So yes.  I hope you read watched yesterday’s post and were able to decipher the toddler language.

We’re pregnant!!! 

And couldn’t be happier.

(except that currently I’m really NOT happy with this morning all-day sickness that has completely debilitated me.  More on that in tomorrow’s “What I Can’t Eat Wednesday.”)

They say the third times a CHARM and I can’t help but get excited about sharing one of my pregnancies with you guys.  When I started this blog, my infants had grown up into one and three year olds, so I’ve yet to chronicle a pregnancy online.  I thought I’d answer any questions by making up my own pregnancy survey.  Enjoy!

How Far Along Are You?

By all of our estimations, I am around 9 weeks.  I won’t know for sure until I go see my midwife next week.  She won’t see patients until they are past 8 weeks gestation.

Due Date?

~June 15th.

Planned Pregnancy?

Of course.  I wanted to wait to get pregnant at a time when I KNEW that the baby wouldn’t arrive near Blend Retreat.  Though I’ll be super huge by Blend, I still be able to fly (something I was a little worried about).

How Long Did You “Try”?

2 months.  I hope that no one reading this thinks that I am bragging, but we have had no problems getting pregnant with any of our children.  Humbly blessed!  And I’m even more thankful because we’ve been successful, despite my ED past.  I know that many recovered anorexics have difficulty in this area.

How Did You Tell Travis?

Since we were actively trying to get pregnant, it came as no shock when I asked him to pick up a test on the way home from work one day.  The next morning, I took the test and it was negative.  Wah wah.  I just KNEW that I was pregnant though.  A few days later, I took another test (two come in a pack) and this time – POSITIVE.  I called T into the bathroom to show him.  I don’t exactly recall, but I’m pretty sure he used the word, “super sperm.”  Something like that.

How Did You Tell Your Family?

Before I answer that, I’ll tell you how we told with the other two. For Henry, I ordered a t-shirt (I think from Café Press) that said, “We’re 50% sure it’s a girl.”  Travis thought that was a hoot.  I was too sick to care.  We invited both sides of the family out to eat and halfway through dinner, I took my jacket off and waited until someone read the shirt.  FINALLY, Travis’ sister read the shirt and started screaming.  Lots of fun memories from that reveal – Henry was the first grandchild on both sides, so his announcement came as a great surprise.

For Clara’s announcement, I knew that I wanted to involve Henry in some way.  We found out that we were pregnant with her right after Thanksgiving ‘09, so we waited to reveal it on Christmas Day.  I made a shirt for Henry that said, “I’ll be a Big Brother,” and had him open it in front of everyone.  Again – a great surprise.



This time…..nothing special.  I’m sicker than sick so I knew that we had to tell them sooner versus later.  There were no special shirts or presents.  It was just me telling each side, normally in a conversation, and then promptly asking for a saltine.  Totally fine by me – I’m sure they weren’t all that surprised.

Have You Gained Any Weight?

I don’t weigh myself (and I haven’t since I was pregnant with Henry), so I have no way of knowing.  If anything, I’ve probably lost weight, due to the fact that I can’t eat anything right now and throw up.  If there are any readers out there with a magic morning sickness cure, please divulge!

**And since I know someone will ask, I don’t plan on being weighed for this pregnancy.  My midwife has no problem with that request.**

Will You Find Out The Sex?

No.  Not this time (we found out with both Henry and Clara).  We already have all the clothes for either sex, so we’re holding out for that delivery day surprise!


That’s every question I could think of that might be entertaining for you guys.  I have decided NOT to create a separate baby page like I see so many other blogging mothers do.  Instead, I’ll simply write about my pregnancy when it comes up, naturally.  It won’t be everyday, but it won’t be just once a month either.  In fact, like I said, I plan to write about morning sickness for tomorrow’s WIAW.


Now it’s your turn – any questions that I missed?  Ask away!


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  1. Congrats!!! I just got the big news myself! Pregnant with my first :) I’m 4.5 weeks, I have no problems so far. When did morning sickness kick in for you?

  2. I just followed you over from Tina’s blog to say congrats! It’s funny – we are the Wrights too, I’m also expecting my 3rd (due in May), and we are also not finding out the sex (though we did with the first two – also a boy and a girl!). I just hit the 2nd trimester and my all-day-nausea has finally subsided. Thank goodness!! Saltines ARE your friend though, hang in there!

