I swear I was going to have a guest post today and take the afternoon to write Blend thank you notes instead of blog.

I even went to my refrigerator to take a picture of “Mr. Board”, so that I could prove just how busy I am….

dry erase calendar

**Out of the norm: Subbing a lot (ELEVEN extra classes this week!), rehearsal almost every night from 7pm – 9:15pm, a new PT client. 

Also “out of the norm” – the fact that I haven’t re-written the calendar in the last few weeks.  I’m typically very anal about erasing and re-writing!

After I took that picture, I started thinking about how lost I’d be without my refrigerator.  Obviously, it keeps our food cold.  But it also keeps us RUNNING.

My refrigerator is the organizational hub for our family.

If I need to know what we’re doing tomorrow, I simply look at my board.  If I need to keep an important document (that will be used in the next little bit), I stick it behind a magnetic chip clip.  Birthday party invitations, coupons, important bills….they all get plastered on my fridge, in plain sight.  Just like how graphing calculators help you cheat at mathematics, my fridge helps me cheat at remembering.  I can’t forget our dentist appointment if the reminder card is staring back at me as I get ice cream from the freezer.  Every single night.

Here’s my fridge:


White, old, gets the job done.

A quick tour (from the top):


Dentist Appointment Card – my mom cleans my teeth.


Used this exactly no times while nursing.  But it made me feel better just having it there.

No clue what w93596 refers to.


Chobani/Love Grown love.


Big Cat Coffee – Where we buy our K-cups!  You can create your own sampler packs – it’s a hoot! 


Geeked out a little when I found this “To-do” list thing yesterday at Walmart. 

Cost – $2.  Joy fulfillment – Level HIGH, bordering Level VERY HIGH.

Left side:


Close Up:


There WAS a Travis magnet – where did he go?  The Lindsay magnet misses him very much.


Sermon from when we went to church with Katie.  The Lindsay magnet misses her very much too.

Right side:


Close up:


Behind that pink card lies the recipe to my sister’s coveted Buttercream Icing!  I’m the only other person in existence that has it!

Total number of times I’ve made the recipe: Zero.


THIS one I can share!  Chocolate fondue sauce – so good!


Mother’s Day gift?  Christmas?


Clara’s feet…another Groupon that’s about to expire.

And as if showing you my fridge, saying “fridge” or “refrigerator” 499 times, or devoting an entire post to this topic wasn’t boring enough, now YOU get to join in on the fun!!

The “What’s On Your Fridge” Project

This is simple.

1.  Take a picture of your refrigerator.

2.  Write 2-3 sentences, telling me what I’m looking at.  What you keep on your fridge.  Why it’s important.  Nothing too long – short is better.

3.  Send the picture and write-up to me at lindsayslist@gmail.com – NO LATER than next Tuesday night!

4.  I’ll feature all of your submissions NEXT Wednesday in a post!!

I can’t wait to see all the various submissions!  Appliance envy will ensue – I just know it.

QUESTION:  Do you have a good memory?  Are you a visual person? 


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  1. I am one of those weirdos who likes a clean fridge. However, now that I have 2 toddlers, I have given up the idea of anything being clean anymore. We have magnets and fingerprints (stainless steel wasn’t the brightest idea) all over our fridge.

  2. you are so clever. I love it! ours is filled with love grown magnets too. I think i need a lindsay picture magnet. Send me one! teehee. I have lots of race articles on the hubs, i am kinda proud. bible verses, and invitations. Whoops, i forgot about that invite. sheesh, bad friend i am. I’ll put a reminder on the fridge to take a pic. hope i remember. HA!

  3. Fun! I don’t have time for this but next time, I’m in. Did you have enough thank you cards? I hope so. You had a lot of people to write to…

    I am writing mine on the plane tomorrow!

  4. DUDE. Lindsay- I love this idea!! I totally live by the items on my fridge too- and I will TOTALLY participate!! I have WAY too much junk on my fridge- and this will be an excuse to clean it off!
    I have about 500 Celestial Seasonings magnets.
    And, we have that same little Cuisinart blender. I never use it anymore- but Greg does. He refuses to make his smoothies in the Vitamix and ALWAYS uses the Cuisinart.

  5. The non-existent Katie Magnet very much misses the Lindsay Magnet, too.

    (Also, we don’t even have a calendar or any sort of organization business in this house. It’s no wonder I forget everything and have to ask you to find emails for me and remind me of stuff all the time. I think MY life is also centered around your little refrigerator hub)

  6. I have a horrible memory, and my board (like yours), was broken (and erased daily), by a obsessive 4 year old (she was 3 when she broke it).

    I am so doing this. Add it to my list. If I remember.

  7. We don’t have a single thing on our fridge! Not even a cheery little magnet. ;-) I keep all of our “stuff” on the back of our pantry door, not far from the fridge, but out of sight (I live in a small condo, so I tend to keep as much hidden as possible). Those wipe-off calendars are a lifesaver.

  8. Omg, so cute! This could totally be a tag post. I haven’t unpacked my mess of dozens of magnets yet. We get one whenever we travel and we have magnets from all over the world. There’s also a ton of faded pictures, a giant magnetic tear-off calendar with sayings about famil, and lots of sticky little fingerprints about two feet off the ground. I love this post!