After Friday’s post and my badgering exercise and over exercisers everywhere, I thought I’d share with you what my future fitness goals are.  Because as much as I need to give up some exercise, I also want to keep my habit of daily exercise WELL into my 90s.  Yes, I will be that little old lady you see in water aerobics. 


As long as I can, I will MOVE.  It’s what our bodies were created for. 

This post happens to coincide with our fitmixer Ambassador prompt for the month of September – we were asked to name off our fitness goals and create a plan for achieving them.  I love the second part of this assignment, as I think it’s easy for us to make goals and quite hard to actually make a plan of attack to accomplish said goals.  Lists also happen to be my forte.

When I gave this assignment some thought, I knew that I wanted to focus on one thing in particular – CROSSFIT


After watching the Crossfit games and reading more and more (and more) about it, I became inspired to actually TRY a couple of the WODs (workout of the days).  I simply visit and take the WOD and adapt it to my gym.  For instance, we don’t have a rings to perform dips on, so I created my own unstable dip station by using two Olympic bars on the squat rack (see picture below – lower right).  It works.  I’ve been able to do pretty much everything, aside from rope climbs (and that’s ok by me!).

My very first WOD was Elizabeth.


It nearly killed me. 

I loved it. 

Since then, I’ve completed at least one Crossfit WOD per week (usually two) and I’m finding that, while I’m strong and fit, there are a few Crossfit exercises that I can’t do or would like to be better at.

Enter GOALS!!

Fall Fitness Goals:

1.  Complete 5 Handstand Pushups in a Row.


This particular skill isn’t called upon all that much, but I really want to get better!  I can do ONE handstand pushup right now and then I fall flat on my face, er, top of my head.  I want to string 5 together and THEN fall flat on my face.

Plan of attack:  Practice these before bed every night.  In the corner of the kitchen.  Like a boss.

2.  Learn to Kip.


This will be the biggest challenge BY FAR!  I’ve tried to kip since July and simply can’t get the right rhythm down.  My body just does not want to move that way. 

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like:

Mine look nothing like this.  I can actually do 5 consecutive REAL pullups, but cannot kip!  Grr….

Plan of attack:  Continue to work on these by myself and ask for more help from another trainer who can do them.  Work on making the “C” first.

3.  Complete 10 Double Unders in a Row.

To be honest, I haven’t even TRIED to do a double under!  We don’t have the best jump ropes at the gym – something I’m currently trying to fix – so I think I just need proper equipment to do these.  Crossfit folk – are these particularly hard?

Plan of attack:  As soon as the new jump ropes come in, practice these any time that my clients are doing jumping jacks in the training room (so, often!).


So those are my goals.  I’m giving myself this entire season to complete them, as the last thing I want to do is set myself up for failure.  These goals will be challenging, but doable! 

Inspired to write your own fitness goals??  Would winning something help?  Yes and yes! 


Head over to fitmixer’s website, leave a comment with your own fitness goals and be entered into their September Goals Giveaway for a chance to win a TWO POUND product of your choice!

Go now.  Tell them I sent you!

QUESTION:  What are your current fitness goals?? 


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  1. I went to my first crossfit with Peanut Butter Runner last Saturday and it was thrilling to finally do a WOD!!! I didn’t even think about doing one from my own gym!! 5 pull-ups in a row? GO GIRL! You’ll be kipping in no time!

  2. i’ve been dying to try crossfit! i have a feeling i would collapse my first class though – i just need to find someone who will come with me! i don’t know if could just go by myself somewhere one time

  3. Elizabeth is definitely a tough WOD!!! I’ve been doing crossfit forever and absolutely love it! My fall fitness goal is to get a strict pull up! I have kipping and now I want to get my strict one down!

  4. Nate totally makes fun of me for getting into crossfit since we both thought it was just a fad, but the reality is that i love the short workouts and they WORK! we’re going to install a pullup bar soon and i’m hoping that i’ll be able to completely 5 pullups in a row sometime this year!

  5. Those are awesome goals Lindsay! Double Unders are insanley hard for me!..still can’t do one…and the headstand pushups? You rock for being able to do ONE! Keep it up:)

  6. I love your fitness goals – very fun and different. I can’t believe you can do 5 pullups, I would love to be able to do THAT!

    My goals are all about running right now (marathon countdown), while keeping consistency in the gym. I’m getting better about that, but not perfect yet!

  7. Those are great goals! I’m working on getting a dead hang pull up and also practicing my kipping. I do assisted kipping (with a band) in workouts and want to be able to strong more than 5 together. I tend to hold myself at the top position too long and don’t push off hard enough so I waste a lot of energy and momentum.

  8. I would love to try CrossFit someday but I’m also really afraid – partly because I know it will be hard, partly because I’m afraid I’ll get addicted. ;) But I LOVE your goals. My goal for the month is to run my first race (ever!) and continue with my 10k training.

  9. Double unders are seriously HARD! Like kipping, it’s a rhythm thing. The way the coachs at my box have been teaching me makes it sound simple. Singles are a fast and low jump. To do a double under, change your thoughts on jump roping. Jump higher and slower than you normally would. Then it’s all in your wrists. I’ve been able to get 7 in a row so far. That was a huge accomplishment!! I’ve also found that it’s easier if you do single, double, single, double. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll eventually be able to do double unders exclusively (and faster, I hate being the slowest!!).

    Good luck on your fitness journey! And thank you for sharing with us. I think I’m now inspired to make some long term fitness goals. I’ll join you at water aerobics when we’re 90!! Hahaha!

  10. Eeeeee! This makes me the most excited. I wish so flahfdkfjh badly that you could come to my garage and learn how to kip there. With me.

    My current fitness goal is to get out the door and go running this morning. I like to take things one day at a time. It’s cold and I don’t want to wear a sweatshirt. I’m currently wrapped in a blanket and very comfy. I’m gonna do it, though.

  11. I loved watching the Crossfit games and I did a Crossfit inspired boot camp last year that kicked my butt. I’ve done a few WOD’s from Pinterest at my gym but I like how you took one and adapted it, great idea! My fitness goal is to continue training for my half marathon in October and to work on my speed for it!

  12. More and more people are getting into crossfit. I like that you are adapting the workouts to make them doable in the gym. If I choose that route.. I may be asking you questions since I know a box is totally out of my budget!

    My fitness goals.. would be to keep getting my workouts in. It is always crazy at the beginning of hte school year. I am doing at at home program right now – which is making the transition a little easier!