I was going to call this a “Christmas” Gift Guide, but since I procrastinated so long in getting it up, it is now just a regular “Gift Guide.”  Sorry bout that.  If you happen to order something TODAY and express ship it, you might be able to get one of these gifts in time for Christmas.  In fact, I hope you do.  My address is…..

No really.  I would LOVE to own each and every single item on this list.  In fact, I actually DO own some of them.  If you see an asterisk beside something, it means that I own the item and can vouch for it’s awesomeness and I think it’s cool enough that YOU should own it too.  The other items on the list are things that I’d love to own either for our home gym (when we move) or just in general.

I listed out the prices for your convenience.  I also tried to link to the seller’s site, when possible.  I have no affiliations with any of these retailers (except for the Polar watch and fitmixer – I’m an Ambassador for both).  Oh, and I’ve created a Pinterest board with all of these gifts – feel free to follow!

I hope you find something to put on your OWN wish list!  Merry Christmas Gift Time Anytime Time!!

(Travis – take note.)



Burnished Silver Kettlebell Necklace. $20.00

Hand Stamped Mantra Charm “Fit” With Jersey Knit Bracelet. $11.99

Women’s Victory Hooded Long sleeve Top by Under Armour.  $40.00

ColdGear® Catalyst Compression Capri Pants by Under Armour.  $26.23

Lululemon Women’s Brisk Run Headband.  $26.00

Lululemon Wunder Under Crop.  $82.00

Lululemon Free To Be Bra.  $42.00

Thorlo Unisex Thick Cushion Running Rolltop Sock.  $12.59**

Contigo AUTOSEAL Water Bottle, 24 Ounces.  $9.75**


TRX Pro Pack Basic + Door Anchor.  $199.95


Polar Ft40F Women’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch.  $179.95**


fitmixer Protein Powder and Amino Acids. $26.00 to $49.99**


QUESTION:  Did you see something you liked?  What’s one thing you’d put on your “Fitness Must-Have” list?


P.S.  The winner of the fitmixer Boot Camp entry is….SARA!  Please email me and I’ll give you the next step!


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  1. I really like the kettlebell necklace and fit bracelet!
    I have quite a few fitness things on my list this year – a BP Monitor, 2 foam dice – one with an exercise and the other with the amount of reps, mats for using outdoors, a gymboss interval timer. I could go on and on and on!

  2. I dont think Im a “fitness guru” but I sure liked this list!! I ordered the chin up bar and I tweeted the kettlebell necklace to my hubs (for valentines or mothers day:) Thanks Lindsay! If I get any christmas cash, Im heading to the Lulumon store here in Charlotte!:) thanks for ALL your great posts this year! I wish you all the best in 2013!!!! Btw, the OrganicEater blog mentioned you in my last post about de-stressing Christmas!:)

  3. Love all of these ideas! Unfortunately I’m really the only fitness guru in my family…so all it’s doing is making me add more things to my wish list! Thanks though, I’m clicking away and trying to resist the urge to immediately purchase, especially that Lululemon headband!

  4. Well, since I’m officially done all of m Xmas shopping for this year, I’ll have to bookmark this page for next!
    Seriously, all great ideas. I would add some kickboxing gloves; just started doing this with a client and gloves are a must for this great upper body workout!

  5. Ooh, so many things I want. This is actually good timing because I know I’m getting some cash and gift cards, since we’re not traveling back home for Christmas… so I’m still working on my list of what I’ll buy with that money. A chin up bar? That’s awesome! Love the Wunder Unders and the UA capris, too.

  6. TRX is definitely on my wish list! I’ve taken a few classes at my gym and loved it. I have had a Polar FT4 HR monitor watch for all of my workouts for the past 1 1/2 years and cannot sing its praises enough. Another one I would add would be a garmin GPS watch for outdoor runs. I haven’t used one yet but I run into problems using running gps apps on my phone. Thanks for the awesome ideas!