As part of my ambassadorship with fitmixer, I’m charged with writing monthly posts.  They provide me with the prompt, I write under it.  I kind of love this because as of right now, if I were to tell you about my day to day life and what meals I’m eating or workouts I’m doing, you’d be severely depressed.  I feel like I’m chugging along, learning to persevere and feeling really crappy all at the same time. fitmixer saves the day!

The prompt? Tell us what is in your fitness and health “synergy stew”?  List out the ingredients in your ideal Synergy Stew. What is missing from your stew? Which ingredient might there be too much of?

So my health/fitness stew.  Let me first list the ingredients, then I’ll tell you what’s currently missing.

My Synergy Stew:

Consistency – I need consistency with food and exercise.  My aim is to move DAILY, for as long as I feel is right.  With food, I need to be consistent with my 80/20 approach, making sure that it’s not 70/30 or worse, 50/50.




Competition –  I thrive off of healthy competition.  So my stew needs Bootcamp, road races and Track star Workouts!

me 015


me 022

Whole Foods – What’s better in a stew than one-ingredient foods (potatoes, carrots, beef, peas, etc).  My body moves swiftly and efficiently when I fuel it with a good mix of macronutrients and very little processed junk.



Water – I aim for 120 ounces a day!  Aids in digestion, helps my skin and keeps me energized.  I rarely drink anything but water.


That actually isn’t water – it’s fitmixer aminos.  But I had to show my Contigo.  Best water bottle EVER!

Rest – Two-fold:  1) nightly rest and 2) rest from exercise.  At night, I get anywhere from 8-10 hours of sleep (excluding those newborn months).  I like to take at least 1 rest day per week, but it’s usually 2.


Fun –  If I’m not smiling, the stew is off!  My approach to food and fitness is, “HAVE FUN”!  Never take yourself too seriously or get in over your head.  Diets are no fun, so I don’t do those.




(Man, looking at these Fitbloggin’ pics makes me miss it!!)


So that’s my synergy stew.  What’s missing right now is a lot of the above.  Things have been difficult for about two weeks, in regards to food AND fitness.  I think the most noticeable change is that I don’t have the energy I need to get me through workouts.  For instance, yesterday I worked out and it took me an hour to accomplish what would normally take 30 minutes.  I’m just slower – I have to take more rests.  And my muscles are depleted of glycogen right now, so weightlifting feels SO hard.  But like I said, I won’t lay down and stop.  That’s not me and I know that whatever sort of fitness level I can maintain through this rough time will help me over the long haul.  Head up, Linds!!!


Your turn!  Head on over to fitmixer’s website to write your own Synergy Stew post and gain extra entries for the monthly giveaway.

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QUESTION:   You can comment below and NOT be entered into the giveaway or you can go to and answer my question:  What’s in YOUR Synergy Stew??  (of course, you can comment here too! Winking smile  Tell me how your day is going!)


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  1. I really love this concept! I was actually already thinking about this type of thing this morning. I am going to write down the things that make up my synergy stew today. I have to remember I am worthy of ALL of these things and of feeling my best!

  2. my synergy stew MUSTTTT involve laughing – some days i don’t think i laugh enough and then i look back and think – mmm i need to laugh more today hahah

  3. So many of these are the exact same for me! I need to work on getting at least 8 hours of sleep though–it’s definitely needed but one that I let run down to around 7 much too often.
    Hope you’re continuing to feel better, Lindsay!