dear over exercising

August 13, 2012 in Blog, Body, Causes, ED, fitmixer Bootcamp, Goals, Inspiration, Popular by lindsaymwright

I told you this post was coming.

I’ve needed to write it for a long time.  And it was actually fitmixer that pushed me to it.


You see, I was recently asked to join fitmixer’s Ambassadorship program (YAHOOOOO!!)!  After meeting the company at Blend, I was smitten.  I’ve tested their products and participated in their last Bootcamp.  As a fitmixer Ambassador, I will be writing monthly posts for the company, spreading the word about their fabulous products and Bootcamps (the next one starts September 10th), and most importantly, I’ll be hosting GIVEAWAYS for you guys!  Am I allowed to say YAHOOOOOOO again!?!?  (<-think that one had more Os so you KNOW I’m excited.)


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This month’s given prompt was to write a break up letter.  If you’ll remember, in my last break up letter, I broke up with my eating disorder.  Writing that letter was VERY therapeutic and I’m thankful that I received no judgment from it.

This time, I feel the need to address another body image topic – OVER EXERCISING.


Because I love movement SO much and feel my BEST when I’m getting a daily (or sometimes twice thrice daily) sweat on, it’s very hard for me to write this letter.  And I feel like I’m in a community and a profession that puts GREAT VALUE on physical appearance so it’s hard to find that line not to cross.

But it must be done. 

Exercise is an idol for me.  Something I place far too great of an importance on.

I’m tearing down these idols, guys.  Bit by bit, conscious change by change.  It means the difference between living vibrantly and living with voids.

And I want to be a VOIDLESS, FULL person.

Just full of the right things.

Dear Over Exercising (OE),

I have to stop you.

Or at least get you under control.

No stop.  I must stop.

See this is hard.

Because you make me feel so damn good.

Because over the last few years, I’ve perfected you.


I have such mixed feelings about all of this.

I’m just confused, because I’m told by others that I should…




And honestly, I thrive off of that.  But I’m getting tired of being yelled at.

And I’m tired of trying to keep up with an industry that places far too great of an importance on minutes logged, curls performed and miles ran.

Those things do not define a person.


You beckon me.

And your cronies feed on my need for validationFor #proof.

I think they go by the names of DailyMile, My Fitness Pal, Fitocracy and so many others.

But that’s putting blame on others…and this infatuation is not their fault.

Dear OE,

You consume me.

You’ve injured me.

You’ve made me focus more on my body than I should.

You’ve taken something that’s healthy (needed) and turned it into something ridiculous.

I need to take back control. 

To perfect my BALANCE in this realm of my life.  You’ve made me lose sight of that balance.

When does something healthy turn into an obsession?

I want to go back to the time before you took over.

When exercise was simply “a part” and not “my whole.”

Obsessive OE,

I’m tired.  I’m done.

There is SO much more to life an you.

I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry.

We gotta break up….


– Linds

WOW!  Writing this has given me so many additional post ideas!  This is a huge topic for me….especially since fitness is MY JOB!

Hard.  So hard.

Putting this break up into practice, my new focus is have a more balanced approach to exercise.  I’ll still get a daily sweat.  But only one.  And in shorter spurts.  There are days when I can’t control this (my teaching days), but for the most part, I’m taking back controlPlease keep me in your prayers!!

**I feel the need to add one thing.  Exercise is HEALTHY.  And if you aren’t getting a daily sweat (with one or two rest days mixed in), you SHOULD.  I, and so many others, have simply taken it to an extreme.  That’s what I’m addressing here.  NOT healthy exercising!**

QUESTION:  If you were to break up with something, what would it be??  Thoughts on healthy living/fitness bloggers and overexercising?  I know I’m not the only one!

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