In case you missed any of the previous Fitbloggin’ recaps…

I Made It

Day 1 – Part I

Day 1 = Part II

Which leaves me with Day II and Day III to recap.  Yowza.  Let’s see if I can do Day II its justice.

Friday night, I slept like a champ.  In fact, I set an alarm to wake up for an early morning run.  Yeah – that didn’t happen.  I was completely fine with that choice – sleep might very well be my favorite part of the day.  (Does that sound sad?) 

After setting up the fitmixer table, we saw how close we were to the JumpSport trampoline workout, so Tina and I joined in at the back of the class. 


That’s Tina.  She likes posing like this (see banana).  I like it when she poses like that.  -> Tina = down to earth, hilarious, nice and beautiful.  I have a girl crush. 

We have JumpSport trampolines at the fitness center here in Franklin (about 8 or so).  I use them with clients periodically, but never as an entire workout piece.  I’m seriously considering STARTING A TRAMPOLINE CLASS at FHFC!   This workout was NO JOKE!  Dare I say, it was my favorite of the weekend.  Yes, I dare.



Set up as a partner workout, we traded off time on and off the trampoline.  The partner on the trampoline did various jumps, up/down planks, dips, etc., while the partner on the ground performed burpees, squats, and various core movements. 

There *may* have been some dancing….

(courtesy of Ericka!)

After jumping our little hearts out, it was time to sample some fitmixer! 


The attendees LOVED this product – we had over 250,000 impressions from our #fitmixerfun hashtag!  We chilled the water bottles in our bathtub the night before, so the water was cold when we mixed in the aminos. 

Sometime during the sampling, I slipped away for breakfast.


Plus seconds.  I was starving this whole trip!

After I ate, it was time to digest with a little ZUMBA and Fitfluential fun.  Fact= hip movements help with digestion.  Fact= I just made that up.


Jill – so happy!




After our assigned booth time (7:00AM-11:30AM), I headed upstairs for a shower.  Ran into Laura on the way.


I’d been hoping to meet her – us mamas have to stick together.  She’s lovely.  I already knew that.

A quick shower and chat with Travis (side story – I asked Travis where my kids were and he said he didn’t know.  ?!?!?   Apparently my mom kidnapped them for the entire weekend, so my time away was actually a little mini-vacation for Travis.  And by vacation, I mean that he mowed the lawn and worked on the house.), I headed down to lunch.



Tuckered out and full, I went back up to the room, checked out the swag (see below) and took a NAP!  Oh, a glorious nap!   This meant I missed most of the afternoon sessions, but that was A-OK.


Nap over, I headed back down for Kelly Olexa’s session at 4:30pm.



I petitioned everyone to go out for SUSHI – something I rarely get around here.  Using Yelp, I found out that there was a Kona Grill right around the corner.




In attendance, L-R:  Sana, Hank, Brendon, Gabby, Meg, Bulubox friends, Justin Borucki, Bex, Jill, Bulubox friend and Ericka!



After I stuffed myself with spicy crab sushi (told you I would have Maryland crab while I was here!), Sana, Meg and I walked around the harbor.  It was the perfect temperature all weekend – breezy and crisp!



Back at the hotel, I drank some kombucha and crashed around 10pm.  I’m a loser.


Phew.  Recaps suck.  I’ve got one more 1/2 day to rehash and then it’s back to regular-rambling-Lindsay posts.  My favorite kind.

See you tomorrow!

QUESTION:  Sushi.  Take it or leave it??


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  1. I wanna try a trampoline workout now…looked so fun!
    I’m hit or miss with sushi…if it’s really fresh and high quality i’ll do raw fish…otherwise i’m a tempura shrimp roll kinda gal. Best sushi I ever had was in Chicago. (Even better than the sushi I had in Japan!!)

  2. Very sad that I had to leave early and miss Kelly and sushi and more time with YOU. But hey- at least I have the memories from everything else! Amazing time.
    And yeah- the Jumpsport workout was my favorite- I never would have though that a tramoline workout would kick my butt 100x more than Crossfit (and I know, real Crossfit is a bit more intense…)

  3. I love sushi but that is not the same as Maryland crab!! (I’m a Maryland girl, after all.) You need to try real Maryland blue crab. Yum…

    Will I be seeing you on Saturday? Hope so!