So you guys like birthday-palooza week, huh?

Of course you do – my readers are smart.

Obviously.  As you are HERE.

Today, we have a workout and a giveaway.  I have to make you do some work for the giveaway, so we’ll do Tuesday Trainer FIRST!
(For any new readers (hi!), Tuesday Trainer is a workout collaborative that I created to get readers involved and inspired.  Every week, I post a theme, users submit a move that fits within that theme and on Tuesday, I create a workout and feature the submissions. This is our THIRTY SIXTH Tuesday Trainer – I’m so proud of that!)

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is REACTIVE TRAINING! 

What IS Reactive Training?

Reactive Training: Exercises that use QUICK, POWERFUL movements involving an eccentric contraction immediately followed by an explosive concentric contraction. – NASM

Why should I do Reactive Training (RT)?

No matter the population or the activity, one’s ability to react and generate force quickly is crucial to overall function and safety during movement. Reactive/power training can enhance one’s ability to stabilize while moving, slow down and/or stop, and produce forces at speeds that are functionally applicable to the tasks at hand. – NASM

Essentially, when we train for power and agility, we build up our muscles (and muscle memory) to perform powerfully and with speed OUTSIDE of the gym!  This is functional fitness.  Being able to quickly catch a falling toddler.  Or sprint after a runaway cart at the grocery store.

And if you take my Bootcamp classes, this is why we flip tires.  Explosive, power movements are huge calorie burners!!!

How often should I train for Power?

No more than 3 times per week on non-consecutive days!  Your CNS needs that amount of time to rest between explosive workouts!  For program design, you can either create an entire RT workout, or simply add one or two reactive exercises into your strength training regimen.

Who should do Reactive Training?

Anyone. But there is a systematic approach to Reactive Training (RT).  I wouldn’t train a 65 year old woman the same as a 25 year old male athlete.  Both NEED Reactive Training, but in different ways.  There are various exercise progressions that have to be made, first starting with stabilization for RT and slowly moving to Power RT.

The Workout


**Disclaimer – Perform this workout at your own risk!  Do not attempt any of the exercises if you are unfamiliar with the proper technique.  Doing so may result in injury.  Use your best judgment.**

The Moves

Squat with Medicine Ball Throw – ME


Jump Lunges – Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell


Explosive RB Push Press – Tamara, fitknitchick


“Froggies” – Plank to Frog Jump – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Lateral Jump Lunges – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Squat Jumps – Becki, fightingforwellness (first TT – give her a warm welcome!)


A special thanks to everyone who submitted!!  Come back Thursday for next week’s theme!

Birthday-Palooza GIVEAWAY TIME!!


For today’s giveaway, I’m featuring a company that holds such a dear spot in my heart.  CHOBANI.


As most of you know, Chobani was the OFFICIAL sponsor of the Blend 2012, so I had the (great) pleasure of working very closely with them to orchestrate that event.  But did you know that Chobani was actually MY first giveaway win?  And did you know that THAT giveaway win was a great catalyst in me starting this blog?

Quick story: A little over a year ago, Janetha hosted a Chobani giveaway and I won!


The crappy picture (with a flash, I might add) that I took of my winnings.

It was during this process (of giving her my address and such) that Janetha and I began our friendship (something I cherish!).  It was also during this time that I fell in love with Chobani!

My kids are Chobani Champions models.  Chobani sends me fun stuff.  The Chobani team makes a point of getting to know you.  I love them.

I could go on and on, but basically, I (heart) Chobani!

Chobani loves me back and they’re giving away TWO prize packs to prove it.

TWO winners will receive a CUSTOM case of Chobani + some Chobani Champions!  Cool beans!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway runs through Friday night – winners announced Saturday!  Best of luck, friends!


