Day THREE of rest week!  Yahooo!

Mentally, I’ve had some struggles.  Some thoughts that have run through my crazy brain (and in parenthesis, what I said back to these thoughts – yes, I talk to myself.  Don’t you?)

“You’re going to get fat.”  <-your MOM is going to get fat.

‘You’re going to lose all your muscle.”  <-your MOM is going to lose all her muscle.

…ok I didn’t only use your mom jokes.  Just on those two.  As a general rule, I like to make up to 5 a day.  Any more than that is just excessive.

“You need to restrict your calories.”  <-No.  I need to nourish my body and not worry about food right now.

“See all those people on Instagram.  Their #proof.  They’re gaining momentum, while you’re losing it.”  <-No.  I’m happy for them.  Proud.  Plus, they probably need a rest day soon too.

All those and lots of others.  The mind is a dangerous thing. 

We must simply take charge of it.  Weld it. 

Physically, I’m actually STILL a bit sore from a workout that I did on SATURDAY!!!  It’s THAT good – I’ll have to share.

A little back story first – I had the idea of doing a free Bootcamp a while ago.  But I just never got around to organizing it. 

Well last week, I got a wild hair in my butt and decided to invite any and all to come work out with me at the local high school track.

I posted it a couple of times on Facebook and told people in person.  I was excited.  Pumped to train the masses!!


My sister was the only one to show up.


wah wah.

Actually it worked out WELL.  You see, the night before, I created this workout that we could all do:


The 800 meter run is sprint the straight-aways, jog the curves. 

Plus a Bonus WOD that I saw from a friend on Instagram (EMOM for 10 minutes – 3 Burpees, 6 pushups, 9 Jump Squats).  If you do the math, that’s 100 pushups – no wonder I’m still sore.

Well…..this was HARD.  Like way harder than I thought it would be.  We modified some of the moves to shorter distances, but it was still a pretty hard one!  I soon realized that there was NO WAY that other people who aren’t me (who’s plum crazy) and my sister (who I can force to do things) could have completed it the way I’d written it.  We still ended up doing the Bonus WOD.  We’re hardcore crazy.

Lesson learned:  Try out your workouts before you make others do them!!

Franklin-area friends – I’m not discouraged, but rather hopeful that these Track Star Saturdays can continue.  I’ll be at the track every Saturday at 7:30AM to work out.  Join me!!

QUESTION:  Do you use the track for any of your workouts?  Did you run track in high school?  <-yup, 3200 m. run, 1600 m. run, 1600m. relay.


**Next Tuesday, we’ll have our Tuesday Trainer – that means you need to read on Thursday for the theme!  You should probably just read everyday anyways.**

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  2. I tried to start running when I was in middle school but had one of our PE teacher COMPLETELY discourage me from it. It wasn’t until after college that I tried it again. I’m hoping that with my new move, I might be able to utilize the tracks at the nearby schools for some outdoor workouts to change up my scenery.

  3. yay for rest!!!! if it makes you feel better i took off 3 1/2 days last week and i did not weigh myself because i just never do that but my pants still fit the same! hahah

    and btw when i was reading this i was singing to myself madonna’s lucky star..

  4. I used to run on my little sister’s public school track, but it was small and that was before I really cared about distances. I just started eyeing the high school track not to far from me, but I’m the pathetic one who doesn’t know the distance it is. Yes, I will bust out the Garmin to figure it out haha.

  5. I try out the workouts for boot camp before sending them out. The past one I sent out in the full crazy mode, but emphasized to everyone to take the active recovery periods as rest periods as much as needed. Can’t wait to do another workout with you soon! so glad you should be coming. :)

  6. So proud of you for keeping up with the rest! I find the most challenging thing about the act of resting, is seeing other people push themselves in workouts. Its hard to see others working out when you can’t do something. I found that hard when I took a rest week as well. Just know the rest will make you stronger both mentally and physically after all of this!
    That workout looks intense, love it!

