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September 28, 2012 in BLEND, Blog, Fitbloggin', Friends, Goals, Inspiration, Popular by lindsaymwright

So yes, I flooded your Google Reader and inbox with like 20 Fitbloggin’ recaps.  For that, I apologize. 

But I have ONE more post that I’ve been thinking about since I got back – I can’t shake it out of my head.

So I’ll try the fingertips.

As you may know, I met Kath earlier this summer.  We broke bread.  We talked about babies and blogs.  I think I hugged her.  No, I definitely did. 


I’m not sure of the EXACT number, but it is said that Kath has 15,000 pageviews PER DAY on her blog.

15,000!!!  A day!

If you’re not a blogger, you might not know this, but that is A WHOLE LOT.  Like a lot a lot. 

Then, there’s my weekend at Fitbloggin’. 

I was paired with Tina to represent fitmixer


Tina has written a freakin’ book (note to self – write a book).  Her Alexa ranking is a million times better than mine.  She gets more pageviews in one day than I do in a week.

I ate dinner with Julie from PB Fingers, Monica from RunEatRepeat, MIZ, Kelly, and Bex, a lady who has almost 10 MILLION views for her videos.


“BIG” names in blogging!!

So what’s the point?

As I was talking with these HUGE names, wanting to like kiss their hand and ask for their advice on how to “BE THEM,” God kept quieting my spirit and telling me that…


Made from the same grain. 

Made in His image. 

So THAT right there means that we’re ALL pretty great!**

People with problems.  People with idols, addictions.  People who love, cry, yearn.

Underneath all the layers, we’re all the same.  AMAZING.  No more, no less.

When I was planning Blend, I asked two pretty BIG bloggers to co-host with me.  What gave me the balls to approach them?!?  I’m nobody!


Except that that’s not true.

I am somebody.

We all are.  We all possess something worth envying.

So who defines SUCCESS? 



My success

You get to say whether you’re successful or not.  Maybe you’ve written a book or scored a major real estate sale.  Maybe you’ve given birth to 8 children or helped hundreds through your volunteer work.  Those are all successful endeavors.  All different (just like us), but GREAT and GOOD things. 

In the end, we’re all just people. People in need of something GRAND.

I think the difference between a “regular joe” and someone with a 15,000 person-a-day readership is DRIVE.  It’s taking the skills that God has BLESSED you with (blessed EACH of us with) and using them.

Two things about that statement:

1) Success is God-given.  You didn’t do that.  God did.  Be humble about your blessings.

and 2)  We ALL have this drive in us.  It’s simply your choice where you want to direct that energy.  Job, blog, family, hobby, volunteer work – you can be GREAT!


We’re all just people.  No better or worse.  No class system.  No bragging rights.

I say, succeed at being YOU. 

That right there makes you “big”.


QUESTION:  What do you consider SUCCESS??  <- shaving my legs for the day.


**ALL of these “big” names were great people – nothing but nice and sincere!  I don’t want any rumors starting about me belittling anyone – ya heard!?