I sat down today and totally got writer’s block.  This hardly ever happens and when it does, I just don’t post anything.  Lucky for you, I started typing anyway.  And this completely ridiculous post is what came out of that writer’s block.  This and a purchase from Lululemon.  And Etsy.

Hey.  It happens.


Feel free to join in on the fun and post your own “When I’m Bored” post.  Tell me when you post it!

When I’m bored, I like to:

1)  Sit and stare at my face in a magnifying mirror.  Count wrinkles on my face.  Stop counting.


2)  Tweeze my eyebrows.  And the five or six wild hairs that grow out of my random places on my face.  Yep.  I have some man hairs.

3)  Watch YouTube videos.  Not anyone I’m subscribed to – just the first one that pops up.  OR I’ll search for “funny videos”.  Just did it.  Here’s what came up:

(eh..not that funny.)

4)  Peruse fridge and pantry and make a list of things that *might* be used up this week or next month.  Add items to grocery list.  Wonder why we have 15 boxes of cereal and 3 jugs of half-used milk.

5)  Play the “Find A New Blog” game.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your favorite blog.
  2. Scroll to the comments.
  3. Click on the first commenter’s URL.
  4. Go to THAT person’s page.
  5. Browse around and online stalk them.
  6. Then repeat the process.  Ten times.

6)  Do pushups until one child comes over and sits on my back.  So…do four pushups.

7)  Hand-mop the kitchen floor on my hands and knees.  (This happens even when I’m not bored.)

8)  Remember Travis.  Oh yeah!!  Annoy the heck out of Travis by texting him at work.  Use as many smiley face guys as possible.  Branch out from the smiley faces and press ALL the image buttons.

9)  Search for YouTube makeup tutorials.  Watch them.  Vow to start wearing more makeup.

10)  Go to bathroom and put on my own makeup.  Learn one thing:  I’m a hot mess.  I already knew this.  Vow to watch more YouTube makeup tutorials.

11)  While in bathroom, get distracted by Travis’ beard hairs ALL OVER the mirror and sink.  Clean them up.  Text him some more smiley faces.

12)  Decide to bake something!!  We have no sugar.  Or flour.  But 15 boxes of cereal.  Step out of the kitchen.

13)  Hit the “Explore” feature on Instagram.  Marvel at the number of puppy, high heel, manicure, cupcake and hair tutorial pictures that get so many IG likes.  Hit refresh.  Do this 1,098 times.


14)  Get Travis to hit the “Explore” button on IG at the exact same time as I do to see if the pictures will be the same on both phones.  By magic and wizardry, they are, in fact, not.

15)  Do four more pushups.

16)  Write this blog post.

Happy Friday, friends!  Hug somebody you love.

QUESTION:  What’s one thing you do when you’re bored??


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  1. Oh man, I didn’t know about “explore” on Instagram! That will be a good time-suck. When I’m bored I like to read back through old text messages. I also get sucked into way too much recipe searching online of things I’ll probably never make! Happy Friday!

  2. Ummm…did you watch the makeup video until the end? she says….” Glitter is the herpes of makeup” good grief … Though I did learn like three things…I wish lipstick didn’t look horrific on me.

  3. I usually catch up on blog reading and make lists of all the things that I need to do which I probably should be doing instead of making the list, or poke through the kitchen and look for something to munch on. Happy Friday and happy holidays Lindsay to you and your beautiful family!

  4. I do all of the same things, even down to the tweezing. Except instead of watching makeup tutuorials (they never work for me!) I watch my own youtube channel and watch videos of my son when he was a newborn. I never get bored of those :)

  5. Love this list! Blog reading or taking Sophie for a walk are two of my go to things! Next though I’m going to have to watch those make up tutorials now you have me interested ;)

  6. Haha, I scrub the kitchen floor when I am bored too;-)

    When I am bored, I go for a walk and bake.