You know how after you go to a dinner party with your husband,


after having stared at one another all night from across the room…


a little buzzed from the homemade margaritas and the scintillating blogger conversation….


Heather, Me, Tina & Laura

and you get in the car to drive home and your mind is RACING with all of the things that have happened and all the conversations you had….


all the observations you made, some spoken verbally, but most to yourself inside your head….


Chamomile tea

You talk about all the great people you met, the food you ate and the hospitality that you enjoyed…


Host Heather in her Blend shirt!

how funny it was when so and so made that joke (usually “A blogger walks into a bar…”) and did you notice how cool the host’s artwork was…


how BLESSED you are to have great friends who forfeit sleep to make you vegan donuts…


and how you miss your kids so badly, but how nice it is to get away for a minute….

And how you wouldn’t trade places with a single person at the party because you LOVE how your life looks right at this moment


 Tofu Scramble with Vegan Maple Bacon Donuts

I love that car ride home. 

I love holding hands and feeling secure in the choices we’ve made.  Where God has led us.

I love how BLESSED we are to have friends with different passions and goals from us.

When you’re exposed to DIFFERENT, you come to know why you chose what you chose. 

You also APPRECIATE and WELCOME the differences – never looking down or judging others because they aren’t on the same path as you, because who says your path is more perfect or the best??087

Gas station fro-yo!

I find so much comfort in that car ride home. 

We set goals, we laugh, we relish.  We’re on the same page.  

It’s about refining and defining…

The drive home.… it’s HOME.

QUESTION:  Are all of your friends in the “same place” as you or are you all different??  Good or bad..discuss.


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  1. Great, great post! It’s funny how you can seem so in the same place as your friends, but yet so far at the same time. A lot of my friends are married and engaged, and I am not. Some are thinking of having kids, and obviously, that is not soon for me. It’s funny how tables turn, too. At one point, I was the one who was so far ahead of them.. right after college I was in a very serious relationship and they weren’t even close to that. I bought a house etc etc (sold it back to the ex when the ex and I broke up) and now it’s like im back at square one renting and dating a new boyfriend, and they are all buying houses now and married! ohhh life.. but it makes it all the worth while :)

  2. Vegan donuts sound amazing right now.. :P
    All of my friends are pretty different. Some of them are more socially outgoing, some sporty, some computer geeks, some are trendy fashionistas, some are book worms, some dreamers, and some just never want to shut up! None of us are alike in a lot of ways (except for our shared love for Disney movies.. ;) ) but we probably wouldn’t be who we are without each other. I’m glad that I have different, amazing people with me, or else I’d probably be a (more) boring person! ;)

  3. sounds like a great car ride :)
    I have those thoughts in my head a lot, especially when I am driving, funny how the mind works sometimes when you are driving. oh the things I think of!

  4. I have some friends that are in the same place as me pretty much, but I also have really good friends who live a totally different life. When we were younger it was sometimes a source of conflict, but now, we’ve come to just accept each other for who we are. We understand our differences. Being different isn’t a bad thing at all. Once you accept someone for who they are and love them anyway, you can have a great friendship!

  5. Love those moments. I’m definitely in a different place than the majority of my friends (especially with no kids!!!), but it’s still so awesome. And they love being around the cool kidless one. Lol.

  6. I love meeting up with blogging buddies! Laura is so sweet, and I’ve just started getting to know Tina and Heather through their blogs, too. I have a variety of friends, but we always have something that ties us together (church friends, running friends, mom friends, etc). Glad you had such a good time!

  7. i loveeee you & your hubby’s relationship :)

    and i loveeeeeee the looks of those vegan dougnuts

    and i would loveeeeeeeeee for you to roadtrip to new york for doughnuts — vegan or not — who knows!

  8. oh i love this!

    a lot of my friends who live near me – my grad school friends – are in a completely different place than i am! most are single and still like to go out and be crazy on the weekends. compared to them, i’m an old married lady. it’s ok though – we all have a blast together and can appreciate where we all are in our lives.

  9. hardly any of my friends are on the same “page” as i am, except one that i can think of, and i’m totally okay with that. the one that i do have that is on the same page as me, i cherish so much, but the others i also appreciate and cherish just as much, but in different ways. our differences bring us together, and i love it.

  10. I love that car ride home, too! So glad you had a good weekend and you came away feeling blessed – you are! None of my close friends (except maybe you) are on the same page that I am…and that’s okay. It just makes me all the more grateful for where I am.

  11. was totally drooling over those donuts when i saw them on instagram! ah! yummy – i love car rides home after long but satisfying, fun, and fulfilling days. the reflection time is really key to realizing how lucky i am.

  12. Some of my friends are similar and some are very different than I am. I like it that way though. Sorry I had to miss the party and couldn’t see you. We should try to do another GA/NC get together sometime this summer.

  13. My circle of friends is very diverse. We all have totally different jobs, some are single, some are married, some have/want children, some don’t (me!), some are straight, some are gay (ok, only one, as far as I know), some eat meat, some don’t (well, just me). But despite all our differences, or maybe because of them, we have been best friends for years. I love my friends!

  14. I saw the pic yesterday and.just.smiled.

    There nothing which brightens my…day? week? month? :-) like a blogger meetup with people who just GET ME.

  15. Beautiful post! I have such a good time hanging with you guys this weekend. Let’s get together again ASAP. Heather is going to have to mail me those doughnuts. My life’s new mission is to try them one day.

    Life is good. :)

  16. My husband and I both have a wide circle of friends. Some are very similar to us and some are very different. But I agree that having a wide variety only helps in your growth as a person and adds special things to your life you wouldn’t get otherwise. I loved this post! :)

  17. We’re all definitely in different places, but that’s what allows us to learn from each other! I have friends who are all in different places on their Spiritual walk,and I have friends who have so many different talents and passions. I wouldn’t want friends who are all just like me … that would be boring! ;)