Thank you for all of your comments on yesterday’s post!  I read each and every one of them and didn’t respond to any.  I used to be really good at responding to comments, but recently I’ve just gotten lazy.  Or like with all of these miscarriage posts, there are only so many times that I can say thank you.  But I really should respond THANK YOU to each and every one of them, because that’s exactly what I want to say.

Take this as your own personalized comment response:


Anyway, last Saturday was my first time back at Track Stars in nearly a month!  It felt so good getting prepared to go – I had so much energy to burn (aka Paula Deen Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake).  I usually just make up the workouts right before I head out the door, but this particular time, I knew I wanted to do GPP’s “Pie Burn” workout that I’d seen on Janetha’s blog.  All she said about it was that it was long and hard (TWSS).  No really, she did really say that…in her post.


Katy and I were the only ones to show.  But that was A-OK because I absolutely love working out with my sister.  We laugh and sweat and push each other until we want to give up.  But we never give up.  That’s just not cool.  Pie Burn took forever but it was an AWESOME workout and the perfect start to my Saturday – go here and do it yourself.  I recommend bringing a friend along so you can compete and then split a smoothie afterwards.

I believe (and I could be wrong – no I think I’m definitely wrong) that GPP’s motto is “Rise Above.”  I feel like I’ve seen that somewhere on their site.  ??  Anywhoo, I like that motto – Rise Above, because it can pertain to almost anything in life.

Rise above haters.

Rise above your circumstances.

Rise above 3,500 feet if you want to skydive successfully and not die.

Rise above your fears.

Rise above those voices of self-doubt.

To RISE ABOVE is to be THE better person, A better person.  To RISE ABOVE is to be in control of your emotions.  To RISE ABOVE is to be awesome.

(Segway into giveaway – pretend it’s nice and flowy….oh crap, I forgot to erase this.)

My friends at Rise Bar (get it, get it) have offered to be awesome, RISE ABOVE and give out some of their yummy bars to you guys! 


I had already fallen in love with Rise Bars before they sent me a box for review, so getting a huge selection in the mail was the icing on the cake.  Every Rise Bar is all-natural, which means NO preservatives, NON-GMO, and non-sulphured food.  Many are vegan and ALL are GLUTEN FREE!

My favorite – the Almond Honey Protein bar!


The ingredients:  Almonds, honey and whey protein isolate!  That’s it!!


One lucky reader will win their own box of Rise Bars!  WINNER PICKS THE FLAVOR!  Open to U.S. readers only.


To Enter:

1) Comment below and tell me how you “rise above” OR tell me which Rise Bar flavor looks the yummiest.

2) Bonus Entry:  Share the giveaway on FB or tweet the following:

I just entered to win a box of @RiseBar’s from @lindsays_list!  You can too!  Go here: #giveaway #risebar

Just be sure to comment below to tell me if you shared via FB or Twitter!


I’ll draw a winner this Friday!  Best of luck, friends!!  Happy Tuesday!


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  1. i rise above by eating and exercising the way i want even though i get a lot of people that question why i eat “healthy, don’t you just want to enjoy life and food” well to said people i do enjoy life and i do enjoy the foods i eat and i truly enjoy exercising daily!!!!

  2. I rise above by realizing that I can’t rise above without
    God to guide me! He reminds me I am nothing without HIM.
    Crunchy Macadamia Pineapple sounds like a winner!

  3. I have to rise above my tendency to procrastinate. It is a daily struggle that I don’t always win!

  4. I rise above by running – started back in April and have now run two 10k races, coming third in my age group in the second one. I turned 45 yesterday and I plan to keep rising!

  5. Almond Honey Protein would be a fabulous protein energizer to keep me going to help me RISE above the stress of the holidays!

  6. The Almond Honey Protein Bar looks phenomenal! I’ve tried their breakfast bars before and LOVED them. The ingredient list is hard to beat!

  7. My part-time job isn’t exactly serving me in multiple ways so each day, I have to “rise above” to make sure I’m there with the best attitude I can have and be thankful for having any kind of job and source of income. It may seem silly, but it’s what gets me through some of the roughest days.

  8. Almond Honey for protein would be delicious! And I RISE above all the holiday chaos by keeping grounded and doing yoga!

  9. Lindsay! You really make us all rise up by sharing your life, goals, and positivity everyday. Thank you!

    Right now I am rising above the few expressing negativity about my recent career change decision. It is a much busier, less stable, less income lifestyle but so far I am happier for it.

  10. I love to RISE & shine mornings! Breakfast on the go = RISE bars most days for me as I head out the door with 3 kids in tow…. My favorite variety is the Blueberry Coconut! YUM! I’m posting my shout out on FB.

  11. I rose above the voices in my head telling me to stop halfway through the WOD at CrossFit today. I have just gotten back into the intense workouts post chest injury and I felt like I was starting over. It sucked, to be frank. But, I finished and I rose above all of the negativity that was in my mind. I conquered that WOD, no matter how long it took me!

