This happens every 3 months or so.  I get overwhelmed, lose that spark and choose to say no to blogging

I like to call it, “Living Life Outside The Blog.” 


That’s a good title.

I’ll be back.  Real soon!

QUESTION:  If you blog, what’s the longest period of time you’ve taken off?


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  1. It got to be a chore for me so I just stopped one day and let that run it’s course until I missed it. I had no time frame in mind and it ended up being about 6 months. I’ve take a couple months here in there before that though.

  2. Perfect timing. I need to catch up on on some of your posts. :)

    The longest break I ever took was two days. I swear, I said I was going to take a reduction, and then I was right back at it…followed by pushing myself to do the Vegan Month of Food and post all week long.

    I am starting to get stressed a little bit again, so I might need to REALLY take a break this time. But we’ll see.

    Enjoy your life outside the blog!

  3. I understand. :) I’ve cut wayyyy back recently. I love reading blogs, but I haven’t been reading them nearly as often because I’m just putting other things first. And I think right now, that’s the best decision for me. :) Enjoy your time!

  4. I’m actually gearing up to do the SAME thing! I’ve felt a much needed break coming on for a few weeks now and definitely need some time away from the blog to help center myself again. This will only be my second REAL break since starting the blog…I always manage to feel guilty for being absent, but not this time!

  5. Since I haven’t had this blog to long (started in May) I’ve only gone 2 days without blogging, on the weekend. I definitely feel like I ‘should’ blog every day during the week but I’m sure I’ll hit the point where I feel like taking some time off like you did!