I will not make you read a long post today.

(Mostly because I was out late painting our new bedroom and didn’t get back in time to give a flying flip about writing a post.  I did, however, care about watching Walking Dead.  Priorities.)

On this particular Monday, when the air is filled with the buzz of an impending Frankenstorm (even though it’s nowhere near us) and the smell of hot coffee penetrates this little house, I’m reminded of something my pastor said at church yesterday.

Wherever you are, be there.

be present

I’m making it our Monday mantra.

And my goal for everyday life.

To be present is a valuable gift that I can give to my children, my husband, my clients, my friends.

And a free one at that.

I want to put the iPhone down, to listen without thinking of what my response will be and just BE in the moment.

Be there – mind, body and spirit.  It should be so simple, but it isn’t

Will you join me? 

QUESTION:  What did your Sunday night look like?  How will you “remain present” today?


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  1. I stay far away from my phone and the computer when I need to be in the moment with the boys and the family. :) I juts put my phone in the back room and walk away. It has made such a difference. HUGS!!!

  2. This mantra speaks to me so much today, but sort of in a different light. Wherever I am, whether at work or at school, I have to be present there. I can’t be at work worrying about homework, and I can’t be sitting in class thinking about reports that need to get done at work. I have to separate the two, it’s the only way to get anything done!

  3. Sarah and I were just talking about this very thing yesterday… especially with PUTTING THE IPHONE DOWN when you’re with someone. It’s a horrible habit that I have picked up, and it drives me CRAZY when other people are tweeting or checking their phone constantly when I’m talking to them (I need to remember that every time I start to do it!)

  4. Such a simple concept, but yet so hard to do. I try to be in the present during my lunch break. I put my phone down, ignore it, and fully emerged myself in conversation with my coworkers. It’s perfect acceptable (but should it really be??) for us to always be on our phones answering emails during our lunch, but I’m choosing to say no. The mental break helps me produce better work after lunch anyways.

  5. I’m always trying to live in the present. It’s so difficult when our society wants us to multi task and do it all. I was fully in the present watching The Walking Dead last night. Hubs and I are slightly obsessed. When I tell most people they laugh. It’s sooooo much more than zombies! The story line is so good!!! :-)

  6. I am so AWFUL at living in the present but I’m working on it! I am a huge worrier and a huge planner so that causes me to look at the past and future a LOT. So, it’s a daily reminder. Thanks for today’s!

  7. Such a good quote! Wasn’t it Jim Elliott who originally said that? Such a great reminder – it’s amazingly easy to NOT be all there. I just appreciate you – and the honesty about watching your show (priorities!). ;) Happy Monday!

  8. Oh I LOVE this idea! I always notice when other people I’m trying to have a conversation with keep looking at their phones or are texting, or just even when we’re all hanging out and they’re checking their facebook pages I always think to myself how they are missing out on the reality going on in front of them. Yet I know I am guilty of this as well but just never think of it when I am the one actually doing it! ha It’s definitely something I want to be more conscious of, it is truely a great mantra to live by EVERYDAY!

  9. Great reminder! We also finished the night with The Walking Dead! We are HUGE fans. I have a love/hate relationship with it. It gives me Sunday night nightmares, but I can stop watching!

  10. We are on the same exact wavelength today. I’m making this my mission – presence. I’ve failed at it miserably lately and it’s time to just stop. Sit back. Reset. Just be IN the moment. Consistently.

  11. love this mantra. I need to be present more often. I actually was late to the smart phone party b/c i didn’t want to be one of “those” people. and now i totally am. #fail

  12. I love this thought – a great reminder! It’s so easy to be distracted by all of the various forms of techonology and our busy schedules these days. Last night we had a Sunday dinner with close church friends, and it was such a great time. Good food, lots of laughs, and great conversation – can’t go wrong with that!

  13. Chinese takeout with my family. Playing roll the ball with my grandson (who would much rather throw it!) The moment is all we have. Gotta be there and enjoy it. Good word Lindsay.