It’s Friday.  Time to ramble.

1.  I confess that I’m sick.  As I write this post, I still haven’t taken a shower for the day (it’s 4pm).  I’m also in my bathrobe.  While no one likes being sick, I think most people appreciate slowing down a bit.  Not me.  I’d kill to be anywhere but stuck inside for the day.  Travis thinks I’m nutso.  I tend to agree, especially after having spent all day inside.

2.  I confess that on Halloween, I ate one fun size Kit-Kat bar.  That was it!!!  So sad.  Send any leftovers you might have to the Wright family please!

3.  I confess that Janetha, Katie and I have some MAJOR news, but I can’t share it until the contracts are signed.  Just know – Blend 2013 will be epic!


4.  I confess that it seems ridiculous to be writing posts and being sick and living life when there are still so many without power or homes after Sandy.  My heart breaks.


I saw this on Facebook last night.  Had to share.

5.  I confess that I have the best husband around.  He came home today and vacuumed, did the laundry and dishes and ran around in circles with the kids.  He knows what I need, even if I am nutso.


He also came home the other day so that I could go read trashy magazines at the nail salon.  JT got married??  Who knew!?

6.  I confess that there’s nothing that gets me out of a funk faster than listening to worship music.  The focus goes from “poor pitiful me” to “saved by grace me.”  Bethel Church is my constant go-to.

7.  I confess that I’m glad I’m not running the NYC marathon this weekend.  I also confess that I don’t think I’ll ever want to run a marathon, ever.  But I could be wrong.

8.  I confess that I almost bought these Pumpkin Spice waffles the other day and the only thing that stopped me was looking at the 1,239-item ingredient list.  WHY, oh WHY, did I ever learn how to read?!!


9.  I confess that I’ve got some news to share with you, but you’ll have to come back Monday to get it. :)

10.  I held a 4 minute plank that other day.  I’m pretty much awesome.


Happy Friday, friends!!

I’m off to take a shower.  Maybe.

QUESTION:  Confess something to me – GO!


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  1. i confess that on wednesday we had no power and there was nothing to do and i was cold and even though people had lost their homes i went to the nail salon and got a pedicure they had power. shameful but it was so enjoyable.

  2. I confess that I will probably not run a marathon ever. Never say never- but I don’t see it happening any time soon. It just doesn’t sound like fun to me… at all.
    Scratch that- the TRAINING doesn’t sound like fun to me.

    I read that mag at the gym today! Ha!

    I hope you feel 100% better REAL soon and I can’t flippin’ wait to hear the Blend details!!

  3. I confess I said “yay” outloud when you wrote on IG that you did not buy the Eggos, and again when I read your “why” here. I confess I have a long to-do list right now, but Im sitting here enjoying your blog with a hot cup of tea, instead. Feel better soon!

  4. I confess that I’m trying to go full vegetarian but I’m going out for sushi tonight.

    I confess that I can do burpees and such by the buckets, but when it comes to planks I suck.

    I confess that I believe that “runner’s high” belongs in the same category as “unicorn.”

  5. 4 min plank!!!!!!!! Oh-mylanta that is crazy-business!
    I confess that I am reading blogs at work. It’s Friday and blog reading at work should be had by all!
    Hope you feel better!!

  6. 4 minute PLANK!!! Oh my-lanta that is crazy-business! You go girl! From your previous post, thanks for the competition =)
    I confess that I am reading blogs while at work! It is Friday, a little blog reading happiness should be had!

  7. Oh, no! Something is going around. My husband spent Wednesday in bed, and it was my turn yesterday. Thankfully it was short, and we’re both feeling good today, plus I think L managed to skip it. Can’t wait to hear all your news. Feel better!

  8. 4 minutes?! 4 minutes straight?! Wow you are pretty much awesome Lindsay! ha I can’t even do a full minute haha baby steps I’ll get there haha
    Sure hope you get feeling better soon!

  9. I confess we’re twins. I’m also sick. Oh man, I haven’t had a stomach virus in forever and forgot how awful they are. Bleh. I am SO hoping I can make it to Blend next year! I am dying to go. Great job on the plank! That’s awesome.

  10. BLEND! I am still really nervous I’m going to somehow miss signing up due to power outage, catastrophe, or having to work.

    I hope you feel better…and I need to find that People. I love Justin Timberlake, always have, always will…even if he is supposed to be a jerk in real life.

    I beat you: I ate NO Halloween candy at all. Of course, that might be because I was doing Vegan Month of Food…or maybe I just have great willpower.

  11. Feel better soon! A 4 minute plank definitely makes you awesome!

    Confession: I decided this week that I was going to actually work on being a better person. In the past I have always simply busied myself with extra projects or ignored my problems, but this time I’m going to actually address the causes of the issues and be better: for myself, my family, and God.

    A little deep for a Friday, but I thought it would be good to share it with someone – make it public, if you will. :)

  12. A four minute plank? You are definitely awesome! And I’m with you, I hate being sick/run down also. All it does is make me behind on a bunch of stuff I need to do. And I complained about a bad day earlier this week, and then immediately felt guilty because of what so many people are going through thanks to hurricane Sandy. I saw on the news this morning that Staten Island is having a really rough time. And now people are getting kicked out of the hotels early to make room for the marathon runners?? Where are they supposed to go? I understand that marathon is a huge source of revenue for the city, but these poor people had their homes destroyed! I can’t even imagine.

  13. That picture of the phone charging station gets me every time I see it! I live in the Alphabet City neighborhood of NYC (where there was flooding so bad cars were floating down the street) and was evacuated (thankfully my building is fine!). A bar around the corner from my apartment set up two generators and outlets so people could charge their phones and call their families. I’d never been so grateful for anything. I got to call my worried parents and meet some people I would have never otherwise have talked to. Lesson of the week: people are great.

  14. i confess that i cannot hold a 4 minute plank and you put me to shame. I confess that i am super excited for someone, can’t say who. And i confess that God has humbled me this week, it was needed! Praying for those in the Sandy aftermath!

  15. Feel better, lady! Remember that sometimes our bodies shut down so that people like us (GO-GO-GO types) will actually take a minute to stop. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve come to… ;)

    And that Blend tease is SUCH A TEASE! No fair. Can I get a hint? Because I already knew it was going to be EPIC!