Fitness is FUN.

No really.  It is.

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve tried to convey this idea, but try as I might, I think I might be in the minority.  For me, it seems like the easiest concept to get, but perhaps that’s because I truly LOVE working out.  If I have an extra 15 minutes in my day, I’d rather spend them MOVING than doing anything else.

I think this all stems back to my childhood when my daddy would make us get outside.  On any given Saturday, he’d come in from working on one of his 30 projects, see us on the couch watching cartoons and hurriedly turn the television off.  He’d prod us like cattle out the door with no toys, just our minds, and tell us to PLAY.  (Do kids PLAY anymore? I sure hope so.)  Katy and I would stay outside all day long, running around, creating forts, playing house down by the creek, never worrying about when we’d get tired or when we’d eat a meal.  Then Mama would call us back in right at dusk.  It wasn’t until I was forced to take a bath that I finally felt the energy-consuming day catch up with me.

Tired and hungry and happy.  That was always the best feeling.

Simply moving all day was fun.  It was everything I wanted to do.  And I’ve carried this “movement is fun” mentality with me throughout the years.  I chose sports that seemed fun.  I selected fitness classes that had fun descriptions.  I even make my treadmill workouts FUN (I push a lot of buttons like an ADD child).

It’s all in the attitude.

I understand that most of us aren’t making forts in the woods these days or running around outside (pretending dirt is coffee – yes I did that).  So fitness for an adult has to look a bit different.  It typically involves a gym, programmable treadmill belts and lifting heavy dumbbells.  It’s ironic – I make money off of the people who don’t think fitness is fun.  Most of them won’t workout unless they’re being told to. They often need to be prodded off the couch and told to just “PLAY.”

So that’s what I do.  I prod.  And today I’m going to prod you into thinking that fitness is fun.

Remember, it’s all in the attitude.


Six Tips To Make Fitness Fun!

->Try A Class.

Group fitness is FUN!  You’re in there with other people and you’re all working towards the same goal (which might be to see who can get out of there the fastest).  Try a Bootcamp class – the exercises change with every class and you never know what will be thrown at you.  You can’t worry about messing up because you have no idea what you’ll mess up at.  Some gyms offer TRX or trampoline classes.  Those sound like a blast.


Go try something you’ve never done before.

->Get Outside.

If I could walk or run outside everyday, I would.  And I’m always so surprised when I see people on the treadmill when it’s a beautiful Fall day. ?!!?  Go outside and find a walking path.  You can do all sorts of strength training outside as well.  All you need is your bodyweight (think Track Star workouts).


Yes, I carry fitness equipment around in my car on the off chance that I’ll need it.  No shame.

There are actual health benefits to being outside too. Your body receives Vitamin D (even when it’s overcast) and your mind calms down a great deal.  Oh, AND you can treat your outside time like a video game.  Step on a leaf = 1 point.  Be the first to say hello to a fellow walker = 2 points.  Be the first to speak Spanish to a fellow walker = 3 points.  Avoid being mauled by barking dog = 5 points.

->Bring A Friend.

Everything is better with a friend.  Insert inappropriate sex joke here.

When you’ve got someone else right beside you, sweating with you and pushing themselves, it can be so much fun.  I work out with my sister for this very reason (and the one listed below).  We challenge each other.  We motivate each other.  We’re cheerleaders.  The workout flies by if I’ve got someone by my side.


->Create Competition.

This tip goes hand in hand with “Bring A Friend,” but I had to include it too.  Hi, my name is Lindsay and I’m competitive.  With everyone, especially myself.

I think we all have this drive within us.  We want to win. Plain and simple.  It’s why Crossfit and Bootcamps are so popular right now – yes, it’s about YOUR performance, but I find it intriguing that they always post the scores of every individual.  Everything is set up as a competition.

If you can, make fitness bets with your friends.  “First person to bench 220 wins, loser buys dinner.”  Something like that.  Create competition.  It’s fun.


But you’re not allowed to be a sore loser, Clara.

->Change Your Attitude.

MOVEMENT is a privilege and I never want to forget that!  I could be in a wheelchair, but I’m not.  I could have muscular dystrophy, but I don’t.  Anytime I feel down or discouraged with myself when I’m working out, I tell myself, “This is a privilege.  You don’t have to do this.  You GET to do this.”


Whoa.  Big attitude change.  Now all of the sudden, exercise is a TREAT.

