Hello Everyone This is Travis (the husband),

To you steady readers I issue a quick apology.  Lindsay’s regularly scheduled post is down below you should go read it it’s all the al’s (inspirational, motivational etc.) and y’s (witty, funny sexy, etc.) that you’ve come to know love and even expect from her.  But I had to jump in real quick because I figured out her password to sing her Happy Birthday.

Oh yeah and another apology to everyone because Lindsay does a much better fake british accent than me and I had to race to put this whole thing together while she was out so she wouldn’t know it was coming.

For those of you wondering just what the heck that is you needed to have been here July 15th to have seen this (which is a much better video):

Happy Birthday I love you.


Someone leave a comment, she won’t see this until you do, so she gets an email saying there was a response to this post and gets a really cute confused look on her face and say’s, “Wait what?” in a mixed confused/excited voice then gets here and reads this and is still so surprised she can hardly believe it.



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  2. Now there’s a thoughtful husband (way to go, Travis!)… :D HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linds! Let that man love you well and we are all so glad that you’re in this world!


    A couple things:

    1) That little video is TOO adorable. Cutest kids ever….well behind or right up there with my own of course. ;)

    2) Since we both have Aug bdays I thikn that calls for a required get together this month.

    3) I LOVE YOU!