am, in fact, not.  The sagging boobs give me away.

Yet under all of my self-doubt and pre-show nausea, I KNOW I CAN DO THIS.  I’ll memorize my lines.  I’ll dance my butt off.  Sing like a bird.  Hit every mark.

I’ll do all of this because I’m an AGONIST. 


It’s what we do.**

QUESTION:  Have you ever acted before?  Any tips on memorizing lines?  Would you consider yourself a Synergist or an Agonist??


(**but good gravy, am I ever nervous!!)

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  1. Congratulations! You might be surprised, but we all knew you were destined for great things, so no surprise to us :)

    I would LOVE to see you perform and cheer you on!

  2. Congrats to you! And what a fun role to play…cannot wait to follow you through this! I’m so so so not an actor and actually am petrified of public speaking and being the center of attention. Crazy right? I’m working on it though and the first step is to really get myself more in front of the camera. It’s going to happen this week! XOXO

  3. this is another of my favorite stories (Wiz of Oz and YOUR Wiz of Oz will always be my favorite!), and I am thrilled for you! I so wish I could come see a performance!

  4. You need to get a video recording of this!!! I wish I could come see you! Congrats!!! It will be a lot of work but such a great experience! Haha I have no advice though, I used to want to be an actress but my drama teacher in 8th grade killed that dream…

  5. Record you reading your lines on your iPhone. Or make up fun ways to remember your lines. With Heather in Wizard of Oz she was having a hard time with a scene and we did funny hand gestures till she remembered. I personally (though I never have many lines myself) like to run lines, usually with Kaley. I do one silly one to get all my lauging out and then a “serious” one. Plus Scotty is going to make you do it over and over and over….etc. Can’t wait to see it!! <3

  6. Loved seeing this excitement on FB and I love hearing the whole story now! CONGRATS, friend! Maybe you aren’t so much of a supporter/side lines girl on the stage after all! ;) Truly – great, great job friend! I know you will work hard to make it all happen and balance life well! :D

  7. Congrats!!! I was part of a theatre company in high school and I participated in acting classes, so I always had to memorize lines. My tip is to chunk them – memorize a page or two at a time. Use mnemonic devices to remember line cues – that always helped me, especially with scenes where lines overlapped each other.

  8. Ahh! Congrats! What a wonderful start to the New Year:) You’re going to rock it. I hope we get to see lots of behind-the-scenes stuff!

  9. I’m so proud of you! I wish I could be there to watch you perform…theater is SO (so, so, so!) out of my realm of talents/know-how I have SO much respect and admiration for you!

  10. I think it’s just one more thing on the list of reasons of why you are AWESOME that you do community theater! I grew up in the theater- my whole family did! We were always doing musicals and I LOVED it. I miss it!
    CONGRATS on landing the role- you are perfect for it!!

  11. I am SO excited for you!!! Watching you act/perform makes me long to get back on the stage and do it myself. :) I used to LOVE it, and directed a number of musicals at my summer camp. It is one of the joys of my life, but, like you (until now), I was always a side character, or a chorus member, or just a participant.

    You might be flabbergasted, but I’m not! I’m also a little envious, and perhaps the type of good envy that leads to inspiration for seeking out a little stage time for myself in a couple of months…

  12. CONGRATS!!!!! How damn awesome! I seriously wish I could go and watch you as Alice! Can you record it?!! :)

    So happy for you, I know you will do well!

    As far as memorizing, I mean I know Britney Spear’s songs off by heart and even NKOTB ones still, lol! I am such a dork! I know you will get those lines down!

    What great news to start the week! <3



    (pretend that i’m a computer genius and can make that all bold, size 60 font, flashing, and confetti dropping down the comment box)
    how about that for a great way to ring in the new year ;)

    did you get that fortune cookie shortly before getting the role?
    i swear, fortune cookies have always been SPOT ON for me!