  12. Cherry Almond! Cherry Almond! I’ll be doing a lot of “rising above” this weekend when I race my very first 50 miler. It has a 10,000+ (total) ft. elevation gain. Don’t you think I would need a yum yum bar after that?

  13. Crunchy macadamia pineapple and Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin are my favorites! They are a perfect way to RISE above and defeat my MS diagnosis. First half marathon in May…..take that MS!!!! =D

  14. These bars look great! It’s a toss up between the crunchy pumpkin & honey almond. They all sound delish!

  15. I rise above by treating people with kindness, honestly! I’m in college and STILL see people getting made fun of and picked on! I thought I left all of that high school poo behind… Oh, and Crunchy Carob Chip:)

  16. They all sound amazing but it’s a toss up for me between blueberry coconut and almond honey… Yum!

  17. As a celiac, making time for SELF-CARE and good nutrition helps me RISE ABOVE — I get to rise above apathy, sickness, and self-absorption, and be of service to my fellow celiacs, and those who suffer from food intolerances!

    I love the Crunchy Cashew Almond Bars!

  18. I would love to try: Crunchy Carob Chip, Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin, Crunchy Cashew Almond and Crunchy Macadamia Pineapple! Choosing one would be impossible!! These 4 just tantalize my tastebuds!

    A few days ago, I had a bit of a bad experience. I went to volunteer waitress somewhere and the person in charge told me that I should sit and relax and let the YOUNGER WOMEN do all the work. At my age, I obviously could not do much! I was seething in anger, but chose to RISE above it and not let them tear me down! I decided to stay the entire time and waitress-no breaks, no sitting. It was a 4.5 hour day and buffet-not a whole day, not too difficult, so it was easy for me to do. I set up, served and cleaned up and did not leave until it was all done. I waitressed all of the young babes under the table and they ate their words. I said nothing-just did what I came to do! They were really nasty jerks!!

  19. Oooohh I’ve been wanting to try this bar! hheehe :) Hmm I rise above by consistently having to clink to God’s love and truth of His Word, especially when the enemy strikes with lies and thoughts of discouragement. Victory in Christ!

  20. Rise above finals week! My first finals week of graduate school and I need to rise above my drive to workout all day and get myself to sit down and write papers, do research, and study! I could use some almond honey Rise bars! I eat them on the regular so a box would save me from a grocery store trip in the next two weeks :)

  21. I rise above by dragging myself out of bed in the morning to hit the gym for cardio, and then returning in the evening for weights training. I have a family (2 kids), and let myself go. I have decided to start thinking about myself again, and getting into the best shape of my life! :-)
    I would love to try crunchy carob chip!

  22. I think I would have to say I help others to rise above. I am a yoga teacher and I volunteer at an underprivilaged pre-school teaching yoga and reading to the kids (pics of one such occasion on my fitness facebook page). Without this none of these children would ever experience the joy of yoga. I think that helps them to rise above the situation they are born into. …. on another note … the honey walnut sounds yummo

  23. I’ve been dying to try these bars. Crunch Perfect Pumpkin, blueberry coconut, they all sound great really!

  24. I rise above by sticking with things until they’re finished no matter how much I want to stop – it could be a run/workout, a bad day, the pile of work in front of me, that project that needs to be done…you never know. Although I do know that those cherry almond or even raspberry pomegranate bars would help me to power through!

  25. I RISE ABOVE by getting out of bed morning after morning and working up a sweat. It’s not easy for everyone so they don’t do it, but I make sure to make it part of my day because it makes me stronger and healthier. And great calves are kind of awesome :)

  26. Because of you, I decided a month ago to ” rise above” and stop weighing myself. I have never felt better about my workouts and body! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  27. That Honey almond looks awesome!!

    I am going to rise above here in a moment, and confess to my hubby how much I spent recently on my haircut. It was ridic, and I have felt guilty (which I shouldn’t really)and just haven’t talked about it. I am going to rise above my guilt and admit.

    Soooo… yeah, I am currently stalling. :)

  28. Blueberry coconut sounds really interesting, and I love the short list of ingredients most of all…

  29. I’m trying to rise above self criticism (something I’ve struggled with since my teen years) by focusing on ways to love myself- or at least focusing on ways I can learn to love myself!

  30. Your posts always bring a smile to my morning :) Right now I am trying to “Rise above” all the stress and anxiety that the holiday season can bring and am trying to focus on all the important reasons and people instead!!

    PS I think the apple cranberry bar sounds yummy!!

  31. I think the pumpkin flavor sounds delish!!! I hope I win and get to try them!!

  32. I’ve been trying to rise above negativity by spending as little time with cruel and unpleasant people as possible. Not completely avoidable, but largely so!

  33. I love reading your posts every morning, they always make me feel good as I start the day! I rise above by lying down at the end of the day and letting all the days stress go away and be replaced with all the reasons I truly am blessed!

  34. I love how you think, Lady :)
    for me rising above right now is as simple as RISING ABOVE MY LIFE FRAZZLE and remaining calm and loving with those around me.