->Switch It Up.

If something isn’t working or you’re dreading your workouts, SWITCH IT UPTry something new.  Pilates, p90x, Pole Dancing Classes – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.  Whatever you do try, give it at least a month before you move on to something else.  You need to be consistent with your inconsistencies.


So are you convinced??  Wanna come work out with me?  You GET to!

QUESTION:  How do you make fitness fun?  Do you dread your workouts or look forward to them?

**The Palm Beach Athletic Wear winner is #13 – Sarah!  Email me your address, lady!  Congrats!**


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  2. I agree, fitness IS fun, but you have to make it fun! Heck, anyone’d get bored if all they did was hop on the elliptical for 30 min a day at a constant speed. Taking classes, getting outdoors, trying new workout videos, incorporating yoga, using different cardio machines…all basic ways to vary things up and make exercise something fun, not a chore. I had a similar upbringing to you, I was ALWAYS outside whenever possible. My mom had to yell at us to get back inside for dinner, and sometimes I would cry because I just wanted to PLAY more. I hope kids still play these days too :)

  3. Great post – I agree, fitness needs to be fun for people to participate! I am always amazed when I find out people I know don’t like to workout, especially in law school! Getting to the gym or heading out on the lakefront path are my favorite parts of the day! I always feel better after exercising!

  4. I think we could all use a good reminder to be a kid again! When being outside and active was second nature. Because of some knee troubles (good old runner’s knee – and I’m not even a runner!), I’ve been taking to a lot of outdoor walking lately. I used to under estimate the effectiveness of it, but it’s keeping me in decent shape until I can do high impact again. And, the best part, is that I can make it fun; walking with a friend, checking out the scenery or even, when it’s raining, reading a book while I walk on the treadmill.

  5. Love your comment on changing your attitude and looking at it as a gift that I get to do. Thank you for this!!! I’ve been needing to hear this lately :-)

  6. Totally agree! I love fitness. And I think the most important thing is attitude!!! It makes a world of a difference when you show up with a positive attitude and mindset. There’s no way you will enjoy yourself if you’re dreading a class or exercise in general. I also think it’s important that in group fitness you don’t judge. People can be so quick to judge the teachers and criticize how they teach, and I just think it’s so silly to do that. If they tried getting up in front of the class and teaching themselves, I’m sure it would be a humbling experience. And I love that you said it is a privilege to work out! Because it definitely is! You are lucky to be able to have the opportunity to workout, when there are others who don’t have that option. Love this!

  7. This post made me happy! I find fitness to be SO fun. My friends and family always ask me why I work out so much and I always say, “To stay in shape and because I just enjoy it!” My favorite fun ways to work out are doing yoga, barre classes, or hiking with my boyfriend.

  8. i love getting outside with Nate – he’s not a big fan of working out just to work out, he prefers playing sports instead to stay in shape. but on the days that he comes with me to run or walk outside it makes it all so fun and it goes by so quickly!

  9. Love this post! I find fitness fun too and know we are in the minority with this thought but that is why I love what I do so much! Teaching group fitness I am able to make fitness just a bit more fun for some of my participants!

  10. Fitness IS fun, I agree!! When I workout, I often remind myself how thankful I am that I’m able to enjoy it, because I do! My life would be very different if something kept me from working out for longer than a few days (or weeks). I enjoy it, it’s a stress reliever but more than anything it’s FUN!

  11. I look forward to working out! I am a pretty ‘simple’ person so it doesn’t take much to keep me entertained. I love to run, do different strength training moves and yoga. Personally, I am not that competative and don’t have a lot of friends in the area so my workout sessions are done solo–which is fine by me;-)

  12. Working out is like my daily multi-vitamin! It’s my stress relief and my outlet. Also something I am good at. Loved this post! (but when do I not love your posts?) I would love to work out with you!

  13. “This is a privilege. You don’t have to do this. You GET to do this.” <-WOW! Definitely borrowing this as a mantra whenever I nee that extra "push"! Love it!

    I try to keep things interesting by switching up my workouts…both WHAT I do and WHERE I do it! I love taking my workouts outdoors whenever I can…it makes such a difference!

  14. Haha – everything IS better with a friend! I’ve selfishly invited a friend to workout many times.

    I love your point about changing you attitude. I am so grateful for this body that allows me to push it to the very edge of my limits (and sometimes beyond).