Two serious (ish) posts in one week makes my fun side want to come out and play.


Some Friday Fings:

1.  I’m STILL sore from doing Fran last week.  I don’t consider myself a “CrossFitter” (There is no box, just me trying some of the workouts at the gym), but last week, I did three WOD’s!  They were no joke hard.


Fran was one of them. 



A week later, my lats are still sore.  The tendon at my biceps is sore (biceps femoris tendon).  I need to learn how to do a stinking kipping pull-up, because I think the CrossFit bug has bitten me.


2.  I want to sit on this girl’s new deck while she feeds me cobbler.  Yep, that’s what I wanna do.  All summer long.

3.  Ingenious marketing.


Time to go shopping.  It doesn’t specify shopping “for soap.”  That arrow could EASILY be pointing to a Lululemon store.  Easily.

4.  I’m taking over Asheville this weekend with the help of the lovely Mrs. Cotter.  (And this girl and these twins!!)  Bele Chere better watch out – I’ve got like $10 in cash, a broom skirt and I’m not afraid to haggle.  Or try to use a coupon for your homemade street soap.

5.  Holly created a Lindsay’s List button for me.  I’m in love.  With hot pink, this button and Holly.


6.  The Olympics open today.  You already knew that.  I know that you already know because only smart, awesome, inspirational people read my blog.  So I know that I’m not the only one who’ll be glued to their television for the next month. 

Favorite event?  Everything, anything and all of them!  Oh, and you have to eat cantaloupe with salt and pepper on it when you watch the Olympics.  A rule.

7.  Speaking of the Olympics, those blasted commercials get me every.single.time (go ahead an say every.single.time out loud.  It’s so fun.  Whoa.)  This one made me bawl like a baby.

You’re crying real tears right now, aren’t you.

8.  This week, I really began homeschooling Henry. 


As in, we now have books, time set aside and a goal of writing his name and NOT having it look like a serial killer’s signature.  013

The turtle wins the race.


Those are my Friday fings… tell me one of YOURS!  (bonus points if you eat your cantaloupe with salt and pepper)


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  1. i want to try crossfit but i’m such a cheapo and a weenie! i’m afraid to go by myself and its expensive! come teach me your crossfit moves so i can WOD-it! hope you’re having a blast with the ladies this weekend! xox

  2. We actually sometimes sprinkle hot pepper flakes on our cantaloupe … gives it an entirely different taste and its a nice way to change it up!

  3. haha I recently found your blog and you are so funny! Your son’s signature may need some work(: I can totally relate on the whole pull-up blisters, I went to a personal training session yesterday and I have so many calluses! And one last thing, I am so with you on the salt and pepper on cantaloupe (my mom says that’s the way her grandmother prepared it for her) and bawling about that commercial (i first saw it on chelsea’s blog and couldn’t stop myself from crying, it’s so sweet!).

  4. Salt and pepper with cantaloupe? My mind is blowing up right now. I have cantaloupe in the fridge. I will cont-eloupe (like contemplate? maybe?) this technique of cantaloupe consumption.

    I am SO jealous of your weekend. Give LC a HUGE hug from me!!! [And give yourself one, too. :)]

  5. Get over here to my deck. I will SPOON feed you cobbler. Promise.

    Also, I can’t WAIT to start teaching Adrienne things like that. I remember my mama teaching me how to write my name in cursive…such a sweet memory! <3 you and your devotion to family.

  6. Yup, I wanna sit on Katie’s deck and eat cobbler all day long. And play with her darling daughter. :) I’m SO JEALOUS that you get to hang out with THE Lindsay Cotter. SO JEALOUS!
    But hey- I get to see you again in less than two months in Baltimore! YES.

  7. Oh man yes, real tears are falling! That is so awesome! I love it!
    I cannot wait for the Olympics, my favorite is gymnastics!
    I have never tried cantaloupe with salt and pepper…very intrigued now though! Gonna have to try that one this weekend!

    1. The *goal* is to homeschool until high school, then give them the option of attending if they want to do sports. I’m going to take it year by year and not set up any unrealistic goals though!

  8. Yep, that commercial did it for me. Tears all around. Is it sad even hallmark commercials make me cry, I’m such a darn baby.
    I love those crossfit workouts! I always try and adapt them so I can do them without paying the price of going to a box:) My wallet is happy.
    So pumped for the olympics! Especially because I know a contender! Can’t wait.
    Salt + Pepper + Cantaloupe. Never heard of that one! Interesting. I’ve heard of salt + watermelon though.

  9. yep, crying real, big tears. and I’ve seen that video a MILLIONTY times, still cry. it is awesome awesome awesome.

    salt on cantaloupe, yes. salt AND pepper? I must try immediately.

    have fun this weekend – hug ALL of those girls for me!

  10. LOVE the Meyer’s products. The lavender scent is my favorite. I really want to try Crosfit but it’s so expensive!! Everyone seems to love it though.

  11. Hi Lindsey! I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now. I’m hooked! I’m glad to see there are other women out there that are as into fitness and overcoming weight/body issues. You’re a true inspiration! Anyway, I had to comment today because of your Fran WOD. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 or 4 months now and I’m addicted. I’ve just recently learned how to kip and as Danielle says, it’s life changing! Thank you for sharing you life with us!

  12. That commercial makes me cry every.single.time I see it! I have to be driving tonight during the opening ceremony and am SO SAD that I have to miss it :( luckily I’ll be able to watch women’s gymnastics and swimming later on (my 2 favorite events)

  13. That’s so funny because my boyfriend’s mother eats her watermelon with salt and pepper and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever! But now I’m thinking I need to jump on this!

  14. packing!!! yes, still packing! Say a prayer. Oh and please, I need to try this salt and cantaloupe. Goodness, that’s brilliant.

    hugs to the Wright family.

  15. I love Meyer’s soaps! They have great design. And I’m pretty sure they’re pointing to lulu.

    LOVE that you are homeschooling. I have a love/hate relationship with homeschool. One of my best friends in HS was homeschooled until about 7th grade. She would participate in some school functions to get socialized with the other kiddos, but ultimately, she got a better education than most of us. But some parents “home school” … and that’s just not right. I know YOU will do an amazing job.