I saw this survey on Julie’s blog and just had to take it for myself.  Then I saw it on Tina’s blog and decided that I better do it fast before it sweeps through blogland and is no longer fun.  A race to be unoriginal – love it!

I also absolutely LOVE this time of year!  Christmas is far and away my favorite holiday.  I have only the fondest memories of Christmas as a child and while I do miss getting a ton of presents, it’s even more special to celebrate Jesus’ birthday with MY OWN children.


A little side story:  I don’t know if I’ve told you all this, but ALL of my family lives in my small hometown. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, my sister – we all live here. So the holidays have always been pretty easy.  When I married Travis, things got a little more complicated but not too bad.  In fact, I went off to college just KNOWING that I’d marry someone from California or something and dreaded having to share holidays and travel.

Instead, I met a boy from my very own town and now our holidays are spent driving from parent’s house to parent’s house and it only takes about 3 minutes to do so.  An unexpected blessing, for sure.


Here are some of my holiday favorites:

Favorite Holiday Cookie

I don’t really have a favorite COOKIE, per say.  But my dad makes THE BEST Old Fashioned Orange Cupcakes every single year.  They’re not overly sweet and they have this orange glaze that goes over them instead of frosting or icing.

I’ll ask for the recipe but I highly doubt he’ll divulge.

Favorite Holiday Song



It must be noted that while this is my favorite song, TSO’s “The Lost Christmas Eve” is my favorite Christmas album.  I’ve seen TSO three times in concert and have loved every minute – if you haven’t heard of or seen this group, you need to.


Favorite Holiday Movie

Not easy.  It’s a toss up between LOVE ACTUALLY,  HOME ALONE and WHITE CHRISTMAS.


I love all of them so much – and they are all very different from one another.  Travis and I make it a point to watch ONLY Christmas movies from Thanksgiving through Christmas (even though we saw The Hobbit yesterday, but that’s only because Travis pees his pants at the sound of Tolkien.  We needed to pee our pants yesterday.)

**I also love A Christmas Story, Family Man, and Scrooged.  Christmas movies are just so good.  I shouldn’t be asked to a favorite.**

Favorite Holiday Tradition

Come back tomorrow for pictures of my most favorite thing we do this time of year.  Winking smile

Favorite Holiday Breakfast

On Christmas Day, my Uncle Billy has us all over for breakfast at 10am.  There are probably 30-40 people.  It’s your typical Southern-style breakfast: biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, grits, breakfast casserole, homemade hot chocolate and homemade applesauce.  Yum.

Favorite Holiday Meal

The best meal of ALL YEAR happens at my Mamaw Dot’s house on Christmas Eve (tonight!!).  The food is very Thanksgiving-ish (turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, green beans, corn, etc.) BUT the highlight of the meal is her Google Gaggle.  Google Gaggle is basically boiled custard that you pour over coconut cake.  It’s made out of eggs and sugar and love.

I’ll ask for the recipe but I highly doubt she’ll divulge.  In fact I know she won’t – I’ve asked a bazillion times before and it’s a no go.

Favorite Person to Shop For

It used to be Travis, but then we grew old and decided that buying new patio doors constituted as a “Christmas present” (bah!).  So now it’s my own children.  They don’t get a ton from us (and we don’t “do” Santa), but it’s always fun to see their faces when they open our gifts!



Favorite Way to Open Presents

With my feet.

Favorite Tree Topper

Growing up, we always had an angel.  It was made out of wood and it had wire Brillo Pad hair and a huge smile.  I have no idea what happened to that ornament – it’s since been replaced with a prissy-er angel who isn’t very much fun.


Unlike this one.

Your turn – pick one of the “favorites” and answer it!!  Merry Christmas Eve!!


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  2. So, I already LOVE your blog & then you go & say you’re a TSO fan?? Get out! ME TOO!!!! I was so bummed to miss the show this year (did you go? They did The Lost Christmas Eve!!). I’ve been 8 times ;) Anywho, my husband started laughing when I showed him your post, because I got really excited about it :) I think I may have to borrow this survey tonight (if I don’t fall asleep first)!

    Merry Christmas Lindsay!!

    1. YAY!! Twins! TSO is such an amazing band – actually there are two bands that function under the same name – the East Coast one and the West Coast one. Same songs, etc, but just different people who sing and play. Random fun fact. ;)
      Merry Christmas to you too, Heather!

      1. I know, I’ve seen both! :D #diehardTSOfan They’re both AMAZING, but the West Coast one is my favorite. Plus that’s the one Paul O’Neil goes to. He’s so nice! Have you ever stayed to meet everyone?

        Ok, I’ll leave you alone now, lol! :)

  3. Merry Christmas Lindsay and family!

    I think my favorite person to shop for is my little sister. She likes similar things that I like so I feel like I really can get her something she’ll enjoy. I hope she likes scarves and sephora gift cards!