  3. Congratulations!!
    I agree with the unison and B6, when that failed for me my midwife had me take the children’s liquid dose of Zyrtec. IT WAS AMAZING!! It worked so well. Ad the only other thing I can add is cold orange Kool aid tastes exactly the same coming up as it does going down… No burning. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Congrats again! I love how you told your family and friends the first two times! I hope the morning sickness passes, yuck, that is the worst! But worth it I am sure :-) I love that you are humbly blessed, and what a true blessing to have happened so quickly!! Excited to read your journey and love tha you aren’t weighing yourself!

  5. Congratulations!!!! You really are humbly blessed. I can only hope to have as easy of a time getting pregnant. Also, I loved the ways you’ve told your family in the past, so creative!

  6. Yay how exciting! I remember talking with you at Blend about wanting a big family, you’re well on your way! And how exciting to wait until delivery to find out the sex. I’m excited to read all about it!

  7. Unisom and B6 taken at night. More B6 taken during the day. Google it because only a certain type of the unisom will work. It helps me immensely. Congratulations!

  8. YAY!!!! I’m so happy for you (and not surprised since I knew you were trying)- and happy that it happened so quickly. :)
    I LOVE that you’re not finding out the sex of the baby- I think that’s SO awesome! Don’t let anyone be critical to you about that- for some reason, some people tend to be.
    AND I get to see that baby belly at Blend!? YAY again!!

  9. Ah! So excited for you and your family! What a blessing in your life! Congratulations to all four of you!!!! And I hope you start feeling better too!

  10. Congrats! Beyond exciting for you, Travis, Henry, Clara and the rest of your family. :) Best wish for a happy healthy pregnancy!

  11. Ahhh I’m so excited for you! And it will be fun to wait to find out the sex for this one, especially since you’ve already had one of each! If you have a boy, it will be just like my family, boy girl boy! Make sure they don’t gang up on Clara if that happens… lol

  12. Congrats! What a blessing. I cannot wait to watch your family grow even more!
    If I have one of each sex, I definitely wouldn’t find out for my 3rd either. Love the element of surprise!

  13. Lindsey,

    We just found out we were pregnant last week! Our baby should be due sometime in early July! I cannot wait to follow your journey. I’d love tips on workouts now. Its my first and like you, I’m in to fitness and want to know how have you already modified your workouts? Did you eliminate ab workouts? I’m also worried about running or burpees…Thanks for sharing your news!


    1. Congrats, Samantha!! Children are a great blessing!
      As far as exercise goes, you should be able to continue doing anything that you were doing before you got pregnant! Just monitor how you feel and don’t overexert yourself. When you get to the 2nd trimester, you’ll want to steer clear of back lying activities (bench press, crunches), but other than that, you’re all good!

  14. Took us two months as well… Going to see my midwife on Thursday :) This is our first… Any suggestions on questions to ask the midwife?

  15. I just can’t WAIT to follow along with your journey as someone who is pretty sure she (Lord willing) will have kids but isn’t quite there yet. At least I’ve gone from uninterested to very interested in the details in the past few years! ;) Morning sickness sounds rough! Was it the same with H & C? Love the previous announcements and the fact that you just told them this time – third time around perhaps it’s not as much of a surprise. Also, my bday is June 13th…so, you know, it’d be cool to share a birthday (SOMEone had to make a comment like that, right?! lol – like you have control of when you deliver). ;) Again, God bless you and your family (baby too!) in this time, L!

  16. I am SO excited for you! I remember talking about the potential for more kids when you were here in Charlottesville this summer, and it looks like God has blessed you with another ray of light. You are going to continue to be a lovely and amazing mother, and I am excited to read more about your journey…one I don’t know that I will ever take myself. I hope that this morning sickness battle is one that goes away soon–I’ve heard of that happening after the first couple of months, but who am I to really know? :)

  17. Yay, congratulations!! :) :) I’m so happy for you! We’re pregnant with our first right now, and we’re due April 8th. I’m 18 weeks right now, so I’m past all of the nausea. I never got physically sick, but being nauseous all day wasn’t fun. I don’t have any advice that would be new to you. I just hope and pray you get past that stage quickly!

  18. Congratulations, Lindsay!!! You truly are humbly blessed!!
    All the best wishes to your entire family. I can’t wait to read all about your pregnancy!
    Certainly hope you start feeling better soon!!
    Ps. Is it alright that I’m already excited to hear which name you eventually end up picking? I think that Henry and Clara match so well, it will be very interesting to see how you can top this duo when they become a trio!