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  2. I usually do the plain and add a crap-TON of my own add ins, but I have to say I have a soft spot in my heart for the Passionfruit…love the crunch of the seeds! :)

    PS, yay for the Cho bringing bloggers together! Where would we have been without them for Blend 2012?! :D

  3. Blood Orange without a doubt! I haven’t tried pineapple, but it’s going on my grocery list!

  4. In my quest to get my boyfriend to eat healthier, I have gotten him addicted to Chobani, so this would be an amazing giveaway to win for the both of us!!

  5. my absolute favorite chobani flavor is pineapple, although they are all delicious!

  6. I love plain with chunky nut butter mixed it! Oh yes! but I love taking the singles of apple cinnamon when I’m on the go, those are delicious! You really can’t go wrong with any flavors ;)

  7. Pineapple! I just started eating chobani (hated yogurt until I tried Chobani!!!!) I am hooked!

  8. What a great workout! I love those lateral jump lunges… I may need to add those to my exercise routine. As for Chobani, YUM! I love all the flavors I’ve tried so far. I’ve never tried apple cinnamon, though. I think I’m missing out!

  9. Chobani pineapple = crack. So deliciousss! I’ve been wanting to try the Chobani Champions for the chocolate kind….29 year olds are still considered kids, right?! :)

    Happy Birthday Lindsay’s List!

  10. I am partial to plain, because I can add anything to it and make it a party in my mouth…

  11. My favorite Chobani flavor changes weekly (seriously, it’s weird). Right now, I can’t get enough pineapple!

  12. I need to win this contest, since I’ve never, ever tried Chobani!
    I haven’t seen it in the grocery stores I shop at, but since Bonnie says it’s in Canada, I shall have to broaden my search!

    Thanks for the fun workout! (Sorry for the crappy lighting in my video; no time to re-do it this week!)

  13. My favorite flavor is on the newer end …apple and cinnamon! To me it tastes just like apple pie with vanilla ice cream!

  14. I love this company! But I’ve only had them once in the States as they are in Canada but not Calgary, so I’d love to win this giveaway! Thanks for sharing the goodness, Linds. ;)

    Fun TT! Will have to look through this explosive set later! :D

  15. Yay for Chobani and for all of these awesome moves! Boo for me not being organized enough to get my TT video on. I had good intentions…does that count?

  16. I love 2% plain. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! On some Tuesdays I also buy a Blood Orange from the local gas station if I have to get gas (i teach spin in the morning – perfect before class fuel). Plain is my very favorite though!

    Great workout Lindsay!

  17. I’ve never tried Chobani but it sounds good. :-) I’m writing it on my shopping list for my next trip. :-)

  18. I can’t believe there is now a video of me on the internet. :-) Yay, Tuesday Trainer!

    And of course, yay Chobani! I love the plain so I can mix in fresh organic berries, but I also love the pomegranate (it was actually the first flavor I ever tried). So delicious!

  19. It’s a tie between Chobani’s 0% Lemon flavor and Chobani’s 0% Blueberry flavor! So I think they should make a Blueberry-Lemon flavor! LOL! :)

  20. My absolute favorite Chobani flavor is the 2% strawberry banana – it’s so creamy and tastes like dessert! I’m was never a huge yogurt fan, but this flavor (and most other Chobani flavors!) has really made me enjoy it!

    My son also loves the Chobani Champions – his favorite is the Honey ‘nana!

  21. I love Chobani too!! I love raspberry, and lemon, and apple cinnamon, and peach… :)

  22. So hard to pick one flavor but I love the blood orange, plain, or straight strawberry/blueberry! Told you I couldn’t choose just one

  23. I don’t have a fave since I’ve never tried chobani, so that’s why I’d LOVE to win this!

  24. Hey! Congrats on the birthday by the way. That’s awesome! I’ve loved reading your blog. Anyways, I love the plain 0% but the Blood Orange is ridiculously good as well.

  25. I love the plain original 0% because I add my own fresh or frozen fruit to it for natural sweetness! I also like to use it as a mayo sub on my sandwiches or a sour cream substitute too! Thank you so much!