(that was me yelling, trying to inspire you to take this day head on!  Make it yours!  Fight, fight, fight!! 

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…Or just crawl back into bed.  Start fresh on Tuesday.)

I’m thrilled that you guys agree with my REST post (and that some of you are joining in!)! 

Even though taking this rest week will most assuredly be one of the hardest things I’ve done lately, REST IS SIMPLE.

You just rest.

You don’t do anything.

It *should* be one of the easiest things in the world.  Doing nothing.

My mind wants to race a million miles a second and worry about all of the fitness I’m losing or strength gains I could be making, when all I need to do is…

…simply BE.

To simply be content.

To simply be happy.

To simply be purposeful.

To simply be quiet.  (shhh!)

To simply be PRESENT with my husband and kids.

To simply surrender.

That’s what I want to do this week.

Take the focus and energy that I would take to Bootcamp/the weightroom/the Arc Trainer and direct it towards LIFE OUTSIDE THE GYM.

To simply BE.

I like it.


Speaking of “Simply”….(and corny intros…)


The Simply Bar recently sent me some product to review.  This company was a generous sponsor at BLEND and gave us all bars to take on our hike to Royal Arch!



They work on hikes, yes, but also dipped into coffee during snack time.  Yum.


Check out how they compare to the competition!!  (P.S.  You can tell they are Canadian by the way they spell “favourite.”  Reminds me of Susan, Tamara and Bonnie.)


The Simply Bar wants to give ONE reader a box of their very own yummy deliciousness!! 

The Prize:

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To Enter:

Leave a comment below and tell me how you simplify YOUR life.

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Best of luck, friends! 

I encourage you to lead a simpler life, whatever that might look like for you!  To focus on what matters.  To surrender.


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  1. for me, getting up an extra five or so minutes in the morning so that I can just be thankful and soak in the day before heading out allows me to simplify a bit.

  2. I am about to simplify my life by taking a blog reduction. [Like a boob reduction, except I have no boobs to begin with.] I’m still figuring out what that will look like…but I know something has to give. And that is what it is going to be.

  3. I simplify more on a conscience level, concentrating on 1 activity at a time. By trying to be more Buddhist about life and enjoy the present moment. We can really make our lives chaotic – just inside of our own minds, by worrying about to many things at once. It’s a hard habit to break, especially for a work from home mom and wife, but if a recovering multi-tasking addict like myself can do it, there is hope for everyone!

  4. Between school, work, working-out, volunteering, and being part of the Nutrition program at my school, I simplify my life by wearing less make-up! It takes me a maximum of 20 minutes to get ready in the morning and I am off and ready to go! Plus, it leaves me more time to work-out/stretch in the morning!

  5. Simplifying by not getting data on my phone. Right now, its too much of a distraction and unnecessary.

  6. Awesome giveaway! I’m simply my life by planning as much as possible the day before. If that means getting clothes laid out getting meals prepared I do it. Also I try to write list of what I need to do for the week and slowly break it down, it helps to show motivation when you accomplish things on your list. Thanks going to share on face book and tweet about this as well!

  7. I simplify by planning all my meals and workouts for the upcoming week. It helps me stay organized and frees up more time to focus on the important stuff!

  8. AWESOME GIVEAWAY!! I keep it simple by choosing to surround myself with people who support and love me no matter what.

  9. Recently I’ve been trying to simplify my life by getting rid of the material items that I don’t need. Its nice having fewer things around the house and I’m able to focus on doing things that matter more than constantly feeling like I need to organize or put things away.

  10. I simplify my life by slowing down to spend time with my daughters. They always make me laugh and not take things so seriously!

  11. I simply live my life by spending time with my family :) this week my family and I have a 28 hour drive ahead of us back to Ontario, so I will definitely just be “simply” living :) going with the flow :)

  12. I simplify my life by keeping a daily schedule set for each day of the week to make sure everything gets done in order when it needs to be done! I stay positive and also make the best of every situation! Thanks so much for the simple giveaway! :)

  13. I simplify my life by routine. I keep myself to a schedule that I plan out about a week in advance. I give myself 1 day to be spontaneous, but stick to the plan every other day of the week. This schedule includes a menu, budget and work out plan. But, most importantly- I simplify by saying “God you’ve got all this. Take care of it for me. Show me my part and I’ll leave the rest to you.” :)

  14. I am a runner, which means when I’m on the road, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I leave all the stress at home and it’s just me on the road, trai… er pavement and I just GO!

