Welcome to Tuesday!!!!

Welcome to Tuesday Trainer!

If you’re new to the show, just click on over and see what TT is all about.  In a nutshell, it’s about being awesome.

(I understand that I overuse that word.  Who doesn’t?!?!  It’s an awesome word.)

The theme for this week’s TT is YOGA/STRETCHING!!


Let me tell you how much I know about yoga:

  • I rarely do it.  Like maybe once a month.  I know I should do yoga more, but it would require a naptime commitment and I’m just too busy typing posts and eating candy corn.


  • Bikram yoga makes me want to vomit, smile and curse all in the same 90 minutes.  I think I read in an interview once that Mr. Bikram just doesn’t like people in general.  That’s why he invented the class.  Oh and to make gobs of money.
  • All that being said, Bikram is hands down, my very favorite form of yoga.  I practiced for a year when we lived in Denver and then some random classes here and there since we moved home.  One with this lady.


  • If I could practice with any person in the whole world, it would be with this girl.  She’d show me a thing or two and then we’d go play on her farm.  Actually, she guest hosted a TT here and the topic was YOGA!


  • Yoga rhymes with toga.  And Saratoga.  Two words.  But really only one since “toga” is involved in making Saratoga a word.
  • Did I mention that I don’t know much about it?

So yeah.  Yoga and I don’t really spend a lot of time together.  That’s why I needed YOU GUYS to show me some of your favorite moves!  No workout this week – since I don’t feel comfortable telling you what sequence to put these into.  But rather, we’ll have a “Showcase of Moves.”  NINE submissions in all, some stretches, most yoga poses.

Go through and watch everyone, then visit their blogs!  That’s what this feature is all about –  Supporting one another!

And becoming envious of each other’s hot yoga pants (or in Baby Adrienne’s case – footie pajamas).

The Moves



Bridge & Wheel Lauren
IT Band Stretch Katie & Baby Adrienne
IT Band Stretch Neil & Katelyn
Eagle Pose Lindsay
Crow Pose Tamara
Seated Spinal Twist Christine
Triangle Pose Angela
Camel Pose Paige
Triangle Pose Katie

The Videos

Standing Figure 4 – ME


Bridge & Wheel – Lauren, oatmealafterspinning


IT Band Stretch – Katie, yesiwantcake


IT Band Stretch (with partner)– Neil (gppfitness) and Katelyn (journeytobecomefitnessexpert)


Eagle Pose – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Crow Pose – Tamara, fitknitchick


Seated Spinal Twist – Christine, lovelifesurf


Camel Pose – Paige, yourtrainerpaige


Triangle Pose – Angela, happyfitmama


Triangle Pose – Katie, talklesssaymore


Thank you to all who submitted – your pumpkin spice cookies are in the mail! (no.  not really at all.)  Stay tuned for the next Tuesday Trainer theme at the end of this month!

My goal is to do at least three of these today at naptime!  Anyone wanna commit to that?

QUESTION:  Yoga?  Yay or gag me with a yogi spoon?


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  2. LOVE yoga! I don’t do it often as there is only one class that even FITS into my schedule each week (and that’s IF I can make it in on that particular day), but I almost always get a little high off of it. I really need to get better about doing it on my own, but like you, I never really know what moves to put together for a good flow. If anything though, I’m definitely adding your figure 4 into my post run/workout stretching…I am always SO tight in my periformis and could use a good stretch every once in a while!

    Can’t wait for next TT! Time has gotten away from me over the last month or so, but I promise, I WILL be there! :)

  3. I think that I’m losing my mind because I thought that I submitted a comment earlier today? Clearly it’s been one of those days. Thanks so much for having me on Tuesday Trainer despite my rookie mistakes :-) It was super fun and maybe I’ll do it again?

  4. I totally value Yoga, appreciate it, respect it, recommend it, know it would be good for me….and hate it.

    I force myself to take a class now and then, but I’d rather eat a tinfoil sandwich than do it. I know this is sacrilege, but I would rather do just about any other method of training.

    It’s kind of like classical music; I know it’s something that deserves attention, I’d just rather listen to something else.

  5. I wish I loved yoga. I TRY to like it, but my brain is too frantic. Can’t slow down enough to enjoy it (I know THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT), but I just can’t make myself do it right now.

  6. Love all of these moves! So glad nobody did ‘Lizard’; my nemesis!
    I’ve recently started attending a Yin class; like Hatha on downers. Very slow, mainly seated and reclined postures that you hold for 3-5 minutes each! Great for bone strengthening and improved flexibility. (As you get older, these are important things to focus on!)

  7. I love Tuesday Trainer! I should join in sometime.
    This is perfect, because I dislike yoga and can never motivate myself to do it, but following along with these just may change that for me:) I know how important stretching is, but I’d rather sit on my couch and not do it.
    And I’ve tried to commit myself to do yoga at least 3 times this month.
    Time to change things up!
    Also thought I should mention you have an ad on the site that has a bug crawling and I thought it was a real bug at first and it make me scream…it was slightly embarrassing ..at least I’m not in public.
    I’m also jealous you and Lindsay got to do yoga together!

    1. I (like Janetha – seriously, who doesn’t like candy corn?) must have no soul, because I cannot get into Yoga. I tried. Really tried. In the late 90’s I was convinced that Yoga was going to save my life and help me in all the physical and emotional ways. So, I set out on a journey to be the next great white Yogi. Put several months into it.

      My Yoga experience continually filled me with dread.

      I began to dread:
      a) sliding around a wood floor in a puddle (small lake?) of my own sweat.
      b) sliding around a wood floor in other peoples sweat.
      c) hot sweaty butt crack (M&F) aimed at my face.
      d) natural “exhaust”
      e) NEVER being able to find my Chi. I looked and looked – nothing.

  8. I was pretty skeptical at first about yoga & only went to “stretch” so I wouldn’t get hurt while running (waaay too many) marathons last year. Luckily I went to a great studio & really started getting into the philosophy of yoga- about self-love & personal development, that gives us tools to deal with stress & helps us tame the mental gremlins running around our head. It’s really been life changing & opened my life up to really making some big changes on the inside, as well as enjoying the physical aspects of asanas and breathing.

    Great post- glad to see yogi helping others get into yoga & making it more accessible to everybody.

  9. Yoga is always tough for me to squeeze in… but I feel so great when I do!! Also.. I haven’t taken classes, so I just practice on home. Which means when I get bored, I start looking at my phone… not overly zen!

  10. I love all of these- good job ladies!
    And duh, I love yoga (but don’t practice nearly as often as I would like). I am definitely less stressed out and able to focus more when I am able to practice several times a week (even if only for 20 minutes!).
    And whoa- the CROW POSE. I have yet to master it. I have fallen over many, many times trying though!

  11. I love yoga! It has helped me with some of my anxiety and stress and I’ve been injury-free (knock on wood!) since I started doing it regularly – wish I would have had time to do this TT!

  12. i am pretty sure i wanted to vomit the first 85 minutes of that class. LOL! But it was worth it. Also, Bex needs to put on a yoga retreat at her farm, ya?

    I went to yoga this past sunday. It as needed. I think i need to recommit to that again. It does more that stretch, it soothes. Love this TT linz and love you!

  13. I have to admit, I don’t love yoga. I wish I did. I also wish I had more time in the day to do it. I might need to revisit the whole yoga thing. But…….. I DO love that Tuesday Trainer is BACK!!! Woo hoo!!! Awesome moves from everyone. Hoping I can jump back in for the next one (if you’ll have me). And that picture of your tattoo never gets old. Hugs friend!