Oh man!  I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off (weird expression, right?) for the last million hours. 

Because I have.  (a million hours is really just like 12 hours in Lindsay time.  It’s a million. )

I left off last night with dinner.

I met up with Tina, Monica, Sarah, Brittany, Julie and some (lovely) reps from Laughing Cow.  We walked to Brio and sat outside.  (the weather has been PERFECT!)


Stolen from Monica.

Dinner was a Strawberry Chicken salad – amazing after a day of travel eating and random snacks.


After we got back, Lauren and Ashley helped us get 300 water bottles up to our room for the Fitmixer sampling (which we then put in our bathtub and covered them in ice from the vending machine.  Classy.)


Tina and I talked for a while (she’s very nice and down to earth), then hit the hay around midnight (only 3 hours past my normal bedtime.) I don’t think I moved once.

This morning at 6:15, I woke up to a treat:


Banana split Tina

Don’t ask – I honestly don’t know.  I DO know I like it – people in fruit costumes make me smile.

We joined Monica and ran 4 miles around the Baltimore Harbor. 





I love running with people who can RUN.  Like fast runners.  I may have convinced them to have kids soon.  Maybe.

After the run, we changed into our Fitmixer shirts, headed down with our supplies and set up our table.  Jill Hanner, a fellow ambassador, helped out all morning (thank you, Jill)



Sampling out aminos.  Go here to learn more!


Jill covered the table while Tina and I did the Reebok Crossfit WOD! 


AMRAP – Partner WOD

(One person goes, then the partner – count total number of reps for both rounds)

1 minute Air Squats

1 minute Sit-Ups

1 minute Burpees



I think we totally won.  375 total reps.  I was sweaty and winded.

And hungry!


We manned the Fitmixer table until 11:30 (with some help from Lauren!), then showered our stank off.


Now, I’m sitting in Sarah Fit’s “You-Tube Guide” lecture.  And not really paying attention because I’m typing and drinking coffee.  Hmmm….



Maybe Tina’s taking notes.


Be back later with Day 1 – Part II.  I’m hoping some Maryland crab cakes are in my future.

QUESTION:  Have you guys ever gone to a blogging conference before?  Do you like the lecture/schedule setup?


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  1. Oh man. That WOD could get REALLY intense if you’re pushing. Half marathon Sunday(!!!), a few days rest then I’m FOR SURE giving it a shot. I’m glad you’re having fun.
    And I now know what you mean about running with other runners — I tried it for the first time this week. It definitely opened my eyes to a whole new world of running. Love it!!
    Have fun (fit)mixing things up the rest of the weekend!! :)