Then you should register for the upcoming fitmixer Bootcamp!!


I completed the Bootcamp this past Summer and it was PHENOMENAL (go here if you want to see the first AND last time you’ll see me in a bikini on the blog)!  As a trainer, I like to think that I have an extensive catalog of moves and exercises – I hardly EVER use any machines when I train my clients.  I teach them exercises that they can do in the comfort of their own home.  Actually, this may be stupid of me, but my goal as a CPT has ALWAYS been to train a client to NOT need me.  I teach them every single thing I know (if they’re interested) and hope that they’ll hire me again because they like looking at my pretty face.  I’m a good trainer – not the best salesperson.

Anyway, throughout my fitmixer Bootcamp experience, I kept being AMAZED at how unique and widely varied the workouts were.  Some, if not most, of the exercises I’d never seen or heard of before!  I loved that because I was able to take these new movements and make my clients and group exercise clients do them!  Variety is one of our best tools when training.


All of the workouts take about 20 minutes and are delivered straight to your inbox daily.

Another thing I love:  I’m STILL working on that 6-pound bag of vanilla protein powder (be sure to order the vanilla – it’s the best) and I use it daily in my protein pancakes and on my nightly cereal.  In just product alone, I really felt like I got my money’s worth with this online challenge.


fitmixer sent me the following email to advertise their Cyber Monday sale and I thought I’d pass it along.  You’ll want to get in on this next Bootcamp – it begins JANUARY 14TH!  The perfect New Years overhaul!

Cyber Monday is just around the corner and we don’t want you to miss out.Save $25 on your fitmixer® Boot Camp entry by using the coupon code CYBER25. The offer is only good for orders placed on Monday, November 26.

Here’s a reminder of what the $124.95 fee will include:

  • $154.45 worth of fitmixer® product(at retail value):
  • A personalized, improved nutrition plan created by our Registered Dietitian
  • 40 daily workouts created by a certified group fitness trainer
  • Eight (8) weekly webcasts lead by our Registered Dietitian and Fitness Expert
  • Lessons on healthy eating, healthy living, physical fitness, and mental fitness that will last a lifetime
  • Support from fellow Boot Camp participants through and the private fitmixer® Boot Camp Facebook Group
  • Direct contact with our Registered Dietician, Fitness Expert, and fitmixer® staff
  • Access to write blogs and leave comments on the fitmixer®website

Register for the Boot Camp now at our registration page. Remember to use the coupon codeCYBER25 to receive your discount.

We are so excited about this upcoming Boot Camp, and we hope to see you there!

Your fitmixer® Boot Camp team

Go sign up!  And tell them I sent you. Winking smile

QUESTION:  Have you ever participated in an online Bootcamp or exercise program??

**I am a fitmixer Ambassador, but was not paid to write this post.  I just really love this company.**


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  1. After you posted the $50 offi had to sign up! I. So excited I keep talking about it, I think my boyfriend is annoyed already. You recommended the vanilla protein powder, what about the slim? Is it just a drink mix? I guess knowing what it is and can be used for would help me decide :)

  2. I did the last round of Fitmixer Bootcamp, and I was so unhappy with the program. :-( I LOVE their products (especially the aminos), but I ended up losing a lot of muscle definition and I gained weight. I’m happy to read that others had success with the program, but I wish I had known more about it before signing up.