**Since I’ll be traveling next Monday and Tuesday, Tuesday Trainer will have to take a backseat again!  Sorry, guys!  I’ve already filmed a theme for the following week!**

I knew I’d find my voice again. 

How was your holiday??  I hope you ate watermelon (check), got some safe, sunscreened sun (check), spent time with family & friends (check) and partook in some adult beverages (yup).


Add swimming in the lake, throwing rocks at fish (because they nibbled your toes while swimming), eating FAR too many chocolate chip cookies and a morning walk to the list and YOU’RE ME.

(which is always a good thing, I think.)

The entire day was wonderful, but it was the morning walk that gave me a prompt. 

Before heading out, I posted this picture on Instagram:


Caption read: Taking an Independence Day from insufficient self love.  These are my legs and I’m starting to like them.

I’ll save the “learning how to love every piece of your body” for a different day.  That one will require much thought.  More than I have on this particular 4th of July day.

So that morning walk…

Clara and I headed out early.  No boys allowed. 

We needed to gab.

We must have passed five or ten people before the idea came to me.

In fact, had I remembered to bring the headphones which still lay in my “Take Me” spot by the door, this walk would have been something completely different.  A run of the mill one.

Headphones close you off.  (Good for the gym.  Bad for walks.)

For one mile, Clara and I talked amongst ourselves.  She has a lot to say on the following subjects: 

(dead air, birds cheep)

Ok, she doesn’t really talk.  Except to ask for food and to repeat back every.single.word you say in a way that is incomprehensible to anyone but her brother.  And (I hope) herself.

So, I’m listening to jibberish, pushing that stroller as only a true power walking mom can understand, when we come up behind an older woman, half walking, half jogging.

Immediately, I notice her calves.

Rock hard and wonderful.  Calves I’d love to have.

As we pass her, I couldn’t help but say it.

“You’re lookin’ good!  And your calves are AMAZING!”

Immediately, the biggest smile spread across her face and she began to tell me about how she’d been working on trying to keep her legs strong.


I made her happy.

(I like doing that.  Always.  I’m a natural people pleaser.)

But this went much deeper than that desire to please. 

This was me being honest about something I found lovely.  Something that needed to be spoken.  Something that made us BOTH feel good.

After that initial praise, I couldn’t stop myself.

Every person we passed, if I saw something worth noting, I did.

“Nice arms.”  “I love your braids!” “That speedo really suits you.”

Those people were blessed.  I was blessed. 

And Clara was exposed to PURPOSEFUL PRAISE.


It was a grand walk.

One I hope to take many more times.  Purposely.

Me and my STRONG legs.


QUESTION:  When is the last time you were purposeful with your praise?  Try to do it today – give one person a sincere compliment!

**P.S.  Wanna see me and my legs in a bikini?!?!!?**


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  1. I wrote TWO posts in the past week/week and a half about the praise that I’ve gotten from other people. It truly made my year! A runner, who was so much more conditioned than me, turned around to run back and tell me that I, yes I, made running look so easy and enjoyable. WHOA. ME!?!?! And then a girl, less than a week later, asked me at the gym how I made running look so easy and asked me to teach her to breath. I thought I’d been set up. lol But those two instances made me smile big those days…and were proof that all this hard work is paying off.

    And I plan to pay it forward whenever I can.

    Lindsay, you have one gorgeous smile…and I notice that in every picture you post and even in the bikini video. :D

  2. Awesome. Such an easy thing to do, and also an easy thing to forget to do. I’m going to work on this today.

  3. What a great walk! It’s so true, I often think something nice about someone but for some reason am too self conscious or shy to say anything. So dumb! Who wouldn’t love to hear something nice about themselves? I need to speak up more and see the positive impact it has!

  4. Very nice! Yes. I pay a compliment to a stranger when I genuinely have something to say. They’re always happy, just as I am. Doesn’t it make your day when a stranger has something nice to say about you? Keep passing it on :)

  5. I just read a devotion about this very this today! “Anytime you think something positive about someone else, you should tell them. We should all live by that rule, as it will help us become more comfortable speaking life-giving words.” You were living it out yesterday!!

  6. was that in the shereadstruth the other day? i loved it. It’s so true. Purposeful praise, we need it, we need loving affirmation that we are God’s children, beautiful.

  7. LOVE the concept of purposeful praise!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. It’s something I’ve been trying very hard to do…with friends and family for sure, and yes even with myself. I’ve also been doing it a lot with clients at the studio where I teach. Pointing out their form improvements or that they are looking particularly fit that day or whatever. It never ceases to amaze me what a few simple words of encouragement and praise can do. It’s a simple thing but leaves such an amazing and lovely lasting impression.
    PS. you DO have wonderful legs, for the record ;-)

  8. I have to say I do this all the time. I love praising things I see that I love, so much that my husband is all, “Why would you tell a complete stranger you love their haircut????!!!”

    “Do you know her mommmy?” My kids always ask after I start up conversations with random people.

    I shall carry on with my praise! I love this post!!

  9. LOVE Lindsay!! Great post. I need to work on accepting compliments from others and I think this is a wonderful message you are sending your daughter!! I’m definitely a people pleaser it feels amazing to make other people smile. I love the first picture with both kiddos! Adorable!!

  10. I need to work on taking compliments. I give them to people all the time because it makes me and them feel good but I hate to get them. They make me so uncomfortable and my first gut reaction is to deny the compliment. This drives Keith crazy…so I have been really working hard on just saying thank you.

  11. I actually did this for the first time on Tuesday during my run. I passed by a park where a bunch of ladies were doing a boot camp workout. Even though I was far away, I screamed, “Nice job ladies! Looking gooooood!” They all waved and smiled so I hope I made their day.

    It does feel good to put a smile on someone’s face. Time to dish out more compliments and to also learn how to accept compliments (that’s my biggest problem).

  12. Purposeful praise can really do wonders for our own moods and lift our spirits! It is something I do occasionally – but would like to do it on a more regular basis.

    I love that you are working to love every part of your body – and your legs are amazing! :)

    I should take some lessons from you on self-love.

  13. Such a fabulous post and what an amazing message to give to Clara at such an early age! It is a amazing what something as little as a smile or a compliment can do to our mood and our day and I sure you made a lot of people have very happy days yesterday after your kind comments :)

  14. Great post, Lindsay! I think I’m fairly good in this area (there are a lot of OTHER areas I seriously need work in, though haha). I know how much I appreciate praise, so I try to give it to others. I think the part I really need to remember is to give that praise to those CLOSEST to me, like my husband! He deserves it, but sometimes I just forget!