  15. I simplify my life by not having a lot of stuff. We are a very simple family. Just having the things we use most often and not being bombarded by stuff.

  16. I’ve been trying to have a “simple” life by spending more time with family than blogging. I LOVE blogging but I really want to spend these last few days of summer with family and having fun.

  17. I am trying to simplfiy my life in many ways: sitting down and resting on Sunday afternoons (reading a book, magazine or my bible); going through the clutter in our closets and giving away old clothes, shoes, baby stuff we no longer use; not cramming our weekends so full of plans that we NEVER have time to relax and sit in the backyard while the kids play on the swingset.

  18. I simplify my life by making many to-do lists prioritizing all of the items I need to do :) i also try to simplify my life by not stressing over the little things (which I am still working on). Thank goodness I have a wonderful family and boyfriend to help me realize when I’m stressing over things I definitely shouldn’t be.

  19. I have been trying to simplify our (my family)life by trying not to buy more than we need. We have been doing a pantry challenge (aka – we have no money to buy food)and it has been good to be simple and use up what we have. A challenge indeed, but a good reminder I don’t need to have all my “special foods” all the time.

    Well yes I do, but i will be simple for a week. Just think how good my almond milk will taste on Wednesday. :)

  20. I try to prioritize my life and do things that make me happy and aren’t stress inducing

  21. I used to cook complicated recipes every day of the week, which was stressful and left us with too many leftovers. I simplified my life by cooking meals with less ingredients and trying fun recipes 1 or 2 times a week instead of 5. That way I still feel creative without being overwhelmed.

  22. Just like you, going a little easier on my workout routine and giving my bod a much needed break!

  23. I try to simplify my life by making lists…like Lindsay! =). I find this really helps, especially when i am feeling very busy. I will review my list and put a star next to things that REALLY need to get done, then put the others off for another day. Sometimes just picking out the nitty gritty or the facts of a situation can make things a lot more simple.

    Another great one is when I have a bad attitude about something. I try to simplify it all by pointing out the facts to myself. 1-Am I making it out to be bigger than it is? 2-Does person-X really feel that way about me?, Did they mean what they said in a negative fashion or was I just reading them the wrong way? 3-Does my boss really think I do my job well? Often times, especially us girls, can get wrapped up in over-thinking things, which can only make us stress more when we may not even need to at all!

    Okay, sorry, long comment- probably not very simple, huh?! LOL

  24. exercising first thing in the morning before I can think about it! it gives me clarity for the rest of the day

  25. I simplify my life by exercising first thing in the morning before I can think about it! It gives me clarity for the rest of the day.

  26. I’m not very good at simplifying! Always a work in progress. I try not to worry. Recently I have tried to simplify my weekdays by making up my breakfasts and lunches for the week on Sundays! It’s so helpful! (But I sometimes dread it on Sundays!)

  27. We try to not overload with activities but just be home as a family most of the time. Our kids are little and it just makes so much sense to spend time with them and not out and about doing stuff.

  28. I am right there with you on the to-do lists I LOVE them…possibly too much…but I feel they always simplify my life when I have everything that needs to be done written down in front of me!

  29. I love this post and your message of just being. It is one that I too am trying SO HARD to live by, but each day, it is a new challenge to do just that. I love how this tied in with the giveaway too, and I LOVE simply bars. I tweeted :)

  30. I simplify my life by doing something for ME every single day. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I know that if I don’t, then the people I care for most only see a second-rate version of me.

  31. I simplified my life by defining my boundaries, both literally and figuratively. I no longer stretch myself too thinly by working at several locations, and now work at just two. I switched from driving my car all over creation to riding my bicycle every day. When I get busy, I make sure I set aside plenty of “me time” to recover. It’s working really well!