  7. Hey Lindsay! I just recently found your blog, and I love it! Thanks for your openness about overexercising… your choice to take some rest days inspired me to do the same… and it’s been much-needed!! Thanks!

  8. The mind IS a very dangerous thing isn’t it? I cannot stand when I let my mind play games with me. It’s so mean and a really scary downward spiral waiting to happen sometimes, you know? I’m glad you pushed those thoughts away and focused on the positive…like remembering how KICKASS your last workout was. Holy moly that looks intense!!

  9. Great post, Linds! I almost laughed at the “…no one showed up” part because I’ve been there, done that with different events! We once put on a Halloween party and NO ONE showed up for about an hour…we were about to leave when a family and maybe 2 friends came, but we laughed as we partied by ourselves for quite some time. ;)

    Glad to hear day 3 is going okay! Rest is so important. I was having a rough run Sunday so I turned back and walked, getting barely any movement in, and yesterday I was simply NOT feeling a workout w/a long work day and didn’t do. I never would have in the past! It’s been good to learn to listen to my body better; great work doing that for yourself. And you know what? It’s all in what you eat anyways, so you’ll likely even lose (not that it’s your goal) – meaning that rest + clean eating = fit body!

    The hardest part, I agree, is seeing others’ #PROOF. It makes me feel like I SHOULD be moving and I’m falling behind, but it’s everyone’s OWN journey and i need to remind myself of that almost daily. Thanks for the reminder today!

  10. Thank goodness for sisters, right?! I wish I would have been there…I would have definitely showed up.

    Oh and I took a rest week last week and feel so much better this week! I just needed it…can’t remember when the last time I did that was. I have a happy body.

  11. Lol I HATED running until college. Like super hated it. PRobably because I never did it and thus it was hard… Haha. I do wish I had access to a track, I know there are a couple in the city but not too close to me. Oh well, I love my lakefront and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

  12. Sorry no one came to your class but it sounded like a fun idea!!! And I totally agree to test the workouts…because a lt of the time I find they are harder than planned…:)

  13. The mind can be a dangerous thing, can’t it? I am the queen of overthinking and ALL of these thoughts would go through my head. I am so glad that you aren’t restricting calories during your rest days, that is so important NOT to do! Good on you! And I agree, do your own workouts before testing on others hehe!

  14. Makes me wish I had a sister to coerce into joining one of my boot camps :) (no, seriously!) For the record – I totally would have come and been a crazy with you ;)
    A lot of times in my boot camps, I just have an idea of what I’ll have them do. If it comes down to it, and it’s too tough (or easy,) then we’ll modify.
    I used to use the track when I was all gung ho and being fast runner Paige, but now that I’m just run for fun Paige I haven’t been back. Well, except to use the bleachers for boot camps and client sessions. Muahaha.

  15. The mind IS a dangerous thing, but I’m REALLY glad that you’re consciously mastering your thoughts!!

    That’s a hardcore workout for sure! Phew!!

    I ran cross-country in high school for a bit, but had to quit when I became a competitive rower. Every other sport took a backseat after that. It taught me all I know about being an athlete, rowing then made me a better runner now for sure!!

  16. I’m not sure if my comment is awaiting moderation, or if I just stuffed up, but mostly I wanted to say you rock, and whether or not people turn up (and I totally would have if I lived near you!), you’ve got something gold here. Keep going! I am going to steal that workout at some point. Hard? Great! If I can’t finish it, it’s perfect.

  17. Ya mum! Amazing.

    I’ sad that you didn’t get a huge response – hopefully it gets better. If I were near you,I would totally have joined in :-). Maybe that’s workout you can come back to – to check your progress in a few months or something. It actually looks really cool! If I ever get my butt down to a track, I’d give it a go for sure.

  18. your sis is a champ. I would have died and made you carry me back for your “extra” workout. JK… maybe

    I think the hardest thing about resting is seeing everyone else out there. You want to join in and be part of a the club, so to speak. But that’s why virtual sherpas are needed. to be the support. To encourage from the sidelines, to support, to pray, amen?!

    love ya.