Hello, howdy and salutations friends! I’m Maddy. I’ve been featured on “The List” a couple times, my most memorable post would have to be the Bikram yoga post (One of two times I have thrown up while working out with Linds.)

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That’s me.

You all have had the opportunity of seeing Lindsay’s everyday rambles, rabbit trails and advice on faith and fitness. But I am blessed enough to hear her corny jokes and see her awesome “fish face” first hand almost every single day. (You should ask her about her fish face; it looks nothing like a fish but keeps us entertained).

Lindsay and Katy are big sisters in every way but blood. They keep me in line, critique my style choices, whatever is on my plate at dinner is automatically theirs and I can go to them with anything. We’re pretty tight. Like yoga pants.

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When I got the okay to guest post, I had a couple ideas but one really stuck out – being a teenager living in a worldly society, being pushed to live one way but yearning to live in a Godly manner.

Throughout high school I was always very active in clubs and organizations. My senior year was wonderful, packed with Soccer tournaments, late night football games and staying up to study for my exams. (just kidding on the last one!) Amongst my dedications and commitments I was Senior class president. My peers were my responsibility.

Someone spray painted the water tank over the weekend? It was my job to figure out who it was and put a stop to it. Seniors trashed the campus on “Senior prank night? It was my job to rally everyone to clean it up! (I’m not gonna lie. I was totally involved in the senior shenanigans, I mean who wouldn’t be?) I had a constant responsibility. Everywhere I went I was representing my school. How would I be remembered when I graduated? Would I be forgotten because I blended into the crowd? Heck no! I was going to be remembered. Remembered as the girl who loved her heavenly father and that light constantly beamed out of her by showing love and happiness.

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Teens can never seem to escape the pressure of drugs, sex and alcohol. It’s a constant struggle of right and wrong. I can honestly say I personally have never partaken in any of these things but it’s not because the temptation hasn’t been there or because I’m a “perfect teen.” It’s because I’m settled in the fact that I am loved. Loved by my family, loved by my friends and loved oh so much by my heavenly father.

I am worthy, a worthy child of God.

If you have a teen in your life, make it known to them that they are loved. Take the time to sit down and talk to them, give them a shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with. Hold their hand in church or send a random “I love you” text. Those can make all the difference in the life of a teen, because it sure has made a difference in mine.

Lovely readers, my wish was to leave you with a perspective on the battle of “Worldy Vs. Godly” through the eyes of the younger generation. I pray that love and peace wash over each one of your relationships. Do you have a teen in your life that you love?  Tell them! Right now!  Go on, I’ll wait.

Never forget to always Love one another.

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QUESTION:  What “click” did you run with in high school?  Did you play sports?  Any clubs?  Tell me everything!

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  1. Great post and I enjoyed hearing this perspective! It’s wonderful that you have great role models in your life. I was in Track & Field and Judo as a teen. Most competitions take place on Saturdays and due to my beliefs, I worship on Saturdays and not Sundays, I chose not to compete and that cut my time in both of those activities short. I don’t regret those decisions and would choose my faith again and again.

  2. Such wise words, Maddy! So glad you have such a solid faith and support system behind you. I’m sure you will make quite an impact on those around you, with your desire to be a light to those around you.
    As for high school, I crossed several groups- had a close group of girlfriends, but that many other friends from yearbook, chorus, soccer, etc… I liked not being pegged into one particular group.

  3. Oh Maddy Brown I love you so! I am just constantly amazed at the works of the Father in your life. Don’t forget you have a FL connection! Stay true and strong. I look forward to the wonder your life will continue to be. Blessings to you sweet girl.

  4. Very inspirational! Loving it if only everyone would take your advice, then the world might be different! Wish people showed me they loved me or cared about me when I was a teen.

  5. Maddy,
    Just a question for you how old are you if you don’t mind me asking or give an age range. You have a lot of knowledge that most teens don’t care to have. When I was in h.s. I was on speech team did year book but my life was distracted but drugs and alcohol. I was very grateful that my youngest niece was born and I had to become her mother since my sister was locked up. When my sister finally got out and was able to care for my niece though I turned to worse drugs because I thought I was a failure since I never got to go to college like everyone else I stayed home to raise my niece. Then my sister gave birth to another girl and I realized that I needed to settle down or I would kill myself, one year after I did I ended up with custody of both my nieces and yet my family still to this day dosnt know what I went through. I wish I was as intelligent as you are. Keep your head up you speak some awesome words.

    1. I am 18 years old! And your story is heartbreaking, but you sound like a wonderful person! Thank you.

  6. I always felt like I didn’t belong in high school. The “nerds” thought I was too athletic. The athletes hung out with the “cool” kids. And the “cool” kids thought I was a nerd. I felt like I didn’t have an identity. It was that identity crisis that led to my eating disorder. Now, I know who I am, and I am proud of who I am every day.
    It’s SO inspiring to hear your strong words, Maddy! Keep your confidence, stay strong in your faith, and never stop believing in yourself. Just from this short post, I can tell you’re going to make a difference in the world. Never be afraid to succeed! :)