on creating idols

July 23, 2012 in Blog, Popular by lindsaymwright

(or rather, tearing DOWN your idols.)

You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve been in a really good worship service.

That moment when the Holy Spirit moves. 

That moment when you really get why you’re there.

It can sometimes knock you off your feet. 

And yesterday, quite literally, I was knocked to my knees.

This happened right after we sang, “You Won’t Relent.”

The lyrics go something like this:

You won’t relent until you have it all.

My heart is yours.

And so on.  Oh man, what a powerful song (especially when my sister sings it)!

Anyway, as I was kneeling down, up on the stage (I sing too), praising God and thanking Him for knocking me down (it’s a good thing – you WANT to be knocked down), my dear friend comes up to pray beside me.

After a short time of crying and praying together, she whispers something along these lines in my ear.

I’ve been worried about you lately. 

That you’re spreading yourself too thin. 

That you’re not really listening intently for all that God has CALLED you to do. 

That you’ve got some idols in your life.


I could have gotten angry, but I didn’t.

I could have gotten offended, but I wasn’t.

Because…she was speaking TRUTH. 


(And I so greatly appreciate her honesty.)

I HAVE been taking too much on.  My focus HAS NOT been entirely where it needs to be. 

And I have idols in my life that need to be torn down.

What is an Idol?

Anything in your life that you place more importance on than is appropriate.  <-my own definition.

It can be your job, a hobby, pornography, a relationship, a fitness goal, the love of money. 

Any one or, in most cases, a great many of those things. 

Idols take our focus off of God, our family, our friends, fellowship/love.  They beg for our allegiance to them first.

How Do We Tear Down Our Idols?


You must first identify WHAT your idols are.  What are the things that you place too great of an importance on? 

If you give this serious thought, I’m sure you can name a few.  Because creating idols is in our human nature.  Even when God’s people were closest to him, being led by Him day and night in the desert, they turned to something else.  How much more so, now in 2012, living in a broken world, are we more vulnerable to creating idols!


Do something.  Stop idolizing.  Create a plan of attack. 

Take the importance OFF of the idol and put it back on the things that matter!



Here’s me:


One of my idols is this blog (or rather, ALL THE EXTRAS – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blah blah blah).

In my case, it’s not sitting down each day to write a post that takes up my time.  I can write a post in 30 minutes while the kids sleep. 

It’s all the other stuff that comes along with this blog.   The social media.  Reading other people’s posts.  Company contacts. I’ve placed too great of an importance on all the extras.


My plan of attack:

  • Continue blogging, but at less intervals. 
  • Limit blogging time and all that is involved to naptime only (2-4pm).
  • Limit my time on social media, especially if Travis or the kids are around.



I have other idols (exercising, OCD with cleanliness) and I plan to tackle those as well (posts to come!).  And I’m under no illusion that this shift of thinking will not be hard or second nature.  Far from it.  I just want to be purposeful in how I spend my time.

I share my own struggles out loud because I hope to inspire you.  To evoke thought and reflection on your own life and your own idols. 

Life is way too short to be focusing on anything but the best!  You know what “your best” looks like – what’s right for you and your family.  Listen to that inner voice.

Or be knocked on your knees. 


Either will work.

QUESTION:  What are your idols?  Are you willing to tear them down?