  32. I simplify my life by making lists and trying to stay on top of my “to-do’s”. Also, a cup of coffee + me time helps a lot too! :)

  33. I simplify my life by keeping in touch with God and trying to let him shine through me! Having Him by my side make everything better!

  34. I try to simplify life by doing things when I think of them, not at the last minute. It’s a hard trait to change, but I am trying. :)

  35. I try to simplify my life by doing things when I think of them. I am notorious putting it off until the last minute which usually results in a freak out. Slowly, but surely I am changing that not-so-wonderful stressor.

  36. I try to simplify my life by organizing and planning ahead as much as possible and taking total lazy do nothing days every now and then. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  37. Simply be…by simplifying my life and embracing new opportunities (one that just plopped into my lap just this past week even..scary but I’m going for it!)

    LOVE this post and this concept…you are so good for me, Ms. Lindsay!! xoxo

  38. Love that ‘funny’ spelling reminds you of your Canadian friends!
    Glad that your rest week is off to a great start.
    I use time in my ‘knitting garden’ to simply be. Nestled in amongst the plants, cup of coffee in hand, face angled towards the sun. Always makes me feel calm and present!

  39. I simplify my life by focusing on the things that matter to me (family, health, faith, etc.)and by learning to let go of the things that aren’t so important…it is an on-going journey that’s for sure!

  40. Great post – simplify! I simplify my life by getting out into the mountains at least once a month. Just BEING out there (and especially being there with Mikey and quietly before God) really affects my week/days. Mikey needs it in a deep way and it’s so simple to head out and hike and allows us to carry a simplicity and perspective back into our busy weeks.

    LOVE The Simply Bar! …crossing my fingers for this one! ;)

  41. don’t enter me! but i wanted to tell you to ENJOY YOUR REST!!!!!!!!!!!!! i took a few days off a week ago and it was amazing and guess what – i’m still alive & functioning – it’s amazing what a few days off can do to your brain! it tells you that exercise is not mandatory but fun and supposed to relax not stress you out! can’t wait to hear how you enjoy your BEING! xox

  42. Last night I downloaded the APP (i never do such things) called “Simply Being”. Then I woke up this morning, and did a 5 minute meditation before opening my computer and getting on with my day! First thing I saw was this post!!! How crazy is that?!? I guess I need to start Simply Being more often…maybe it will win me some goodies every now and then! ;) Have a great rest week!

  43. I try to limit how much information I am taking in, like the news, blogs, internet, etc. It really helps me!

  44. I simplify by making sure I get all my “must-dos” done but still leave time to relax a little bit too. Planning ahead helps me simplify!

  45. I simplify my life by cutting out electronics in my life for some part of the day – no tv or computer – just family time

  46. I simplify my life by not committing to anything on Friday nights. I’m training for a marathon so that requires early Saturday mornings with lots of miles. My life is so much easier if I relax on Fridays.

  47. When life gets overwhelming I go for a walk. Just a nice walk outside…it gives me time to focus, and when I leave my ipod/phone at home, I pray, sort through my worries and thoughts, and always return home feeling rejuvenated and thankful.

  48. Lately, I’ve been simplifying my life by implementing this saying when each situation comes up: “If it has no eternal significance, it’s not worth fussing over!”

  49. I simplify my life by ENJOYING the simple things in life! Like waking up early and watching the sunrise :)

  50. Simple. It’s the one word that I strive to live up to in every area of my life. By not over-thinking situations, by avoiding the temptation of having too many material possessions, by learning to be okay with saying NO when a yes would complicate my life. The simple spaces that are left after all that complexity is removed are then filled up with a joyous peace that being a healthy, active, godly mom is all about. Glorious.

  51. I simplify by making sure I take time everyday to just read my book and drink a cup of coffee :)

  52. I try to simplify my life by prepping meals for the week on Sunday’s and making my to-do list, shopping list and workouts for the week.

  53. I simplify my life by making an organized to-do list everyday to get everything in order simply!

  54. I simplify by trying to avoid negative environments and people as much as possible, since these create unnecessary complication and stress.

  55. I simplify by avoiding negative environments and people as much as possible, since these create unnecessary complication and stress.

  56. I simplify my life by avoiding negative situations and people as much as possible, since these create unnecessary complication and stress.