Before I get into the “best of”, I just HAVE to tell you about pre-registration for the next fitmixer Bootcamp!!  This is semi-urgent news, as the slots available will FILL UP FAST and I want you guys to get in!!  And THAT’s why these sentences are in BOLD.  With some words in all caps.  THAT’S WHY! ;)

The participants of the next fitmixer boot camp will receive the following:

  • $154.45 worth of fitmixer® product(at retail value):
  • A personalized nutrition plan created by fitmixer’s Registered Dietitian
  • 40 daily workouts created by a certified group fitness trainer
  • 8 weekly webcasts lead by fitmixer’s Registered Dietitian and Fitness Expert
  • Lessons on healthy eating, healthy living, physical fitness, and mental fitness that will last a lifetime
  • Support from fellow Boot Camp participants through and the private fitmixer® Boot Camp Facebook Group
  • Direct contact with our Registered Dietician, Fitness Expert, and fitmixer® staff
  • Access to write blogs and leave comments on the fitmixer® website

For $150, you get all of the above (which actually works out greatly in YOUR favor since you’re getting $154 worth of product!!).  I love that this program is something that I can mix in to my teaching schedule – plus, I can do most of the workouts in like 15 minutes – perfect naptime pick-me-up!  There are videos AND PDF printable spreadsheets of the workouts, so you can do them at home or at the gym!!

If you have any specific questions for me before signing up, feel free to ask!!   Go here to get started – slots will fill up fast!

The Best Of Lindsay’s List!

These are the posts that I would print off and put in a scrapbook.  NOT the rambly posts (which I love for completely different reasons).  Writing these 5 posts helped me work through some things, shed light on my faith, or were just fun to write

On writing: Before I started this blog, I had notebooks and journals FULL of thoughts and daily musings.  The difference between then and now is that you get to WITNESS my thoughts.  What I love about writing is that it is so cathartic.  I can question HOW I feel on a subject and after writing on it, know WHAT my views are and WHY I stand by those views. 

Plus, writing is free.  And I’m cheap. 

My Top 5 Favorite Posts:

(if you missed the “Best Of” Tuesday Trainer, you should go back and read it – I won’t include it in the roundup, but TT’s are some of my very favorite posts because they feature YOU.  Oh, and I also didn’t include my very first blog post (mostly because it was rubbish, but think it at least deserves a link.  Gotta start somewhere.)

In no particular order…

1.  Will It Matter? 

Ask yourself

Actually, this one might be my very favorite post.  It addresses BALANCE and PRIORITIES, two things that I often struggle with (as I know most of you do).  This post asks the question – “Will it matter in the long run?”  If the answer is NO, then you might want to reconsider this obligation/relationship/job/goal.

2.  My Eating Disorder Today

I’ve come SO very far from those dark days.  If you click on this link, it will show you all six installments of the “My Eating Disorder Series.”  VERY, VERY hard to write.  Worth it though, as I know that it helped at least 11 girls who have emailed me personally!  I’m so glad to have helped them, but writing this series was really for me – a type of therapy.

3.  Wednesday Worries

Why Worry

I need to re-read this post almost weekly.  Worrying will get you NOWHERE.  I’ve heard it said that, “worrying shows God that you don’t believe He will provide.”  True – Everything I need will be supplied to me.  Every last thing.  And if it isn’t, perhaps I don’t need it.

4.  My Fitness Truths

Loved writing this post – it just came so freely out of my fingertips.  I love MOVEMENT and fitness.  I love pushing myself. I’m very thankful that I CAN.  And I loved reading all of the comments about why YOU work out.

5.  Bite The Bullet


A post about “biting the bullet” and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  JUST DOING IT!!  In this case, with running my second half-marathon.  (hmm…maybe I should sign-up for another one.)

For a year, I’ve posted something nearly every single day.  These 5 are just the tip of the iceberg.  If you’re crazy like me, you should start at the beginning and read through (yes, I’ve done that – with THREE blogs so far!)

Birthday-Palooza GIVEAWAY TIME!!


Today’s giveaway is brought to you by the letter P Probar


As with most of my company involvement, the relationship with Probar started when we collaborated for BlendFun fact: When I chose the companies I wanted to reach out to for Blend sponsorships, I literally took a pencil and pad through my pantry and made a list of brands I wanted to see in the swag bag.  Probar’s were already something I fed to my family (and felt VERY comfortable doing so!), so I knew I wanted to reach out to them.

Event planning tip 101 – Work with companies you already like!


Probar is generously giving away FIVE boxes of their Fruition bars to FIVE lucky readers!!  Yep, 5 winners!!  Enter away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will run through Saturday night and I’ll post the winners on Sunday!!  Best of luck, my loves & Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  Go look at the last two posts – GIVEAWAYS as well!


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  1. I eat some kind of bar everyday; sometimes twice a day! I have never tried probars however!

  2. I’m a big fan of Clif Mojo bars, but I have tried and am willing to try any others!

  3. I eat a bar about once a week…but I’ve never actually had a probar. I’d love the chance to tho!

  4. I eat some sort of nutrition bar every weekday. I exercise first thing in the morning and eat one during my drive to work.

  5. i love the quest bars too, and making my own bars.
    i reach for one any time i’m really craving a candy bar, and steer clear of the ones chocked full of sugar alcohols…

  6. Maybe once a week? I’m trying to eat less sugar and artificial sweeteners, so that makes it tough.

  7. I have never tried this particular brand but we blaze through nutrition bars in our house. My son and I both have one daily!

  8. I enjoyed reading your “best of” post – as a kinda newbie to your blog, I am enjoying getting to know you!! I am the ultimate list maker – i make lists of the lists I need to make, so your blog title makes me smile :) I eat Cliff bars, at times, but would love to change it up and try something new

  9. Oh my gosh, I am a total sucker for a good nutrition bar and I’ve heard so much about Pro Bars! I typically have one a day during the week either as a pre/post workout snack or lately (since I’ve been working nights) to help give me that extra boost my body needs at 3 or 4 in the morning!

  10. Aww…… loving your top five! :) You’re a giveaway machine this week, yes? :) I’ve never tried these probars, but they look mighty delicious.
    Soooooo wish I was coming out for a little girl’s weekend. I’m so jealous of my favorite friends. :) Hugs!

  11. I love love loved your post about your eating disorder today. Disordered eating habits have plagued my past in many forms and it is so encouraging to read about your journey and how you currently succeed in beating your ED. It’s been a huge help to me many times when I’ve been tempted to relapse.

    As for nutrition bars, I’m a total sucker for the convenience. I eat a protein bar every day on my way to the gym. It’s great to have a compact source of nutrition because nothing else sounds appealing at 5 am!

  12. I eat a bar after my gym workouts for a quick healthy body refresher giving my muscles healthy nutrition!

  13. I eat a nutrition bar every other day and always keep an emergency stash in my purse when I’m on the go!

  14. I eat nutrition bars whenever I have back to back evening classes which run from 4:30-9:30. The perfect “to-go” meal as I’m racing to get to the next class.

  15. Would it be bad if I said I eat them daily? They’re just so easy and convenient…tasty, too!

  16. Since they tend to be really expensive, I haven’t had one in a couple months! If I had unlimited funds, I’d probably eat one every day – they’re yummy! :)

  17. Bar are another staple in my house. My husband really likes them, but he’ll grab anything, so I try to find affordable bars that are not full of HFCS. My favorite as of late are LarBars and Kind Bars but I’m always open to trying new things!

  18. I eat bars several times a week. Love Larabars, and my daughter loves the kids’ Cliff bars. I haven’t seen Probars anywhere yet unfortunately and would love to try them.

  19. I don’t eat nutrition bars too often, maybe once a week? I just haven’t found one that I love.

  20. Great top posts! Guess that’s why they’re are your fav right? lol. So I hired a “trainer” via online for a really low price but I didn’t get the support I was promised so I’m a little hesitant to sign up for this round of fitmixer. I’m SO indecisive!!

  21. I’m glad to say that these are some of my favorite posts of yours too!

    PS I eat nutrition bars when I’m on the go — it’s easier than packing meals or than picking up something not healthy elsewhere.

  22. I eat bars a couple of times a week……I love them because they make quick easy snacks!

  23. Great giveaway! Also, I just read your “Bite the Bullet” post and it was definitely what I needed! I’m running my first half at the end of August and the farthest I’ve ran is 10k – doing my first run longer than that this Saturday so your post was definitely motivating!

  24. Great giveaway! I eat a bar maybe once every 2 weeks; they are so expensive (esp in Canada) so I’d love to have some healthy, go-to bars, especially during long hours and in between clients. Thanks, friend!

  25. I try not to eat bars on a regular, especially in the summer when I could substitute some fruit or fresh produce for a better snack. But when on the go or need an emergency bite, bars can usually be found in my bag.

  26. I eat nutrition bars several times a week. I don’t like to rely on them, but they’re good for emergencies/general busy-ness.

  27. I could eat a nutrition bar several times a day, but I generally have them as snacks after I’ve gone grocery shopping – partially because of the cost, but mostly because I don’t typically have “room” in my diet for them :-)

    I’ve never tried Probars, but I’d love to!

  28. I don’t eat them that often but I enjoy Luna and Cliff Kids bars! It’s great for me to eat pre or post-workout as something that’s not too filling but gives me the nutrition needed

  29. I actually eat them for a quick, sustaining breakfast every day at work! Thanks so much as these look delicious!

  30. Thanks for looking back and sharing your favorite posts! It’s important to reflect on those that mean the most and give us the best reminders in life. I’m definitely going to look back at a few of those right now.

    Well, after I tell you that I eat nutrition bars maybe once or twice a week; they’re a savior when i’m on the go!

  31. i’m secretly hoping that the next giveaway involves a free trip sponsored by some airline to come hang with you…

    ..just a thought…

  32. I use to eat Luna and Lara bars a lot when we lived further from the gym so I could go straight from work, but since we’re closer I haven’t had one in a while!